Hidden Gems #12 The Game of Life

Hasbro is the king of board with endless great classics we all know and love. How did they do with there video game attempts. Well then there is Hasbro Interactive that was around during the 5th generation of consoles with a lot of you either loved it or you did not. This game I am about to talk about is a rare acception (well for me at least).

Oh yes The Game of life for the PS1 and PC released in 1998. There are also different version of the board game adaption, but this is the one I played so let's not get that confused with anything. ''welcome to the game of life'' here we are in the menu with new game, load game, and options. You choose to have the classic standard game with life, or you can choose enhancement which is without the life cards, you get either get money on the spin, or a minigame which you are also trying to win as much money as possible to win the game. Along the way though are spaces that can derail your path. Like swapping salary cards, or any sort of car or house insurance you forgo to pay towards the beginning of the game. The games soundtrack is pretty good, and quite underrated as well. Like for instance, you exit the 50's the radio turns the nod and now you listen to the 60's music with three different tones each time. Oh I also forgot this once you have pick the job you have, they have a perk of there own. Like if you choose police officer he gets 1,000 if a player spins 10 each time. Also the game has you choose stocks of what number you think the player will let's say 7 and it worked great in your favor. Assuming you have the wife (or vise versa), a house, and some girls, boys, twins maybe the whole family lol. You have reached the end of the game and your picking between retirement homes. Countryside Acres or Millionaire Estates, the wierd part about is I do not exactly remember which house it was, but it had a really odd perk where you have to forfeit some many to other players until that car made it to the end which was a bit huh. Depending if you won or lost you ultimately enjoyed the game as a whole. As you are greeted with a limbo cutscene, and the game goes back to the start screen.

For a board game based game this was probably my favorite of the bunch, sure you had Monopoly which had varied version on multiple consoles and PC. This was the one instance when I was kid, and now looking back on it years later I still fine myself having a good time with this game. I'd give it a 7 out of 10, until next time america.