Top Ten Most Creative Settings In Video Games

Oh, video games... How we love you all. Whether it's good, it's bad, it can be remembered... But there are some places in games, that will ALWAYS be remembered. Why? It's creativity, of course!

Anywho, whether the game's creativity comes from epicness, hilarity, or just all-around madness, it's still creative. And here's my top ten... So... Uh... Enjoy or something.

The Top Ten
1 Rapture (BioShock)

Odd choice for #1. Why?
Only played for about an hour, but it's some weird city underwater with drugged up little girls and guys with drills for arms, and that's all you need to know!

2 Pandora (Borderlands 1/2)

Now there's been a lot of Sci-fi games with alternate worlds, like Halo, or Miasmata, but this one is by far the most interesting. In borderlands 1, it's your typical wasteland. Everyone's insane, there's no government, and cars, guns, 'n bitches. However, in Borderlands 2, the world got a makeover by Handsome Jack. Now you got places like Sanctuary, which ends up floating in the sky, Opportunity, which is a more urban-like setting, except it has no people, just handsome Jack's robots and guards and engineers and all those guys, and there's a handful of other stuff. Either way, this place is amazing.

3 Beach (Bloody Good Time)

I'm SURE you've all heard of this game (#Sarcasm), and if you've have, you know why I chose this.
The three maps are your typical Hollywood-type movie sets, one's a haunted mansion, one's a beach, and the last is a casino in Vegas. The reason All three are on here is because they're so equally well designed that I just can't choose a favorite. They have good hiding spots, action spots, safe spots, and even roleplay spots... If it was a roleplaying game, of course.

4 The Meat Circus (Psychonauts)

Have you ever been to the circus? Sucks, right? The rides are expensive and are hardly any fun, the games are scams, it's loud, annoying, crowded, and the food's awful. 'Cept the cotton candy. Now, imagine all those people were replaced by horribly deformed killer monster rabbits, the rides being you grinding on a pipe for a considerably annoying amount of time, the games are you dodging knives being thrown at you by a armless freak, using the knives as swingy things, and the food replaces by meat... And the circus itself is replaced by the food. That's floating.
That's the Meat Circus, giving not only one of the most Climactic Boss fights EVER, but also one of the most creative. Who's the boss? Play it and find out, because it's so god damn ridiculous that it's so amazing and perfect and epic in over 42 ways.

5 Hades (God Mode)

Oh hohohoho MAN, if you've actually played God Mode, you're probably screaming at your monitor right now.
Well, let me fill you in as to why I love this place so much: The setting. Durp. You have your nearly-naked statues throwing giant balls of death at you, your castle invasion while fighting tons of skeltons and weird floating armor things, and your fire world... With, a giant Minotaur made almost completely of molten rock and lava.
Understand why I love it so much?

6 The Other World (Silent Hill)
7 Aperture Science Enrichment Center (Portal 2)

Oh yeah, you know this one. Portal is an amazing game, and Portal 2 is an amazinging game. However, their settings are somewhat different. Portal 1 was either very blue or very white, while Portal 2 was very white or very black. Or a mixture of both. And aftering beating the tests, you end up in a totally different setting. However, in Portal 2, you go to the underground version of The Center, and even before then, you get to see the OUTSIDE (Hell yeah). And after you get out the underground? Wheatly takes over. Comepltely. That should explain itself, pretty much,

8 The Citadel (Half Life 2)

What can I say about this place? We've only visited a small part of it in HL2, only getting a nod to what's probably around the other parts. Oh, and then there's the part where all your weapons except the gravity gun are taken away from U.So, how do you kill people?
THE GRAVITY GUN BECOMES BETTER. Not only can it lift up just about ANYTHING, but it can also lift up people, instantly killing them. It doesn't really sound that cool, but god is it satisfying... But you're probably asking "Why is it here because of a gun? "
One answer: Half Life 2: episode 1. Remember how I said we don't get to explore a lot in the Citadel in HL2? We do in EP1. While most stuff is destroyed, the core and the stalker enemies are absolutely brilliant, truly an amazing experience.

9 The Metros (Metro 2033)

Now I know this was originally from the books, but this is game... So... Shut up.
The idea of this is so genius and so realistic that I had to put it on this list. Why? Because think about it, it's the nuclear apocalypse, of course there's not gonna be enough fallout shelters! Now I know I could have chosen the Vaults from FO3, but to me, the Metros seem much more creative, and they're much more bigger, possibly spreading out through all of Russia.
Oh, and one of the Metros is haunted, and that's pretty cool

10 Post Nuclear Apocalypse America (Fallout)
The Contenders
11 Magicant (Radiation's Halloween Hack)
12 Mimiga Island (Cave Story)
13 Mushroom Kingdom (Mario)
14 Bionis (Xenoblade Chronicles)
15 Mechonis (Xenoblade Chronicles)
16 Boston (Fallout 4)
17 The Underground (Undertale)
18 Mojave Wasteland (Fallout New Vegas)
19 The End (Minecraft)

Who would have thought of the End the heaven in Minecraft.

20 The Poker Table/Bar (Poker Night 2)

Kind of an odd choice, I know, but you gotta admit, this is SO DAMN COOL.
Let's see, you got Brock Sampson from Venture Bros, Claptrap from Borderlands, Ash himself from Evil Dead, and Sam, from Sam and Max. Not only that, but Glados from Portal is the host... Or, kinda. She provides commentary and does/says things that suggest she is. NOT ONLY THAT, but you can change the theme of the table/bar. It can be portal, borderlands, evil dead, all that stuff, with pretty damn cool outcomes.

21 The Citadel (Mass Effect)
22 The Cosmos (LittleBigPlanet)

Are you kidding me... the other nominees are not even close to this games creativity

23 Buttville (Earthworm Jim)
24 Planet Eris (Super Metroid: Eris)
25 Planet Zebes (Super Metroid)
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