Best Robots in Real Steel World Robot Boxing

These are my opinion of best Robots from the app that I finally finished, and I have examined the bots and they all have a special feature. By the way, all Tier Bosses except Midas which became Atom, have discounts. GET 'EM FAST!
The Top Ten
1 Zeus

Zeus is stronger because he's controller is motherboard. He can kill enemy in seconds and perfectly ripped. Atom knocked zeus because atoms controller is a shadow of charlie,now charlie fights zeus. If atom's controller is a motherboard seriusly atom is lost by knock out

Zeus is the most powerful robots at the movies. Only Zeus that have a tech like that. Zeus is fast, and the energetic robots. But the Zeus is a robots that have a low power at defend. the most defend robot is Atom. Zeus can throw away Atom cause Atom is so small.
Zeus jump in to the ring like he was a boss.

2 Atom

Atom is like a t-34, it's not that big, it's not elegantly built and his concept is pretty simple, but like a t-34 he takes hits and give them back like a dreadnought. He is sturdy thanks to his simple software and armour, he is the strongest, nicest and cutest piece of metal that ever shot the big ones with is 34lbr cannon

Atom is the second stronger because atom slay the king of underworld metro. And he defeat all the underworld robots and also defeat twin cities.

I have Atom and he is really cool, and for now, he is 50 % off and get it while you can if you play the game!

3 Noisy Boy

This can beat Zeus easily. According to the movie beating Zeus is not that tough. I think Noisy boy can easily defeat him. But the special Brainstorm of Zeus really makes a difference

The manga mangler is a extremely effective bot, has a lot of stars, and some pretty sick moves. If Noisy isn't awesomely epic I don't know what is

His rip off move, he takes both arms off and then the head, that is awesome.70 Gold or 174700.

4 Touch Down

Very reliable with a long reach, great durability and he has the ability reconstruction. A very nice design and can most certainly rival Zeus at the top of the charts.

No discount for Touch Down but he is for 90 Gold, and he is amazing. He looks like a guy wearing a helmet but that just gives him an awesome amount of Armor.

Touchdown was the second best before fiend and Crimson carnage!
He was 2nd best and his armour is op! Even though he's attack is medium! He also looks so sick in all his stages

5 Midas

The Gold Blooded Killer of the Underworld, a really awesome Robot and he is for 40 Gold so that is definitely affordable in the way of me being in like Level 53 and my friends gifting my gold once every 2 Days, so I have an advantage.

Midas is a god. Simple. Once you fully upgrade him and use transform cards to get him to a 4-star robot, he can take down anybody! Zeus and tri-gore don't stand a chance!

Midas should be on #3 as in the movie he defeated noisy boy.
He is also cool

6 Twin Cities

Spinning his way to the arena, he is the Two Headed Tyrant. He is for 50 % off so that's 40 Gold.

He is awesome.
Two headed dragon

Abandon defeated Twin cities.

7 Cosmobot

He is for 75 Gold and looks like a Space Helmet the armor he is wearing and his origin is Russia, like Zeus which is why he also is awesome.

My favorite robot in all cartoon series is Cosmobot.

8 Camelot

Want a bot that will make the big leagues a breeze? Camelot will make anything he goes against history.

I think that Camelot is awesome. He's tall massive great health and overall plain awesome.

Camelot is just awesome and a KILLER. I killed excavator and Zeus with him

9 Metro

He is really strong and he can even beat metro gold with just sp 2! He even has a good skill aka Reconstruction

10 Hollow Jack

Hollow Jack is amazing, and the Laughter Riot is awesome. He is for 50 Gold and that is not bad at all.

I think he is #1 because I have him in the game and he beats everything I go against.

I have him and he is totally boss. I Think his laughter riot is almost the strongest evah!

The Contenders
11 Atom GOLD

Atom GOLD may cost more but is faster and stronger than normal Atom who is already better than Zeus.

Better than Zeus and stronger.

Atom gold is even stronger than elemantal Zeus!
After all it's ATOM

12 Asura

Asura is the mighty lord of the ring. He is based on a badass panther and has incredible all-round stats. What could be better?

Asura is a cool I like it he hawe a super power I know he killing the ZEUS. Zeus is a fail because he do'nt killing Atom.

It's a panther from Russia. He's awesome!

13 Block Buster

So, you need to buy a new bot to progress the game, huh? As his name suggest, he is a SMASHING choice.

He is an underworld destroyer!

He is really like a block buster,because he always bust the other robots.

14 Ambush

He have won lots of fights that's why he is old and kind of rusty in the movie he is awesome the retro superhero and the comic book crusher AMBUSH!

I rule worlds with it. It is a 66star bot that annihilated Midas. With minimum power and no help from boosting.

Oh man killed six shooters with ambush. So good moves. And kinda nightmare.

15 Fiend
16 Cardinal Chaos

I have him and in my opinion he should be the strongest and have laser eyes!

This dude could beat zeus easy! Nobody could beat this monster

17 Bio War

If you want a good starting bot that you will not just replace when something else comes along, Bio War is your man.

Is that a missile launcher he has? Only one way to find out!

Dude a bot build for war, what's better than that?

18 Trigore

The best of the best. Short arms mean that he's difficult to master as others can beat him when he's not in punch range. But you'll soon realise that his cross combo takes away 50% hp. That's right. HALF. Tough to master but once you've done it the title belt is yours to keep!

I already bought trigore. I am now a champion

19 Shogun
20 Blac Jac

He's the cool dude, and his name is also a good fit for the bot. Besides that, I believe Blac Jac deserves a higher position in the game. It would have been great if we could have seen him fighting Zeus in the beginning of the movie instead of just seeing the match poster. The fact that he made it that far indicates that he is an awesome bot! His spinning hands, resembling a mini gun, are also pretty cool. He may not be the absolute best bot, but he definitely deserves a solid 10 out of 10.

Blac jac is cool,nice bot and nice hand thank you real steel wrb.but I'm so sad because did't buy becausde I need to invite a friend.first I need to invite 1 friend to get blue bot then I need to invite 2 to get aqua bot then I need to invite a 3 friend to get axel rod and then I need to invite4 friend to get blac jac it's so hard

21 Six Shooters
22 Abandon

I honestly think abandon is THE best robot in the game because I easily beat Zeus on the first try with this bot!

23 Crusher

I had crusher! And I easily defeated my enemies in seconds at free sparring using him!

Crusher is a very strong, fast and resistence robot, is more powerful tan noisyboy or camelot, he can defeat Zeus. touchdown and crusher are the most powerful robots

24 Deadlord

He's scary and new robot. And his special pretty good because I beat twin cities with him.

I never had him but people say he is pretty O. P.

25 Albino
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