Megaman X7: Random video game review

Here in Berlin, summer vacation finally came. You know what that means: MORE GAMES, MORE ANIMES AND MORE TOPTENS!
I don't know a good transition.
If you would know me, I DESPISE MEGAMAN X7. Besides of Sonic(06) it is my second most hated game ever created.

Right from the first few seconds you will see, how horrible the graphics are. I don't really care for graphics, but MY EYES HURT. I see it tries to have a cel-shaded style, like Zelda:Wind Waker, Okami and my all-time favorite: Tales of Symphonia. But it just looks awful.

The controls of X7 are horrible AS WELL. If you did'nt know, the Megaman X series is faster and more complex than the classic series. However, the controls in X7 does'nt work at all.

This makes the game nearly UNPLAYABLE. You see, Megaman X7 has two flaws, which are just obserred. No invincibilty frames and too short enemy spawn distance. Think about it, take Sonic for instance. Everytime you hit an enemy, instead of having invincibilty frames, YOU DIE INSTANTLY, if you fall into something or against an enemy. Every SINGLE TIME!

The enemy spawn distance is painful as well. Now imagine, instead of seeing an enemy in your Sonic game, it spawns RIGHT BEFORE YOU. You run into it, before you can react. Because of no invincibilty frames, you die instantly. WHY? Because your game was too stupid to handle, giving you a chance to react.

Now, level design is bad as well. It is a mix of 2D and
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!3D ENVIROMENTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It tries to do that, but fails miserably, with lava, vehicle sections and reploids. Oh, I forgot to mention, there are reploids in the levels you can save. Thee problem is, they die in one hit and when they are gone, they never come back.

Now, X7 has by far the worst roster of mavericks in the entire series. Some examples:
Ride Boarski: Annoying, cheap vehicle section, repetitive boss fight and stupid personality.
Toward Tonion: The stage is lame and IT'S JUST A ONION.

The voice acting is one of the WORST dubs ever. You thought Resident Evil was bad, PAAH. Megaman X7s dub is horrible, it is impossibke to understand everything and the writing in itself is bad.

Megaman X7 is by far one of the worst games I've ever played. That's why it deserves the rating of:
0/10 and the adjective ,,Trainwreck''
It has horrible voice acting, level design, bosses, controls, music, graphics and the unspeakable choices of eliminating any invincibilty frames and lowering the enemy spawn distance.


Good review. - Chaotixhero

Love your imitation of Flame Hyenard - MrQuaz680