Scarred For Life: Sonic Boom Rise Of Lyric

Fun fact, four games introduced me to the Sonic Franchise in 2014. These 4 games are Sonic CD, Sonic The Fighters, Sonic R, and Sonic Boom Rise Of Lyric. 3 of the 4 games I enjoyed and I can defend them due to my nostalgia for them. Yes, even Sonic R. (Please let me live) Sonic Boom Rise Of Lyric, though, is a game I can't defend.

I had no problem with the controls whatsoever, but there’s even more glitches than 06 and, like 06, makes the game absolutely unplayable and sometimes horrifying. The glitches let you skip entire sections of the game, like Knuckles’ Infinite Jump thing. The fighting segments are annoying, hard, repetitive and can go die. Also, the bosses are horrible, excluding the battle with Eggman. Also, this game chased down other types of genre but it didn’t even work. The reason Shadow The Hedgehog (guns), Sonic Colors (the Wisps), and Sonic Unleashed (the Werehog) were fine was because Shadow The Hedgehog’s guns aren’t mandatory, the Wisps’ are also sometimes not mandatory (there’s a Super Sonic cameo that makes the Wisps’ useless), and the Werehog was interesting and fun and there was the speed sections during the day. The other sections in Sonic Boom ROL was boring and there was a ridiculous amount of fighting segments needed to pass the game.


This is easily the most noticeable thing in the game. The only ones I actually liked were Eggman, Amy, and Tails. The others are horrible. Knuckles lookes absolutely horrible. And no, that’s not the only reason, since characters like Springtrap (FNaF 3) and Optimus Primal (Beast Machines) look absolutely hideous but are still amazing characters anyway. But this Knuckles is vastly different from the previous Knuckles, who was badass, tough and all that. But this Knuckles is a huge bumbling idiot. I assume it was supposed to be funny or entertaining, but it was just cringeworthy. Oh but that’s not the end. Sonic was no longer a honorable freedom fighting hero, but a merciless one. His original counterpart was benevolent and doesn’t leave his enemies for dead. He spares his enemies and tries to have others redeem him/herself, like Merlina, Shadow, Silver, even Eggman in fact. The Boom version trapped Lyric and left him for dead. Yeah I know that’s what most people would do but, again, we’re talking about Sonic The Hedgehog here. The guy who stands for the rights of anyone. Shadow is awful in this one. The original Shadow didn’t face Sonic just because he wanted to be the better hedgehog. He faced him since he wanted to avenge Maria, he wanted answers and/or he make everyone pay for their mistakes and if Sonic got in the way, he would have to eliminate him. But here, he just challenges Sonic to prove he’s better.


The dialogue is absolutely horrendous. There are ones that make you mentally facepalm yourself like this one, “Look, ramps!! We can use these ramps”, and ones that are annoying like, “woo, rings”. They couldn’t think of anything else to say? And when Sonic tells someone (I’m not playing that game again to find out who he is) that he released Lyric by accident, the dude says “not cool Sonic”. Yeah, like everyone will be dismissive and treat it like a lame prank when someone releases a super villain.

Positive Aspects:

What are “positive aspects”? Is that an effect or some conspiracy theory? All joking aside, it was hard to pick out some positive aspects. The story had a cool concept, like 06 but they just executed it poorly. Like I said, Eggman, Amy and Tails are good enough characters and despite everyone being terrible, they have fairly decent voice actors. And that’s about it, because this is Rise Of Lyric. Let’s get this review done.


🥇Teen Titans Go (0/10)
🥈Transformers Energon (0/10)
🥉Sonic Boom Rise Of Lyric (1/10)
4) Bayformers (2/10)
5) Justin Bieber (5/10)
6) Sonic 06 (6/10)
7) Ben 10 Reboot (6/10)
8) FNaF 3 (6/10)
9) FNaF World (9/10)
10) RWBY Chibi (9/10)

Next up:

Powerpuff Girls Reboot (brace for impact)