Hidden Gems #5 Toy Story 2: Buzz Lightyear to the Rescue & Small Soldiers

For today's episode I though I might combine two license games that I thought were pretty impressive for there time has to be these two games from the PS1 era that being this toy Story game and this Small Soldiers game. Both in which I played on demos of the underground sampler back when you had virtually no internet. The point being I was stoked got them both in full and let's dive in.

(Starts system)

I will start with the Small Soldiers game which wasn't really based on the movie accurately, but I felt the game itself was very interesting instead of these toys Gorgons and commandos in the human world there; instead fighting in this like this almost demonic like world. Your greeted with this very awesome opening cutscence with Archer the character you play as goes and says this ''Now the war is coming here to Gorgon, We cannot wait patiently, build our reserves, fashion our weapons, LET THE BATTLE BEGIN!'' So the war has begun and your saving your own kind while fighting the commandos. The general idea is like the premise of Doom where your finding keys and going threw doors and you end up finishing the level back to the portal that it's located in the level. Eventually you would fight the final boss whom looks like a giant chip Hazard in a robot suit with a large stick chasing after you in a non pattern movement meaning it's like taking a hypothesis (an educated guess as to what move he makes next). After you beat the boss the story ends with glorious triumph. It's weird how it is considered a license at the same time it doesn't feel like it that much really, yet it has the toy characters in the game which makes more compelling to say. Some people didn't like the movie I can see why, but I like that and this game although both are very different from one another. Multiplayer is pretty much you and a local buddy going head to head with either archer or Chip Hazard as your choices with no allies. Very forgettable mode honestly just stick to the all important single player which I say this game is about a 6 out of 10. One of the better ones, but is a very forgotten license title.

(Ejects Disc and Puts In the other game)

Now moving on to perhaps the one of if not the best Disney licensed game I have ever played would be Toy Story 2: Buzz Lightyear to the Rescue this game was on the PS1, but is also for the N64 & Dreamcast and even a handheld GBC version. For me my exposure was the PS1 for it's demo sample that I enjoyed. Got the full game and well let's just say This games story unlike the last one we played had similarities tie-ins with the movie, but not totally all the way, there are certain parts i'm like I don't remember that guy in the movie. The plot however is very true to the movie in which is good and that the cutscenes are a big plus which is why I always prefer the PS1 for elements it has with certain games. The game starts you off in Andy's house to give you go to's of what to do in which Mr Potato Head will appear in the beginning showing you his pissing parts each level. You'll end missions with either getting all 5 tokens (50 in total) or a boss in that level, that also consist of races, lost items, & solving puzzles. Majority of them are unrelated from the film and are just filler. Oh and the generic toy enemies they'll just respond after a few seconds after you destroyed them so be quick about your choice of direction. The only bosses in the game that are relevant to the movie are Zurg and Stinky Pete who you face twice near the end. First being a 1v1 battle the second being the final fight with you vs the prospector and the other two generic bosses you fought a little earlier to this 3v1 stage. It's suppose to be difficult as it should personally just focus on the one character or you'll just have to take hits to take one down then take a different strategies to take down the other two and you should be able to defeat them all. As your greeted with a victory cutscene as the credits roll. There is no multiplayer and that was it. So yes I enjoyed this game, but what a bigger plus is that it played similarly to another cult classic platformer in Mario 64 which is pretty cool compared to another Ps1 game i'll review soon that is the opposite of a good platformer and instead went back wards. Back to this Game I would say a 7.5 out of 10 solid platformer that is one of the more iconic Disney games in the library that hasn't quite had the peak as those other ones have.


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