Top 10 Pac-Man World Re-Pac Changes from the Original Pac-Man World

Recently, a new remake of the PS1 classic, Pac-Man World, came out: Pac-Man World Re-Pac. This remake brought quite a few changes to the original game, and more than I personally expected. It's a remake that actually makes the effort to update this game for a new generation, instead of simply being the original game with new graphics. In this list, we will list some of these changes.
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1 Changes to all of the bosses

The biggest change of Pac-Man World Re-Pac compared to the original game is how it changed its bosses, and I think most people would agree it is probably for the better, since the bosses of Pac-Man World are probably one of the weaker aspects of the game. For examples of changes to the boss fights, Windbag got a new trickier second phase, Anubis Rex actually gives you space to move around, you can now maintain the fire button in King Galaxian's fight instead of spamming the button, the Clown Prix is now in first person, allowing you to have a better view of the track, Krome Keeper is almost completely different, being much harder and more epic, and Toc-Man now uses the Metal Dot and the Super Dot in his boss fight. I would like more remakes to bring changes like this directly to the level-design and bosses of their game, because that's just neat!

2 Fixing the game over system

In like, 95% of platforming games with a life system, if you do a game over, you will restart with a couple of extra lives just for convenience sake, and to not instantly do another game over after one death. It is like a staple of platforming games with live systems. For some reason however, in the original Pac-Man Word, if you save the game with 0 lives, and do a game over on the next stage, you will restart the game with 0 lives, which isn't as annoying as you would think, but is still quite annoying. In Re-Pac however, any Game Over will restart you with 4 lives, which is nice.

3 The metal dot now respawns

In the original game, once you've used the metal dot, it would not respawn, which means you wouldn't be able to get any remaining collectables you can only get with this power-up. This is no longer a problem with the remake, since it will now always respawn after it runs out, which means you get infinite tries to get those extra collectables in chest underwater or other stuff.

4 New swimming controls

From what I've seen, the controls for swimming in Re-Pac are quite different from the original, and Pac-Man is generally faster undewater. This alongside the changes to the metal dot, makes Down the Tubes a much better stage.

5 New hover move

Pac-Man can now briefly hover in the air. It can help you with precise platforming, all the while not being broken to the point of breaking the old level-design.

6 Rescuing the Pac-Family is now optional

In Pac-Man World, Pac-Man's family was kidnapped by the ghosts. In the original game, you had to free the members of the family from their cages in the stages they are in, or else you wouldn't be able to finish the game. In Re-Pac, you no longer have to do that, and they are more a fun little side quest to do if you want. This is a good change if you aren't like me, and don't want to check everything the game has to offer. It also makes the Toc-Man boss fight harder if you don't save your family members.

7 New alternate ending

Saving all the members of Pac-Man's family creates a new ending where Pac-Man forgives Toc-Man's wrong doings. Not saving them gives us essentially the same ending as the original, except you will see Pac-Man's family being freed by the ghosts.

8 Giant Pac-Man

Eating a super dot will not make Pac-Man giant, which doesn't change much in terms of gameplay, but does make getting the super dot ever so slightly more spectacular.

9 Easy mode

If you aren't very good at platformers, you might like this change. There is a new easy mode that gives Pac-Man an essentially infinite hover, and platforms are added to prevent you from falling to your doom. Best part is that it is completely optional, so it doesn't hurt the game if you want a challenge.

10 New music

There are some new themes, like a new boss them for Winbag and a new credits theme, which are pretty damn good, and the music in general has been slightly remixed, which I quite like.

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11 Jumping trick
12 No English dialogue
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