Hidden Gems #1 Jet Li: Rise To Honor

In this series I will be looking back at games that are extremely forgotten or just severely underrated in the genre its in like our game being discussed today.

If I recommended any sort of beat em up that wasn't a steaming piece of crap that would be Jet Li: Rise To Honor on the PlayStation 2. To be honest this game is what introduced me to Jet Li I had no idea who he was until this game. Oh and for language I chose to have it on american for curiosity although its better playing with Japanese voice overs cause the character's show how they show instead of games like Destroy All Humans where the characters don't show their own emotion that's how I feel with the English dub of this game its better to keep it the way otherwise don't be like me and switch then you'll realize oh no what have I done to myself.

Story: Your purpose is to be the so called undercover lap dog to Boss Chiang and keep some message safe for no one else to have, but on the way goes to San Francisco to meet with some past friends he had grew up with. As you found Chi & Michelle your life is constantly on the line as you try to protect them for as long as possible only to have found out that Kwan had set you up all along. Traveling back to Hong Kong Michelle gets wounded by a sniper who your against and take down that entire section without getting shot as you hide for cover. Eventually fighting your way ascending to fight Kwan and saving Michelle. After defeating Kwan you find out that Victor was the one who set you up all this time for you know to figure out as he gets arrested and isn't killed in the end. The final words from the legendary Jet Li had been to say ''it is better to die with honor than to live without.''

Gameplay: Okay i'll admit this game was and still is quite challenging you have a lot of trial and errors with this game especially with the stealthy missions. The controls are very responsive, voice acting is very meh, yes the moves are repetitive, but not overly ridiculous like another game similar to this Bruce Lee Quest of the Dragon which is the complete opposite of what this game had done well with its very intriguing story, The graphics were good for its time, but doesn't hold up well now 12 years later. The music in this game is great it really makes you wanna go all bash them buttons and beat the snot outta anyone in your way. Okay i'll admit at times I noticed characters with similar face models maybe they got a little lazy, but i'm giving that a nit pick.

Final Thoughts: This game is very playable, it had that kinda old-ish film look to it, but not very obvious to see visually. Most of the bosses are either you'll die at least once and you hope to beat them eventually although there's one in particular that will give you a tough time. Overall I'd give this game a 6.5 out of 10 I thought it was very okay and one you should give a try at sometime if you wanna revisit old game consoles like the PlayStation 2 with its large amount of the unknown games in which more of them i'll inspect in the future. Until next time america!


Good. - Skullkid755