Angry Outlaw #46 Aquaman: Battle for Atlantis

His the meanest outlaw in all of america, he does not hold on anything or anyone, he'd rather stick it up there's and go screw a limp wang, then talk about the dreaded terror of furious strength in full power of rage there is stopping the angry outlaw, he is the angry! angry! Outlaw!

Background: Back to realm of 2003 again, and to celebrate the new Aquaman coming out in just a few weeks I fought we take a look back on of its worst creations to come outta this in yes Battle For Atlantis ugh god why. The publisher by TDK which also have some other notably bad titles around that era in gaming. What is weird is that I honest to god by the look by its bland graphics looked like a Titus developed game, but instead its by Lucky Chicken Games unless its a disguise suto name maybe that would be better to have at the time. Released for the Original XBOX, and the Nintendo Gamecube unknown why the PlayStation 2 never got the game perhaps for the best cancelling it all together.

Gameplay: The story goes in a comic book setting where Aquaman must save his kingdom from one of his arch enemies Black Manta. Yeah there's no real cutscenes it feels like a very silent superhero game with almost no words said in a way it makes a little more acceptable I guess. The combat system when facing an enemy is absolute horror. The controls to figure where to begin is the other and makes for a boring, and frustrating mechanic that truly one flaw why this was one of the worst games that year. We have an Aquaman trying too hard to look cool with a mullet, a setup gameplay that looks almost too vastly similar to Superman 64, and you could argue in some ways worse than that based on there is nothing to gain here playing this a bad boring title. This is not an a game you could beat on normal, and its beatable on Easy yet you don't feel as if a winner saved Atlantis in this fictional mess. You have a navigator that guides your path where you should go from defeating bad guys, and even sub-bosses if you will. There are certain missions where you get to control some battleship even though it doesn't make much of a enjoyable feel. Even when you beat it no joy it seems like a lifeless feeling as the credits roll.

This game has aged very badly for 2003 standards it looked more like a PlayStation 1/Nintendo 64 like game in graphics its atrocious. If its counts as a beat em up its one of the worst ones I have ever played this is just bad gameplay too even tough it may be too easy one fight after another until eventually they'll block to the end that is annoying. I remember vaguely the X-Play review of this and had more entertainment watching that than playing this i'll say that much. For something that strikes way too comparing to Superman 64 underwater this has to be the worst Gamecube game I could have ever played, and one of the worst on the Original XBOX. At least Sony saw based on those two other versions no need to have there own made discs anytime soon as for Aquaman why would I play as him seeing I never really got into him as I did with Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman etc. For DC this is another low quality license title that fans will have memories of in bad scares. There's that see you... ''SEGA!'' (As outlaw looks over around the tree)