Hidden Gems #3 Unreal Championship 2: The Liandri Conflict

Intro - If there was one game on the original Xbox I was so stoked about it was the sequel to Unreal Championship. The first which was basically a copy of a PC game that year was UC 2003 then in 2004 the next year they hit home with one of the best unreal games ever, but anyway that's not the point to what i'm about to dive into as we look at a game that could be both a first and a third person game at the same time. I never understood why this game was hated at the time I thought it was cool I even had a demo of the game I still own and remember wow this looks great and I was disappointed. Oh and that the games publisher is midway interesting ain't it.

(Starts the game)

Features - This games features the likes of using a finisher on your opponent in 3rd person almost dead which is awesome and also has one Mortal Kombat character in the game in Raiden cool touch. Ascension rights is the story too the game, Tournament is basically you going trough a ladder until unlocking whatever with the person you selected, and challenges in which you also unlock characters as well, but of course more difficult as said. You got all the usual match types in DM, TDM, CTF, & Survival have all returned and the addition of two new modes of Nail Slaughter which is you killing unarmed weird like things that aren't really human, and Overdose which is carry a white or orange orb too it's destination before your opponents do to win the limit.

Ascension Rights - The all important story mode, You play as Anubis and accompanied with relative named Sobek who is a veteran of the tourney who appears at times (it's really mostly you alone), through the story it feels like a love story for revenge in which Anubis has to ascend up the tourney to finally face and settle the score with Selket another character from the same race who was once loved Anubis although the back story indicates Anubis left Selket 8 years ago and that he says ''do you want an emperor or a husband'' in which yeah it's not the best story, but it was what they had so okay. In the end you win and don't give a dam about the political sponsors and just leave only to be replaced by a impersonator lookalike and a necris selket next to the Quan Chi looking dude whose name is unknown and never revealed in the game.

Other Aspects: This game is so underrated and even today it actually holds up pretty well. I feel this game has been severely forgotten maybe it was the new style they went with, but that didn't bother me really I was still hyped for it although most people at the time were probably playing games like Resident Evil 4, Jade Empire, God Of War, Psychonauts and so on. Those games may have overshadowed this game greatly and it kinda sucks honestly. Not to say that in a bad way, I just felt like wow all those games were very impactful to the point we still talk about them now and this one bit the dust. I'd say this game is a 9 out of 10.


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Sounds good, I thought of Unreal Tournament when I saw the title. - Skullkid755