Hidden Gems #17 NFL Street & NBA Street

There was a time where sport games were at an all time high for gamers, and in a great way, and these two games are ones I caught at the right time.

NBA Street: This to me was one of the best NBA games I have ever played period. This was back when I had a great liking of NBA, not like it is now. 29 teams excluding the later New Orleans Pelicans, I figured playing the tutorial was best for the controls to test out. Well it seems responsive for the most part. Another thing to note is the man who talks throughout this game is former player Bob Elliott whose character in the game was of Joe ''the show Jackson providing commentary as well. Now let's get to the main game, what you do is beat all 29 NBA teams, but on your way you challenge these street fictional legends in your way to put you down. All have there strengths and weaknesses, they all are diverse in personality as well. The team that's scores 21 wins that game, no time limit put on pressure which is good. shoot up close you get 1 point okay, and shoot from afar you get 2. My nitpick is the way you score is a bit off, but its still fin regardless of that. As you make it up the ranks, and beat all the street legends there's is one left, of course that being the great one Michael Jordan who you play as through everything, and now you must face him. The match against Jordan can be intense if you don't have great support around you. The game felt so tight I managed to just barely beat him, even on normal can not imagine him as a god on hard. Oh and the gamebreakers can either help or hurt you as long as your wise using up the ball enough for the opponent to waste there gamebreaker. It works here as opposed to another game I will bring up shortly. Nevertheless this is easily of of the top 3 best NBA games ever made. Volume 2 might be another one to lookout for as well as solid sequel inits own, but mine will be with the first game. 9 out of 10.

NFL Street: 3 years later after how big of a hit NBA street was for me, I ended up trying there NFL Street game. While the soundtrack is surprisingly good for how the game fits. The games supposed the story is in the NFL challenge mode which at first is incredibly difficult because you start from the lowest of the low. Unless you a god, and know the ropes how to play this better than I do you deserve a medal otherwise your like me practice a ton of times before you know what your doing. This is a game that is nothing, but intense for a NFL game. It is a fumble happy game, the thing is what I do with each of seven player to ensure that I do not go ballistic is I upgrade carry which was my flaw on the team why they create a lot of turnover, and get owned by the computer despite putting the difficulty on easy. Yeah no kidding, on freaking easy! You do not have to necessarily do all the challenges. Eventually you'll run out of coins to keep going, and that's what you get. Then you start with either the NFC West teams, or the AFC West teams. After playing the 1st team its not to bad, but then can you beat the other 3 teams? Good luck it takes a lot of skill, after beating all the teams in your way comes the above all else the most stressful part of the whole game. I recommend you wait another day to face the NFL legends they will absolutely wreck you after all you've been through. Before we dive into the final battle, The gamebreakers are actually worse here than it was in NBA Street, They ruin the game real quickly. You either know what to do or the CPU can really own you a little more. The snake Ken Stabler, Barry Sanders, Lawrence Taylor, Ronnie Lott, William Perry, Walter Payton, and Lester Haynes. If your the king of all you claim then you my friend are the man. Incredibly hard, but addicting game for its time, any hardcore fan of american football will like its style of play. 7 out of 10.

That it is all for now until the next game or games.