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1 Pot of Greed

One of the first and the best spell card to be ever printed. This card can fit into any deck and can be considered broken in any format in the history of Yugioh. The ability to draw two cards in a game where card advantage is the most important thing is extremely powerful.

A plus 1 that can be used at any time without restriction in a game where card advantage is the most important factor. There would be literally no deck not running this card if it was not banned.

Draw 2 in any deck in any situation against any deck is obviously too good. The player who happens to draw this just has an unfair advantage.

2 Mystical Space Typhoon

Really like this spell I can use it as a quick play spell or on your turn

3 Heavy Storm

Completely broken, and banned for a reason. Yes, there are more counters to it than Giant Trunade, however, with Giant Trunade the cards are only off the field for one turn. And while that can be enough for an OTK, if you fail to OTK (remember that hand traps exist) you've gone -1 for (probably) nothing.

If you have luck you can activate it when you don't have any spells or traps so you can destroy only opponent spells and traps.

4 Painful Choice

Not iconic, like the card above, but definitely the most powerful spell in the game in the current and foreseeable meta. It's Foolish Burial x4 and replaces itself. Easy set-up for any graveyard centric decks, which there are plenty.

You choose 5 cards in your deck, your opponent choose one of these that you put into your hand, and you discard the other 4. It lets you win on the first turn by sending the right cards in the discard pile. Banned for a good reason.

Wins on resolution in several decks. One of the few cards that can be considered better than Pot of Greed. Don't expect this card to be ever unbanned without a big nerf.

5 Change of Heart

Steal any monster for 1 turn, for free. Banned for a good reason.

Multi function like for Tribute Summon ( like= Soul Exchange ), and Open the way to Direct Attack

Takes any monster from opponent making them almost defenceless!

6 Lightning Vortex
7 Monster Reborn

I have this and never noticed its power. I don't get why call of the haunted isn't number 2.

I hate how it is banned. In the anime, the guy got a Slifer back one time with it. Cool!

You can bring back Exodia and win the game, Its broken. Konami please ban and bring back brother stratos

8 Swords of Revealing Light

One of the best stalls for time and let's you add to your field. You could xyz summon or synchro summon during those three turns which is really op. But it gets destroyed easily

I love this card-when I have it. When used against me? Gulp!

I have it I had slider in my hand once and I summoned it face down. my friend got crushed

9 Harpie's Feather Duster

Destroys your opponent spells and traps which is devastating against trap based decks.

I have one but can't use it this sucks I'd love to use graceful charity plus it has good benefits...

Destroys all Spell and Trap cards on your opponent's field, for free. Banned for a good reason.

10 Raigeki

Destroys all you opponent's monsters for no cost. Banned for a good reason.

A card that can destroy all the monsters your apponent has. Tell me it isn't broken and bring back my boi stratos please.

Currently limited to 1 rather than banned. Great card.

The Contenders
11 Graceful Charity

Probably better than Pot of Greed in the context of modern Yugioh. With seemingly every monster in the game having a graveyard effect this card is just utterly broken.

Draw 3 and discard 2 is too good in graveyard decks. You get basicly a filled up graveyard, make your hand consistent and get into card advantage if you use your graveyard. Maybe the best card of all time.

Arguably better than Pot of Greed for a majority of decks.

12 Snatch Steal

Stealing any opponents monster is too good, since the monster can still attack, use it's effect and be used for the summon of other monsters.

I hate this card no wonder It's on the ban cards list I hated when my monsters got stolen from me when I played with my twin...

Steal 1 monster for free and tribute, Xyz, or Synchro Summon with it, so your opponent doesn't gain the 1000 Life Points in his Standby Phase.

13 The Forceful Sentry

With the hand being basically a sacred place in Yugioh which should not be manipulated by the opponent this card is not ok. It also plays around graveyard effects.

14 Book of Moon
15 Pot of Duality

Might as well just have 3 of these in your deck. Doing that basically gives you a chance to choose your next draw card out of the top 3, instead of having it random.

Someone here says he runs 55 Pot of Duality in his Exodia deck and that it nearly always wins...

You're only allowed to activate 1 Pot of Duality per turn.

16 Hidden Armory
17 Seal of Orichalcos

Beast Card. Every one of your monsters gains 500 ATK every turn it is on the field (it is a continuous Spell Card). Cannot be destroyed once per turn. The only drawback is you have to destroy every Special Summoned monster you have on the field. But is still the best UNLIMITED spell card.

This card is obviously cool and dangerous because the looser loses there soll to the shadows but it can work both ways. It also helps you gain Life points and monster points and can't be destroyed

It is a powerful asset to a deck because it adds damage to all characters on your side of the field!

18 Chaos Greed

Can't beat pot of greed but still good card in a deck that focuses on banishing everything from everywhere.

19 Spell Absorption

Awesome in a spell counter deck.

20 Dark Hole

I have it, saved me from Winged dragon and Obelisk. Boom. Two fried Egyptian God Cards, anyone?

21 Supervise

It makes gemini monsters effect monsters that's awesome!

22 Serial Spell

Your opponent loses half their life points when this card is activated.

Why is serial spell a spell with no effect and description.

23 Double Spell

Lets me use a spell card from my opponents graveyard by discarding 1 spell card

24 Swords at Dawn
25 Emergency Provisions
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