Hidden Gems #2 Timesplitters Series

If there was a game back in 2000 to 2005 that was so great now a forgotten title would be the timesplitter series as a whole.
The first timesplitters game on the PS2 not everyone talks about it other than its one of sony's best launch titles despite being the weakest of the series. This series had some dudes that developed the cult classic golden eye 007 game on the N64 which made me invested in this game immediately.

Timesplitters: This game hasn't aged well for a PS2 game, but it was good for its time. The story was basically you grab your objective and get the item to a red circle as you fight off all wacky kinds of characters that come to stop you on your path. The music in this game is phenomenal some of the best I have ever heard in an First person shooter next to Halo. The controls are very responsive and the gameplay is just shoot & run with a lot of trial and error in between the story part which can frustrate you, but a very challenging game to complete in its entirety. The multiplayer is quite addicting and one of its big highlights, the endless choices of what you want to set-up against bots or a friend of yours. The mapmaker I feel was very innovative at the time I mean you could create your own level the game that kinda took that was the very recent 2016 Doom game I played and I noticed how much snapmap was so similar to the mapmaker in timesplitters. Would I play this game in the future probably, would I recommend a try for others? If your willing to take the time to check it out and pull out a PS2 or PS3 sure go right ahead. Overall this game is totally playable 7 out of 10.

Timepslitters 2: Considered to be the best in the series and for good reason it was the first to introduce an actual story and a lot of other depth in content. The story I find to be quite great when it starts you in the year 2401 as you go off back in time to collect all the missing crystals as you play as the person in that timeline you have traveled in. Eventually after getting all of the crystals your sidekick Corporal Hart dies as Cortez is all alone to escape the base back to the ship. He then makes it out and destroys the hanger of the base as the game indicates there would be a 3rd game. This game introduced arcade leagues for multiplayer in which require unlocked characters to play as its another extra mode to do to keep you wanting for more. The original game had challenges, but in this game they did it a lot better with much more creativity as well. This game still looks impressive and is one I have in high regards 9 out of 10.

Timesplitters Future Perfect:This 3rd and final installment was on the PS2, Original Xbox, & the gamecube. Timesplitters 2 was also on multiple consoles I just forgot to point that out. Anyways the story continues where you left off as your ship crashes and taken back to a military like base as your being introduced to new enemies and allies during the fight with the timesplitter army. Very similar premise to the last game only this time you can play as Cortez throughout the whole story with a sidekick thrown in there all in which get introduced as well. Unlike the other games this one is the only to feature a man antagonist one in which I find quite amusing in ''Crow'' who just evolves into a different persona along you travel to stop him. In his final form he is in a giant robot as if i'm comparing him to DBZ's Friza which completely different and off-topic as you defeat final form crow back in the island of 1924 underground lair you return to the base that set the coordinates for you to go back as all the gadgets would disappear as in you did it. I'll admit even playing this game on all difficulties I felt disappointed it was actually not as challenging as 2 or even the first game in terms of that. The multiplayer is more balanced than it was the previous game with some modes removed. Another good thing this game had at the time was playing against your friends online if you had an xbox or a PS2 and knew a guy that plays the series go to town buddy. Overall it is definitely playable and worth a try 7.5 out of 10.

Since 2008 we were waiting for another game and since then we have not got it sadly to this day i'm pretty torn honestly. Like no timesplitters rewind nor a 4th game its depressing it really is. Why crytic UK, why did you withdraw the making of a new timesplitters? Until next time!


Sounds good - Skullkid755