Hidden Gems #19 Freaky Flyers

Info: Freaky Flyers, a flying game that is remembered for the wrong reasons, and why is that? Well mainly for its blatant use of stereotypes in the game. The interesting thing about this game is that it was made by Midway which were famous for Mortal Kombat. If you ignore the racial portrayals of the game it was pretty good flying game for its time.

Start up the game: I put in the game, and I get over the catchy song that's kind of cheesy, but in good way. After we treated to that awesome music we now go to the menu, and it has three game modes in total. Adventure is basically the main story of the game, and you get to play as only 5 are unlocked while the majority are locked which means you'll be playing this for quite a bit. The other two modes (Racing mode, & Dog Fight) are for 2-player experiences. I picked Johnny Turbine who ''represented the United States'' as the narrator said in the beginning. The cutscenes look pretty good for 2003 a lot better than a lot of other games that were out in 2003.

Gameplay: This is one of those flying games that also have you do optional missions within a race which you don't really see that much in racing game in general. Controls are very fluent for the time, and its all about trying not to lose depending on the spot of least place you need. Qualifying can be a chore if you don't do well then this game can make you furious in a matter of seconds instead of in 10 minutes with a mission that I gotta admit I hated. Bandito Attack is not your ordinary race its something you must do in order to continue on with the story. This is my least favorite of the 3 different levels that are not race related. You must defend your fort, and destroy 7 bases pretty much. It sucks because you can't have a shield to have just to deflect on-coming shots from turrets. If you managed to have great patience then you deserve a metal completed in my eyes the hardest, and most boring level of the entire game. The following scene shows how much your popularity has grown as a freaky flyer, the second non-race related mission is that Pilot X gives Prof. Gutentag instructions to shrink all the freaky flyers, and the race well be only by Gutentag. You must quickly try a get out of the human body before you damaged goods. Not that bad, but can be tough if you not shooting constantly out the whole. The 3rd one is actually also hard, but has a satisfying tune that is so cheesy good it got mentioned by Watchmojo which I find shocking. Enter Torpedo Run, a hard, but cool level that is probably most famous for yes I repeat the song is freaking awesome. After eventually beating that mission we near the end where we must be 1st place in order to face PILOT X! Its not that bad, its kind of difficult, but not like Torpedo Run or Bandito attack. I was very satisfied in the story. After you beat the one character you must beat more characters stories in order to play with the other characters of course.

Verdict: This game while being pretty hard, overall a pretty good racing/flying game that you either knew about for the positive, or that the majority know of its negatives which is what I do not view it as since the game is freaky enough for me to not hate it because its racists. Its not perfect its does have pretty big flaws, not severely bad ones though. I'll give this game a 7 out of 10