Biggest Problems with Koopaling Haters

The Koopalings have been around since Super Mario Bros. 3, serving as world bosses. They are iconic and beloved characters. Despite this, no character is perfect, and there is certainly a substantial amount of people who hate them. While both positive and negative opinions of the Koopalings are respectable, no side is without flaws. Here is a list of flaws in the Koopaling haters community.

DISCLAIMER: I am on neither side of this debate. I enjoy the Koopalings because of their likability and prevalence in the series, but I also believe they have room for improvement. Like with every list based on objective fact, this list is based on my interpretations, and is purely subjective.
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1 They hate the Koopalings because they're Koopalings

"Iggy, Lemmy, and Ludwig Suck Because They Are Koopalings!" "Bowser Jr., Koopa Kid, Boom Boom, and Pom Pom Are Great Because They Are Not Koopalings!" Finally, someone else is noticing how annoying the Koopaling haters on this site are. They are even worse than Peach and Rosalina haters, and you know those haters are awful. They always copy and paste all their hate comments and get tons of dumb likes for their unoriginal comments. "Koopalings are garbage"+47 "Krapalings suck"+56 "Kill the Krapalings"+63 "Krapalings eat a"+85 "insert a long, friendly, peaceful comment that took over a minute to write"+0

2 They often present a lack of evidence corroborating their claims

If you want to make a claim that's actually worth something, you need to back up your opinion with reasons why you believe it is right. You can't just say, "This thing sucks," and expect people to accept it. It's not about whether they're bad or not, it's why they're bad that makes an opinion valuable.

3 They believe that they ruined Mario Kart 8's roster

Koopalings are iconic characters in the Super Mario franchise. Don't they deserve to be in Mario Kart just because there are seven of them? They are major characters that absolutely deserve their own character slots, like everybody else. This is the same roster with clones galore and non-Mario characters.

"They stole Diddy and Birdo's spot." No, they didn't! Useless Pink Gold Peach and Baby Rosalina did! Remove the clone and non-Mario characters and replace them with Kamek, Nabbit, Birdo, Diddy, Funky, E. Gadd, Pauline, Hammer Bro, Spike, and Monty Mole.

4 They believe every Koopaling battle is lame

I say this as a person who has played so much of both the original and new Super Mario Bros. trilogies. Yes, not every Koopaling boss is good. Roy's fight from NSMB2 and Morton's second fight from NSMBW are atrocious, and every Larry and Lemmy fight is underwhelming. But not all of them are bad. All of Ludwig's battles are well-developed, different from each other, and effectively utilize Ludwig's combat abilities. Morton's first fight from NSMBW, Iggy's fight from NSMBU, and all of Wendy's fights have stage hazards that keep you on your toes.

Yes, as a heavily experienced player, every Koopaling fight is easy to me, and it's because I've been playing since I was very young. But easy does not mean bad. Ludwig has always been my favorite Koopaling, but it's because I had so much fun with his fights during my early playthroughs. Had it not been for the good fights sprinkled in here and there, I wouldn't have seen the Koopalings as anything more than a seven-stage nuisance.

5 They treat them all as if they're the same

The RPG games gave them their own personalities. They also have different offensive and defensive capabilities. If I must, I will dive into the differences between each Koopaling's combat abilities.

6 They hate the Koopalings because they take three jumps to defeat

That's how every Super Mario Bros. battle works. What is Mario supposed to do? Sweep the leg? Cut off their hair? Lick their tail? Jumping to defeat enemies when they're vulnerable is exactly how Mario is meant to defeat them. Every boss in New Super Mario Bros DS, a game which didn't have the Koopalings, is defeated in the same way.

7 They spam their hatred for them down your throat
8 They can be toxic toward Koopaling non-haters

Like with every fanbase, there will always be a group of toxic people. Oddly enough, this group seems to have more than others I've seen.

9 They believe the Koopalings are overused

This is the same thing that is going on with Rosalina. The characters start to appear in a decent amount of games and then they get hated for that. Also, the fact that these haters' favorite characters are probably Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, and Daisy - characters that have appeared in way more games. Why can't people just accept new mainstay characters? Unlike Rosalina, the Koopalings were only used a lot for around three years before Nintendo dumped them. They have never appeared in a 3D Mario game, Mario Party game, or Mario sports games (Mario and Sonic not counting).

10 They believe the Koopalings are weak

It's not just with the Koopalings. With enough practice, every Super Mario Bros. boss becomes easy, even the non-Koopaling ones. Just like with every game, there are bosses that take longer to defeat because the fights are more difficult. Ludwig fights are a great example of this.

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11 They call people that like the Koopalings stupid
12 They believe the Koopalings killed Nintendo's consoles
13 They hate the Koopalings because there are seven of them
14 They hate certain video games because the Koopalings are in them
15 They hate the Koopalings because the fights aren't hard
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