Most Annoying Things in Animal Jam

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1 Login World Error

Someone gifted me a spike for mail time and this happened and I lost it

Ugh I got a beta trade in my friends den and it ruined my chances

2 Lag
3 People that Block and Report You for No Reason

Someone once reported me for doing some silly old troll.
It was basically harmless.


Someone reported me because I wouldn't give them my RIM headdress, then they went around pretending I was a scammer. I hate those people

Someone came up to me and said report gukhjgv! And I was like what did I do?

4 When People Want Girlfriends and Boyfriends

It's so annoying, this is a kids game, why the heck do people do this. Half of the people on animal jam now days are pretty much perverted pedophiles.

Shut up! Stop worrying about having a boyfriend or girlfriend!

This is so annoying! 10 year olds wanting boyfriends and girlfriends just blegch

5 Random Buddy Requests

I don't like random buddy request because it might be someone wearing things that creep you up.

This is why I can't have my buddy requests on anymore. I hate having randoms buddy me.

It can interrupt something I'm am in the middle of but I accept to make them happy.

6 When You Want to Hang Out in the Pillow Room, but Someone Screams at You for Not Adopting Them

This has happened many times to me.

7 Power Players

I LOVE roleplaying. But I don't do it anymore because of how awful everyone is on animal jam. Ya want good roleplayers, go on a different site. The chat filter is awful, too.

I was role playing with my friends Nyantale and Ashpup123, and someone with a necklace came up and said :kills no nothing no miss no dodge: and we're like um ok? Kinda strange.

Jumping Rainyspirit (dire wolf): *uses water*
Mister thefox (arctic wolf): *puts out water with fire*
Jumping: that's unfair fire is weak to water!

8 When People Force You to Over-Trade for an Item You Really Want

I don't like it when people ask for something you like that you have for something you really want.

Dude, I ended up being scammed from double tail. And now I end up with a ( Swear word version of poop )-y item.

Somebody once tried to get me to overtrade for a rainbow spike.

9 People that are Rude

Short story, sorry for the typos.

Once when I was trading, (Don't try hating me on this, I had quit months ago and can care less what you think about the features)
someone was basically complaining about how lonely they were, in a crowded server. Which was idiotic, then, he started saying how it's none of my business. What angers me even more is how that literally everyone can see yourself being an embarresment.
Yet SOMEHOW, I'm the one who's the villain?
Yeah, it was absolutely mindless. I wish people got suspended for being whiney in general.

10 People Distracting Your Recordings

That annoys almost every youtuber player on Animal Jam. Seriously, stop it ya little 5 year olds.

Omg I just got ice dragon wings!
Me: *locks den*

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11 Scammers

My forest gauntlet got scammed...

My buddy was so nice that she gave me her spare, AND cross traded me a black long for my wind-up key.

You're literally taking somebody's trust just to throw away. Not funny. Get a life, you miserable scammers.

So you wouldn't be mad if someone scammed your glitched ring if you had one?

12 Rares

Not annoying at all, it's just people who worked hard with strategy, or know what's worth what.
I am incredibly weirded out with who thought that's annoying. Hopefully I don't see you in-game :D

13 When a Person's Den is Full
14 Jammers Only Trading Rares

Not even. It's just people who worked hard and know the worth. And who added that? Like seriously?

15 Spammers
16 Members Only

Ok idiot, without members the game would be gone, nonmembers don't deserve anything because they're not paying for it, the reason members get the good things is because they're paying for it. It's really you guys that think you own AJ, I think I see why AJHQ rarely makes any member thing into a nonmember thing for you guys, y'all never grateful for it.

Yes! Members deserve less, nonmembers deserve more! We are underappreciated and don't deserve the hate and restrictions that AJ gives us.

Yep! I always wait for a gift card for membership.

17 Ignorers
18 When You Work So Hard on Something but Then Nobody Comes

Just because you worked hard doesn't mean it's gonna look good.
And plus, the community is changing, more people host ajpw rps on different sites, such as anima jam wiki or discord.
Harsh truth, but your den might not be good or people just won't go. Don't be whiney.

Me: *spends an hour decorating a Hogwarts themed den*
Me: "Yay it's finally ready for roleplay! " *goes to jamaa township to advertise*
Other people: "Meh I don't really care" *continues trading*
*another hour passes*
Me: "Ugh! Don't you people even care about my roleplay?! " *gives up and logs off*

19 Bullies
20 Animal Jam Blocks an Innocent Message
21 Greedy People
22 Hackers

It's really rare to see a hacker.

23 You are Looking Forward for the New Animal but It Costs Diamonds
24 Annoying People
25 Attacks NN
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