Hidden Gems #14 Tom & Jerry In Fists of Furry, and War of Whiskers

Today's combo gem are very similar. They are one of the better few Tom & Jerry games out there.

Fists Of Furry: In there first attempt, NewKidCo released Tom & Jerry In Fists of Furry for the Nintendo 64. To be honest, I did not realize this existed until looking at Wikipedia, and I curious I looked at it to see what it looked similar to its sequel that was more known. This game has a total of 7 characters to play as, 2 of them are playable (Tom and Jerry). Unlockables include Spike, Butch, Tuffy (Nibbles), Tyke, and Duckling. The gameplay consists of you punching, but also you have to be quick in picking up dropped items. Sometimes you may trap yourself and get hit as well making it tough to win at times. You fight through few levels all in which are forgettable. The game is fun for its time, but gets old real quick, while it does look better than most Tom and Jerry games it sequel did a lot better 6 out of 10.

War of Whiskers: I definitely remember this game, although I feel like I should of owned a original Xbox or a Nintendo Gamecube to really love this game, but had it for the PlayStation 2. This game Tom and Jerry War of Whiskers released two years later of the first game. The strange thing about this game is that I know nobody from the U.S who had owned the game on the Xbox, nor the Gamecube which was weird. For now let's talk fighting game here, you start with either play as Tom or Jerry, each have there own story path. There are a huge upgrade in many things. One the Music in this game is very Warner Bros. Like which fits in perfectly with this game, Second is a time limit, depending on who you are time is on or not on your side in this game. Skip down to the bosses which would be either Robot Cat, or Monster Jerry, Both of whom have weaknesses. After you have defeated that boss you unlock a character you fought earlier in the 5 round challenge. Oh speaking of characters there are plenty more than the last game, 11 characters in the game, 12 venues to fight in. This game pretty much had it all, and did most things right. Th only downfall of the game is the very cringe sound when you hear the characters themselves. The narrator isn't too bad, its just that alone mute that, and keep the music brilliant. I'll be honest the controls at first I had no clue what I was doing until getting use to it with a bit of practice. This game is pretty challenging for a fighting game, if you you beat it with all difficulties conquered I salute you, you are a wiz at this game. You may have got all the characters, but to you have the alt. Costumes unlocked. 7.5 out of 10.

Final Thoughts: Since War of The Whiskers no one has tried to make anymore Tom & Jerry games, and I wonder why? Not the best fighting game, but at best its incredibly underrated with its unique cartoon style. The latest of the Tom and Jerry games are just mobile games, to me that's just like me with face that expresses ''whatever.''