Top 10 Hardest Castle Crashers Boss Battles

This is top 10 hardest, not favorite, that's why the fish cat. If you get mad that the dragon isn't in here, don my be, it's really kinda easy. I'm not including when you fight all those machines to get the telescope or when you have to win the volley ball game, which is so hard due to the fact that that hand comes out and flicks you into the fire, or how you can't hit the ball without it touching the ground. Lucky the alien boss sucked. That level was one of the hardest. Also I'm not accounting for what level you'd be when you face them, only my level 65 guy.
The Top Ten
1 Necromancer

Definitely the necromancer! I got stuck on the necromancer for so long! I get it if you pick the wizard, but I also don't get it it's because the wizard is very easy to beat isn't it? I beat the wizard with no defense Max magic and almost max strength. That is all you need!

I'm including when you fight the people he spawns. The 2nd wave would of put this to the top spit for me, but I'm putting it #2 because it's not the actual boss that's hard. Still is challenging though- problem would've gotten 4th.

Yeah, the boss fight its self isn't to hard, it's the first two phases that make it difficult, I lost all my health potions on this fight, difficult but definitely not the hardest.

2 Corn Boss

Most wouldn't think to put this at number one. But it takes long, he's hard to hit, he does a lot of damage and in the end is nearly impossible to make contact, unless you standstill, but you'd be the one take the damage, not him. He's also psychological. He makes it hard to hit him, so you start taking risks that become your down fall. Don't get fooled by the cat or barbarian boss. In the end, you'll need patience to beat bosses. (Painter)

Just spam your magic projectiles or arrows; he'll won't attack you!

This boss has an insane amount of health, does a good amount of damage and is hard to hit, it took me and my friends a few times to beat this boss, by far the hardest one in the game

3 Ice King

This is the 3rd longest boss fight, behind corn boss and the painter. It's easy to hit him though, unlike the corn boss, because he spawns in the same place 70% of the time! Why? There are 4 truly challenging bosses in the game. There would be 5 if it wasn't for that.

4 Dark Wizard: Ultimate Sword Mode

He should be called the Dodge Wizard instead. This is his final stage, last enemy in the game, (Unless, you have friends over) and is hard to hit, and sends comets down at you. Then when you're expecting him to jump up again he catches you in a wheelbarrow of flames! Hard boss. Why did we have to fight Ball Mode twice too!

5 Dark Wizard: Spider Mode

This is one of the most angering bosses of all time. Not because it's hard, which it is, but you see a treasure chess, think "Oh! Money! Wait… I DID IT! " Then you open it. I knew what was going to happen. That doesn't mean I haven't seen what happens when others don't. I was replaying with a friend who hadn't played before who kept dying and wanted to be done. Chess appears. I say, "We did it! "
He goes and opens it.
But he is a difficult boss. His giant claws makes it hard for you to him for more that 1 or 2 hits, 3 if your really good, like me, but that doesn't mean you can wait till he lays some cult minions, second hardest type of enemy in the game. (Stove faces are first). By the way, you shouldn't think the chest means the end: who would end a game with something like ball mode?

6 Painter

Challenging isn't the right word- annoying, boring, long, bad. I don't like this lunch box faced boss. Then end part is good, but the rest is just annoying. Least fun part of the 2nd have the game. (Alien level)

7 Medusa

If you follow the advice on the wiki you can beat her easily and quickly. Me, red knight, and my sister, pink knights, did the same strategy on the wiki and she was beat soooooo easily! We barely got hit. Without it I agree her rank.

It's the small little snakes that make her hard. And her hair.

8 Cyborg, Undead and Alive

These two bosses are one eyed guys avenging their friends. And they are the same! Did you know that? I hope so cause it's obvious. Not saying they tried to hide that, there's a seen that clarifies it. I'm not sure what's harder. Knives for fire balls. Fists for a giant casket. The only difference is that cyborgs friend (See #9) comes out and dies a lot of damage if he hits you. He's easy to avoid, though, so both bosses are =. I'm saying they're both eighth, and they are the same person, so…

Annoying to fight

9 Cyborg's Friend

The game does not prepare you for this. This is the end of part one, and the boning of part two. There are 4,
1: Beginning to Flowery Field
2: Friend to The Ship
3: The Desert to Medusa
4: Full Moon to the end.

This guy brings it to a new intensity.

I agree, this is one of the few bosses that boost the games difficulty by a good amount, he isn't the easiest but definitely not hard if your a good enough level

10 Bat King

I hate this boss so much. You have to restart the entire level every time you fail, and the slimes are annoying because they take so many hits. The boss itself isn't very hard, but when you add the bats, it starts to really get annoying. My least favorite level by FAR.

I hate it. Stupid. Stupid level. But it's hard enough to make the list, unfortunately. Stupid bats and big red tung!

The Contenders
11 Industrial Machine

I watched my sister do this so many times! Even as a pink knight over level 30! It's very hard.

12 Troll Mother

I think he should be higher. I mean normal one is easy, but on insane mode it's so hard to oof him alone even on 99 lvl.

13 Catfish

This boss isn't the easiest, I feel like he deserves a spot on this list. He has a extreme defense unless hit by the cannon, which the hair all can take care of (and let's not forget about the cannons linear aim that he dodges so easily) and if your teammate does during this battle you cannot revive him because of the level itself. definitely not the hardest but it deserves a high spot on this list

14 Barbarian Boss
15 Thief

He is not a boss

16 Cyclops
17 Dark Wizard: Spell Mode
18 Dragon and Sock Puppet
19 Conehead Groom
20 Bear Boss
21 Undead Cyclops
22 Troll Carriage Ride
23 War Machine
24 Volcano
25 Alien Ship
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