If You Voted for Minecraft You Ought to be Ashamed

Wait, Minecraft is on this list!? So, you think Minecraft deserves as much hate as Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing; you think Minecraft is as bad as Custer's Revenge. You think Minecraft should be on the same list as the ET game? You lot just don't understand.

I don't mind Minecraft. In fact, I'd sometimes rather play it over Super Mario 64. I still like Terraria better, but in both games mining and building is fun. At least Minecraft is playable! There are games that are so bad, the game is too awkward to play and straight out glitched! And YOU think this game is as bad as those other bad games.

Ok, I completely understand. Everyone plays this game, because the concept is simple and most can play it. People don't like it how it gets attention, so they all say "Minecraft's gay." What the f*ck does that even mean? That it's going to be sexually attracted to sports games? (Those people are just nutters). JUST because everyone plays it and enjoys it doesn't mean you can hate it, then regard it as the worst game ever because you hate it; since that's just like saying Pokemon is racist.

I don't mind opinions, only when it gets out of hand and placed on Bad games lists. I played Sonic '06, a long time ago (I think it was actually the first game I played), all I can remember about it is it being too hard for me because of the crap controls and stupid speed sections. THIS is an example of a bad game (it also being way too glitched). Minecraft is creative, it's enjoyable, it's social. That means it should be at least an honourable mention, not here.

If you voted for Minecraft in the past (except to comment) as the worst game ever, you ought to be ashamed of yourself. Go and try a game of Big Rigs, come back to this list the next day, I can GUARANTEE you'll vote on it over this game. So lets spread the word! Minecraft is NOT A BAD GAME!


Well, I agree Minecraft is a really bad game haha but Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing is a game you cannot hate. It has so many glitches it turns out to be fun! Haha - keyson

Well, yeah, but its not that it sucks, its more like its not so fun and it almost wastes your time. - CasinLetsGoBowling

Are you kidding me? *double facepalm* - visitor

You are so right Keyson and you visitor are a complete, how do I say this nicely, umm I wouldn't say idiot lets say imbecile - simpsondude

Terraria is bad minecraft should be not on this list - dinosaur

Terraria:Bad?. BWAHAHAAHA. In terraria you have much more things to do. - Assassination

Says the close minded nerdy minecrafter - visitor

I've played both and minecraft is the worst of the 2 overall in vanilla content - visitor

What does skydoesminecraft say? "DON'T EVER PUT THIS GAME ON WORST GAME LIST! " - visitor

All he does is just playing MINECRAFT. seriously dude why he never get boring at playing minecraft? - visitor

Yep that's ALL he does, exept for maybe every 3 months he will do 1 episode of a different game or blog post - visitor

This game used to be my favorite, but now I don't play it. Only because some people let 6 year olds play. 12 year old mine crafters are VERY mature, if someone is acting retarded, it is a under 10.5 year old. I only quit because too many six year olds play multiplayer and ban people. A lot of minecrafters are inappropriate, so those six year olds are scarred for life. For this game, it's not the program, it's the player. Good judgement can make the whole difference. I quit because some very immature people banned me while I gave presents AS THE LEAD ADMIN who completely made the server popular. They did not have good judgement of right and wrong, and the server didn't have good judgement of what counts as admin material or not. (by the way these people were admin for simply building spawn and being online) - visitor

I agree with this post 100%. Seems like there are too many childish people on here. - visitor

100% agree - visitor

Yeah, but in my opinion, the reason it's so high on the damn list is because everyone is defending it and saying "Skrew you for puting mincraft on dis list you desrve to die".

Crucify me for this, but I think it's overrated. - visitor

Boring game and fanboys is why I hate this game. Enough said. - visitor

Shut up you don't know crap about Minecraft - SuperBacca

May the fanboys have mercy on you. - visitor

I'm a former Minecraft player and I did moved to mobile games and yes Minecraft is boring without mods - CerealGuy

People who hate it are just noobs who are terrible at playing it, and judge it completely by the graphics. - visitor

I don't judge by graphics I judge by content and replay ability along with fun factor - visitor

This game sucks bad, but it's not close to one of the worst games - simpsondude

Or some people played it did not like, and overall decided to play Terraria like me. Cask me any question about minecraft I can anser it but your just proving are point by being immature idiots. And I was a very good redstone user so and I play Terraria a lot and I like it and minecraft for its semi retro graphics thus completly ending your bad and not well thought out argument. - visitor

I agree with this post. Mine craft is likable but overrated. Offensive mine craft lovers would say "screw you for putting mine craft on here! "
Wow. - visitor