Please stop voting for Undertale.

xandermartin98 Sorry to rain on your pretentious salt parade, Undertale haters, but there are much, much, MUCH worse indie games that you could (preferably not) be hating on right now as opposed to this wonderful, insta-classic masterpiece.

In fact, Undertale is by far the greatest game in the indie genre thus far, giving the triple-A Earthbound a run for its money and definitely outclassing Cave Story by a long shot (and it's also named after that game, so there's that too.)

The characters are adorable, charming, well-developed and memorable, with an equally fabulously written storyline to match; needless to say, I haven't seen a game with this much heart and soul put into it in a very LONG time.

The soundtrack is easily one of the greatest not just in RPGs but also of all videogame time, right up there with Mother 3 and Xenoblade Chronicles.

The gameplay is very creative and unique, the moral choice system is absolutely ingenious in its presentation and impact, and the graphics, while not particularly great, serve their purpose rather well and with personality to boot.

Best of all, the game is basically 2015's RPG equivalent to Cave Story except even better! Tell me; apart from the fanbase and the fact of it being severely overhyped, how could you possibly bring yourself to truly hate this game?

Somehow, I really do get the feeling that most of this game's haters have never actually played the game...which still isn't even remotely a viable excuse to hate on such a truly great and fantastic game as this.

Anyway, in conclusion, Undertale haters make me just as sick as Earthbound haters do. And no, the game is NOT a ripoff of Earthbound; it's a tribute. Aside from the fact that there is a big difference, why would you not like something that perfectly recaptures the same charm and atmosphere that Earthbound had and arguably does it even better in some ways?

Please, do tell me. I'm very eager to hear your thoughts on the matter, since I honestly don't know whether to feel happy or sad that an indie game actually turned out to be the greatest game of 2015 hands-down.


Can you PLEASE approve this post? Seriously, what's wrong with it? - xandermartin98

Maybe it's because you're acting like a entitled brat. Seriously, stop. Undertale isn't even that high on the list. - GamerBoy

It is because of the title and content. You basically state that there are worse games than this which I highly agree but also an absurd arguement in a debate of wether this game is bad or not. To be completly honest I have not played Undertale. - YourWaifuSucks

It's just overrated. Some people just don't like Undertale, and that's okay. We have opinions, and the right to express them. - RiverClanRocks

*sigh* People have opinions. Not everyone is going to like the same things you like, as I have said a million times already. And not everyone will like Undertale. I'm getting dangerously close to disliking you, Xander... - RiverClanRocks

What I believe that some people doesn't play Undertale because they hate it. Why? I believe that some people think that Undertale is just overrated. But hey, that's what I'm thinking. - Delgia2k

Great post, I'm sick of the Undertale Hate. It's a great game, the only reason people hate it is the fanbase. At least FNaF has SOME reasons to be disliked. - DCfnaf

Undertale is a boring game that tries way too hard to be emotional and charming, but comes off as cheesy - purpleyoshi98

You have put all my innermost thoughts into wording. From the bottom of my SOUL, thank you. - DemonSpider253

I agree with you and both Undertale is an amazing game,but no one ever pays tribute to earthbound. Earthbound is pretty much the Dragon Ball Z of indie games. Thanking for sharing my opinion on the matter. Undertale and earthbound is apples and oranges. I hate those fans are like Earthbound copied Undertale! Or something - visitor

The only thing I'll give Undertale credit for is that the fanbase isn't nearly as bad as FNAF... - visitor

Ok - TerryThebestsoccerplayer

This is 90% of the reason why I dislike you, Xander - visitor

This post is just ugh - visitor