Top Ten Rainbow Roads In Mario Kart Games

Rainbow Road is a mighty track that appears in every Mario Kart game. Which one is the best? You decide. Vote now!
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1 3DS Rainbow Road

I'm making up a Mario Kart game in which there are actually TWELVE cups. I can't make up any new tracks, but I'm coming up with Retro tracks. In the game I'm making up, the default cup is the Shell Cup. There are five retro cups, and the DS Rainbow road is the final race of the fifth cup. But there's a sixth retro cup which is unlocked if you win the other five retro cups on ALL ccs (50, 100, 150, 200). I'm planning for the final race of THAT cup to be this MASTERPIECE that is a Rainbow Road. Is that a reward worth getting? For me, it is.

It has a beautiful score, great track and screams high quality! This is and probably always will be my favourite Rainbow Road- I especially love the changes on each round, riding from planet to planet, and how the soundtrack morphs to suitable fit everything. It is long lasting, epic, and it feels like a real journey, from start to finish.

2 Wii Rainbow Road

Amazing. The music has a Galaxy tone to it, and it is probably the best track in the game. I hope Mario kart 8 will improve upon Mario kart Wii. My only complaint about the Wii version is that they picke dthe wrong retro tracks. Still though, their rainbo road is amazing and the best in the series. I ahven't oplayed seven yet.

Easily the best soundtrack. Burning through the Stratosphere and karting on a rainbow whilst under the influence of acid? Can't top that.

Hard, yet beautiful and celestial in both the track and its soundtrack. All the elements for rainbow road packed into one.

3 GCN Rainbow Road

This one is the best rainbow road because it delivers what a rainbow road should be. An intense, hard,unforgettable finale that awards players for their grown skills throughout the game. As well for its soundtrack that makes you sweat and pray that a blue shell doesn't steal your first place victory after a long and hard all cup tour session with your friends or the hardest CPUS. It's the best in my opinion because of all the feelings that you get from completing the game. The newer installments don't bring the raw tension older games provided due to how easy they become and how different the rainbow roads has become. I love rainbow road for the difficulty and atmosphere not the easy space station.

4 DS Rainbow Road

The only thing I like about this is how challenging it is and it's alll about your driving skills. Thare are even loops but if you slip at the middle of the loop, it's no joke. You fall straight down. I can't believe this wasn't in Mario Kart 8 because you go upside down for the first time. Oh well, maybe next time. If Mario Kart 9 starts making, I will include DS rainbow road and put it as the final race of the Lightning cup and redesign it greatly because the ds version was a little bland.

This one is so nostalgic to me. The speed-ups make driving through this rainbow roller coaster way more exciting and the rainbow loop is the most fun part. The music and visuals are also stunning and give the feeling of driving through a colorful magical place way up in space.

5 Wii U Rainbow Road

Looks fun and quite difficult from what I have gathered from some game footage, plus it is certainly a unique idea with a space station E.T.C. Visuals are very decent and the music sounds amazing. Even the remade n64- which yes is a huge improvement over the very long and boring original- still is quite mediocre in track design compared to this one, despite what some seem to think.

It's really hard but not too hard like the Wii version. It's breathtaking and has awesome music. The track design is amazing and the best so far. The space station idea is new and creative. As the games go up, the Mario Kart Rainbow Roads get generally better, and each one has something new to share. This one is no exception!

6 N64 Rainbow Road

This is, in my opinion, the worst rainbow road track in the whole mario kart series. The backround is just black, nothing else. It is REALLY long and boring. Also, it isn't hard at all since there is fence around the whole course. Nothing special about it. But I have to say that the music is really good. The remake of mario kart 8 is amazing and it made this track 10x better!

I love the music though. And if they do bring it back to Mario Kart 8, chances Are they will remove most of the railings and make the track narrower for a harder challenge. (hopefully)

7 N64 Rainbow Road (Wii U version)

This is my 5th favourite MK8 track. It's so fun! Removing three laps and just making it one BIG lap was such a good idea for this track. Also, the music is better than ever, beating the original's music by a landslide.

8 SNES Rainbow Road (Wii U version)

This is a pretty bad track. You have the not sharp at all turns. The easy-to-avoid Thwomps. I mean, this is so easy!

9 GBA Rainbow Road

I've raced on this Rainbow Road a million times, that's how fun it is. It is EXTREMELY challenging, there is almost no walls, and the track is lined with jump pads that make you fly off the track (or perform amazing shortcuts). During a huge stretch, multiple Stras from the sky fall down onto the track, creating chaos, and thunderclouds that shock you also lurk around the corners, both having the same effect as their items, respectively.

Mario Kart Super Circuit didn't get much publicity, but this track is amazing compared to all the others. Can't wait to see the retro!

10 SNES Rainbow Road

The worst Rainbow Road of all time. You feel even MORE out of control than the GBA version, and I don't like it at all. It takes Lakitu like SEVEN YEARS to put you back on the track, and the Thwmps are so small they couldn't possible be considered a threat.

Oh... I stand corrected.

This rainbow road is the most challenging and it has the best music. I don't get why people hate it so much!

This is unquestionably the best Rainbow Road ever tying with N64 Rainbow Road & GBA Rainbow Road!

The Contenders
11 SNES Rainbow Road (3DS version)
12 F-Zero X Rainbow Road
13 Mario Kart Arcade GP DX Rainbow Road
14 Mario Kart Arcade GP Rainbow Road
15 7 Rainbow Road
16 Mario Kart 7 Rainbow Road
17 SNES Rainbow Road (GBA Version)
18 8 Rainbow Road
19 Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Rainbow Road
20 Mario Kart 10 Rainbow Road

It's awful
It had toads singing an annoying tune that sounds like Barney I love you on pogo sticks

21 Mario Kart Arcade GP 2 Rainbow Road
22 Mario Kart 9 Rainbow Road
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