Full-fledged List Analysis: Most Annoying Fan Bases

NuMetalManiak Let's get it over with. Let's also see how far I can get without going to a different post.

1. Beliebers: Justin Bieber isn't really relevant that much anymore, so they have fallen off the annoying ladder.
2. One Directioners: Pretty much the new Justin Bieber, but I haven't heard much from them either.
3. Bronies: The new MLP movie might make them annoying again. I don't really get along with these guys that much (sorry bobby).
4. Five Nights At Freddy's Fans: Overrated and lame horror game, I saw the fan art. These people are among the worst.
5. Frozen Fangirls: Should not be relevant anymore, but apparently are still. Don't like 'em at all.
6. PewDiePie's Fans: The ultra-defensive ones? Yeah, annoying. I don't think Felix is bad for a Youtuber but his fanbase is so defensive.
7. Call of Duty Lovers/Haters: Haha, love how these are together, yes, both annoying. The edgy ones that act like they're perpetually twelve are bad enough, the haters somehow are worse because they say the same thing about COD being the same thing.
8. 90s Fans: Born in '94, didn't get into much 90s stuff until I was in sixth grade. I don't grovel over nostalgia so this isn't bad.
9. Donald Trump Supporters: they are happy that Trump won, but are not annoying anyone else.
10. Pokemon Genwunners: Agree with this because I never really owned a Gen-1 game besides the FireRed remake, only had Gen-3 and Gen-4 but stopped caring after awhile. The mindless gawking for Gen-1 is annoying.
11. Sonic Fanbase: I guess the most liked comment is my opinion on this one.
12. Undertale fans: It's a simplistic RPG game, how the heck did it spawn a crazy fan-art loving cult following? o_O
13. Minecraft Fans: Worst fans are the whiney kids.
14. Rap Fans: Not bad, unless you are referring to wannabe rappers.
15: Swifties: As a celebrity I think she got more than enough attention. That picture I see is amazingly bad
16: Leafyishere Fans: Who the heck is Leafy?
17: Sports fans: I DO NOT CARE ABOUT SPORTS. Everyone loves talking about this one and it bothers those who simply don't care like me.
18. Miley Cyrus Fans: She shouldn't be as relevant as she already was.
19. Barbies: Referring to Nicki Minaj, annoying people actually.
20. Powerpuff Girls Fanbase: Which ones, the new or the old? Personally, I think both are annoying.
21. Big Brother Fans: Don't know this one.
22. Roblox: Why do I hear so much about this game?
23. Pokemon Go Fans: I love how the app fell quiet almost a month after it was launched.
24. Avatards: Have no idea if this is refering to the bender TV series or the James Cameron movies.
25. The Loud House: Don't know this one.
26. Boku no Picophiles: what.
27. Philadelphia Sports Fans: How about every sports fan?
28. Metalheads: Only the super elitists that don't appreciate other genres or even other sub-genres qualify as annoying.
29. Furries: I think they are secluded individuals. Also they are only bad because of their porn.
30. Creepypasta Fans: What is so fun about this?
31. Pop Extremists: Read what I said about metalheads. If they are unappreciative of other genres then they are annoying.
32. Adventure Time Fans: Heard too much about this show, but not to an annoying extent.
33. Sky Army: Referring to the youtuber, I don't know much about.
34. Hillary Clinton Supporters: GIVE IT A REST, IT'S OVER, seriously.
35. WWE Fans: I could care less.
36. Toronto Maple Leafs Fans: Do I need to repeat myself on sports fans.
37. Family Guy Fans: I like some of the show, not to an obsessive extent though.
39. California Fans: Do most of these fans know other states exist?
40. Console Fans: Who cares, video games are video games.
41. Twihards: Used to be annoying, but since the series ended, you don't see them anymore.
42. Rosalina Fangirls: The growing Mario character fanbases here annoy me to no end, regardless of which characters they refer to.
43. 2010s Fans: This decade is like the last decade, easily criticized. We still have two more years.
44. Touhou Fans: Heard it's a bullet hell so I must hate it, but since I have never seen these kind of fans I don't know.
45. SVTFOE Fans: Did one person seriously say this cartoon is Sailor Moon on drugs?
46. Bandwagon Fans: My #1 pick, seriously. Bandwagoners just jump into something that they don't outright love just to fit in.
47. Halo Fanboys: Not a whole lot of these around.
48. Boston Sports Fans: All sports fans are bad.
49. Simmers: The Sims is overrated as hell, how do people obsess over this?
50. New York Sports Fans: All sports fans are bad.
51. PC Gamers: Video games are video games.
52. My Little Pony Rule 34: All of Rule 34 is bad.
53. Teen Titans Go Fans: Yes, the original is better.
54. Apple Fanbois: This one has a misspelling in which I cannot interpret whether it was insulting to them or not.
55. Kardashian Fans: People obsessed with celebrities need to get their priorities checked.
56. Teletubbies Fans: The fans of this show HAVE to be extremely young. If there is porn for this show I swear.
57. Gardevoir Fans: Never had one in Gen-3 so I don't know about this.
58. AC/DC fans: Good rock band, not the outright greatest though.
59. Zootopia Fans: I guess only the extreme fan-art is the low point here.
60. Bubble Guppy Fans: What even is this.
61. Yuri: Not a problem unless it's heterophobic
62. Overwatch Fans: A growing fanbase, for a game I honestly don't play. You see, the more it grows, the more it becomes annoying to those who don't know about it. Not the worst, but still annoying.
63. Mortal Kombat Fanboys: Those that are extremely obsessive over this really need to get their heads checked.
64. Selenators: Probably not relevant anymore.
65. Rick and Morty Fanbase: Please put this closer to the top. It grew to extremely annoying levels really quickly, especially with that stupid pickle episode. Damn fads. You know its a bad fanbase when a freaking FAST FOOD RESTAURANT ITEM gets inspired by it.
66. Finding Dory Fans/Haters: The movie wasn't bad. Is there really such a huge flamewar over a movie?
67. Hardcore Oakland Fans: -_-
68. Angry Birds Fans: When an app gets loads of t-shirts and a bad movie, yes it's bad.
69. Warm Weather Fans/Enthusiasts: What's wrong with that?
70. Game of War Fans: I don't know this one.
71. Star Fox Fanbase: I don't care for the 64 game and I am not sure but I think their furry fandom is as bad as the Sonic one.
72. Arianators: The new Selenators.
73. Pokemon Hoennbabies: I had a Gen-3 game but wasn't as obsessed with it as when I played with Gen-4, strangely.
74. Budder Bros: What is this?
75. Disney Fans: Pretty broad, Disney does make great content of several mediums, so they are not bad.
76. Brogres: I think these guys troll other fanbases on purpose.
77. 2016 Fans: How about every year fans? Why would such a fan base exist anyways?
78. The Invader Zim Fan Base: I have never actually seen this show.
79. Nolanites: Well I hate Batman so I hate this too I guess.
80. Barney and Friends Fans: See #56.
81. Liv and Maddie Fans: Never saw this show, don't know why Disney1994 was obsessed with it either. Honest.
82. Weeaboos: The ones who are NOT Japanese but try to assimilate themselves and others to that cause are the worst. Why else when I did that Worst Fanbase Tussle did they win?
83. 9/11 "Truthers": All we need to know about it was that it was a terrible terrorist attack and that it should not be repeated again.
84. Squidward Fans: Of all the Spongebob characters he is the highest, really now.
85. Luigi Fans: A specific former user is this, but now we have plenty more.
86. Xbox Fanboys: Read Console Fans.
87. Kanye West Fans: Is he still seriously running for president?
88. Jacob Sartorius Fans: This guy is probably the new Justin Bieber.
89. ReactToThat Fans: Don't know them
90. Little Monsters: Are actually quite annoying for a fanbase.
91. Marvel Fans: Mostly good movies, not a bad fanbase, some of it is obsessive though.
92. Victorious Fans: No idea.
93. Cartoon Fans: Love the comment for this one. What's bad about animation anyways?
94. '10s Fans: Shouldn't exist.
95. Batman Fans: Ah, here's one I commented on. Stupid Batman memes, just because he is a wealthy gadgeteer genius or whatever doesn't put him above those who actually have immersive and powerful abilities.
96. World of Warcraft: Probably not an issue at the moment, but will probably be when the next game comes out.
97. RWBY Fans: What is this.
98. Android Fanboys: Really, so one phone fanbase actually INVITES the other to attack them?
99. Whovians: Overrated show.
100. Fatinistics: What is this, sounds ridiculous.
101. Homestuckers: To tell the truth, I know nothing about this.
102. BajanCanadian Fans: Another youtuber? Pass.
103. Death Battle Fans: Stop causing flamewars, please.
104. Chicago Blackhawks Fans: More stupid sports.
105. Michael Bay Fans: Explosions are annoying enough. Bay's weaknesses as a director is that he can't do a good story.
106. Yaoi Fans: Nah.
107. Smash Bros. Fanbase: Always involved in flamewars, I swear. This is why I stopped playing.
108. Columbine Massacre Fans: WHAT.
109. My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Haters: They actually haven't watched the show and base their opinion on the fans.
110. Feminists: You mean Feminazis.
111. Nirvana Fans: Kurt hates his fanbase.
112. Sword Art Online Fans: Don't know this one.
113. Chuck Schuldiner Fans: I wonder if this is a joke on Death fans instead of the actual thing known as death.
114. Old SpongeBob Fans: Older is better than newer though.
115. Dan and Phil Fan Base: Do I know this? No.
116. Wendy O. Koopa Fans: God, the growing amount of attention Wendy gets on this site makes me hate the fanbase.
117. LGBT Fanbase: There are only two genders, there are multiple sexuality preferences. THAT'S IT.
118. Deadpool Fans: Not actually bad.
119. Adam Sandler Fans: He is not a good actor.
120. Black Veil Brides Fans: Really? These people think BVB is metal?
121. Giivasunner fans: What is this.
122. Peach Fans: Another Mario character with a growingly annoying fanbase.
123. Phandom: Apparently this is for Dan and Phil effectively making this a duplicate item.
124. Pittsburgh Sports Fans: I hate sports fans.
125. Supernatural Fans: How did this show get popular again?
126. Attack on Titan Fans: All I know about Mikasa is the Veil of Maya song.
127. Shippers: Are disgusting most of the time.
128. Nintendrones (Nintendo Fans): Those that only buy Nintendo games need to understand they are not the greatest gaming company in the world.
129. Bernie Sanders Supporters: You know what? These are actually more annoying than Clinton's supporters.
130. Golden State Warriors Fans: More sports teams I know nothing about.
131. Bendy and the Ink Machine: So apparently this is another indie horror game. Oh boy.
132. Maggots: Referring to Slipknot's fanbase, only the disgusting ones are bad.
133. Clannad After Story Fans: Another anime/weeb fanbase in my eyes.
134. Dragon Ball Fanboys: Old anime is the best anime.
135. Minions Fanbase: Not fun, overrated franchise that apparently has a fanbase of soccer moms.
136. SuperMarioLogan Fans: Another youtuber.
137. Porn Fans: I don't get shoved porn down my throat, so they are not annoying.
138. Onision Fans: Who is Onision?
139. Miraculous Ladybug Haters: A hatedom, not a fandom, and I know nothing about it.
140. Prankster Gangster Nation: huh?
141. Popularmmos/Gamingwithjen's Fans: More youtubers?
142. ISIS Supporters: These people are rewriting history and killing others for their causes. If you like them, you are certified crazy.
143. Shia Labeouf Fans: Who cares.
144. Johnny Test Fans: Is this show really bad? Did it even have a fanbase?
145. Lovatics: Is Demi Lovato relevant nowadays?
146. Grand Theft Auto V Fans: They need to understand GTAV is not the greatest game ever.
147. League of Legends Fans: The most cancerous video game fanbase of all time.
148. Game Theory Fanboys: Surprisingly I know nothing about this.
149. Pokemon Fans: Are everywhere, and honestly I grew out of Pokemon so I grew out of their fanbase.
150. Hitler Fans: Why does this exist?
151. Superman Fans: Are significantly less annoying than Batman fans.
152. Mac Users: This is basically part of Apple Fanbois.
153. Littlest Pet Shop Fans: This was an incredibly small thing.
154. Jake Paul Fangirls: Bleh.
155. Avenged Sevenfold Fans: Very annoying in the music world.
156. One Piece Fanbase: Long-running anime, strange. Once again, only obsessive ones ruin this fanbase.
157. Hollywood Fans: Truly annoying.
158. Juggalos: I know nothing about ICP.
159. Talimancers: Know nothing about them but I think Mass Effect is extremely overhyped.
160. Breadtards: Probably has disgusting fanart.
161. Problem Solverz Fangirls: No idea.
162. Slender Man Fans: This fad died out and isn't really annoying anymore. FNAF replaced them.
163. Dorabitches: This sounds like an incredibly insulting term and probably makes the haters worse.
164. Cat Fans: I have cats and what's wrong with that.
165. Harmonizers: Is Fifth Harmony a worse One Direction?
166. One Punch Man-Tards: Another group that grew to abnormally terrible levels.
167. Amourshippers: Shippers are just bad in general.
168. Geometry Dash Fans: This game is popular?
169. Waluigi Fans: Like most Mario characters, this fanbase is growing on this site and I hate it.
170. Mariotehplumber fans: Is this on a Mario character or a youtuber?
171. Panty and Stocking Fans: Okay some of these items show that people have run out of ideas.
172. Daisy Haters: Both fans and haters are annoying in this regard. Oddly enough, this is the first item involving Daisy.
173. Vinesauce Fans: Good players, fanbase is like all other Twitch chat, full of morons.
174. Daisy Fangirls: Well that didn't take long for the fanbase to show up. As I said, both are annoying.
175. Communism Fans: One of the more annoying ones. These people don't study the history of how the communist countries of old have failed and think that the easy way out is always the best way out.
176. FeralHeart Fans: No idea.
177. Atlanta Sports Fans: Again, all sports fans are annoying.
178. Barrels: Is this referencing Pewdiepie? Because that's on the list already.
179. Megadeth Fans: Probably worse than Metallica's fanbase, more elitism here.
180. Lohanthony's Fanbase: Annoying youtuber, dumb fanbase.
181. Evangelion Fans: Someone we know is an annoying fan of this particular anime.
182. Harry Potter Fans: Nice book and movie series, grew to a good level without the annoyances most of the time.
183. Cartoon Network Fans: Old fans or new?
184. Skydoesminecraft/Sky army: Already on the list.
185. Drake Fans: A mainstream rapper who is not as good as the others. Try better rappers, please.
186. Gamers: You know what? I will agree, even though I'm one. Many gamers are hard to please, and even harder to keep pleased.
187. Mario Fans: Repeating myself again, the growing fanbase of Mario characters is getting on my nerves.
188. Final Fantasy Fans: All of a sudden FF6 is the worst game according to some people, even though FF7 is more overrated. Is this franchise really as bad as others claim it is?
189. Jeff the Killer Fans: One of those creepypasta fanbases, no thanks.
190. Markiplier Fans: About as bad as Pewdiepie fans.
191. Gravity Falls Fans: I actually never saw this cartoon and they don't really shove anything to me.
192. The "Bro" army: Already on the list.
193. Danny Phantom Fans: I think ChatNoirFan18's comment here makes me hate Danny Phantom haters more.
194. The Lion King Fans: So they really think TLK is the greatest movie ever and all others are bad? Really?
195. Shrek Fans: already on here.
196. Fairy Tail Fans: Probably another anime that just grew a fan base out of nowhere.
197. SammyClassicSonicFan Fans: How old is this kid?
198. Dog Fans: Somebody put this in response to cat fans, I reckon.
199. 8-Bit Theater: Don't know this.
200. Jar Jar Binks Fans: pfft.
201. Star vs. the Forces of Evil Fans (Starinators): Is already on the list
202. DanTDM Fans: Is this a youtuber?
203. Mother's Basement Fans: What in the world even is this.
204. Cory in the House Fans: I actually wonder if the people who say this is the greatest anime ever have even watched the show itself.
205. Nike Fans: What is wrong with shoes.
206. The Cenation: More like the idiots who put the stupid memes up, say he is invisible and other crap.
207. Minion Haters: Are actually less annoying than the fanbase.
208. YouTube Poop Fans: If this is your main source of entertainment you must live under a rock.
209. Suicide Squad Fans: I think they are just butthurt about bad ratings.
210. VanossGaming Fans: Yet another youtuber I don't follow.
211. Paw Patrol Fans: Is this one of the newer Nick Jr. cartoons?
212. Parappa/Lammy Fans: Do not understand how these two became a cult hit.
213. BlackJacks: What's this, fans of the game Blackjack? Fans of Jack Black?
214. Anggunesia: I have absolutely no idea what this is even after googling it.
215. Tobytards (Tobuscus Fans): Not even a relevant youtuber anymore.
216. Sony Fans: Compared to Microsoft or Nintendo fans, they are nothing.
217. Looney Tunes Fans: Classic cartoons, the new Looney Tunes Show I haven't seen and I haven't seen much of a fan base here.
218. The Walking Dead Fans: So annoying and like GOT fanbase is that they never shut up about it.
219. Green Day Fans: Not annoying.
220. Pittsburgh Penguins Fans: I don't even know this sports team!
221. Olof Palme Fanboys: Literally one politician of old times, shouldn't even have a fan base.
222. M Night Shyamalan Haters: These haters think they can do better, let's see it.
223. Crash of Clans Fans: This is a popular iPhone app, right?
224. Sones: A fan of a popular girl group in S. Korea, probably not a good idea to communicate with.
225. Evanescence Fans: I just hate their most popular song and the memes that spawn from it.
226. Thatguywiththeglasses/Nostalgia Critic Fans: Just like every other youtuber, probably good, fanbase filled with idiots.
227. Ted Nugent Fans: I actually like his music, his politics are questionable though.
228. Sanjay & Craig Fans: Dumb show, if this has a fanbase I swear.
229. Retro Game Fans: Good games exist everywhere.
230. Westaboos: Apparently, these are Japanese obsessed with American cartoons. Not as bad as weeaboos at all.
231. Ocarina of Time Fanboys: Don't like them, there are much better Zelda games like the GB ones.
232. Craft Beer Snobs: I don't drink beer.
233. ClannadAftertards: Wasn't this on here already?
234. Eevee Haters: People hate Eevee?
235. Rabbids Invasion Fans: Well, they are like Minions, except not actually popular.
236. Bubbleine Fans: So these are shippers...
237. U2 Fans: Not bad.
238. Eminem Fans: Still not bad. Those that say he is the greatest rapper ever though are bad. Most don't say that.
239. Floyd Mayweather Jr. Fans: Genuinely surprised he has fans giving his fighting style is cheap.
240. McJuggerNuggets Fans: Another youtuber, apparently popular for destruction videos or something.
241. Kancolle Fan Base: No idea what this game is.
242. Kancolle Fans: How is this not only on here twice, but on two consecutive items?
243. Jigoku Shojo fans: Sounds like a brutal anime. Doesn't seem like it has a fanbase.
244. Battlefield 4 Fans: Where are these fans?
245. Alabama Crimson Tide Fans: I am only aware of baseball and football fans. Why are all the teams I see not any of those?
246. Big Hero 6 Fans: A better Pixar movie than others, didn't have much of a fanbase.
247. Stampylongnose Fans: Another youtuber.
248. Jojo Fanboys: I like Jojo, but not by much.
249. Magcon Fans: No clue
250. Young Money Fans: This is a record label, apparently responsible for Lil' Wayne, Minaj, and Drake. Okay then.
251. Dubstep Fans: Weird genre, a terrible fad came out of it though, so it was annoying. Was.
252. MLG COD Fanboys: Well COD is on the list already. I guess the MLG aspect makes it far worse.
253. Fall Out Boy Fans: Are not really bad unless you refer to the ultra-emo ones.
254. Cave Story Fanbase: Is this game popular?
255. Percy Jackson Fans: Probably jealous of Harry Potter success, so they might actually be worse.
256. Star Trek: Most of their issues stem from flamewars with Star Wars fans. Both are better than Whovians.
257. Marilyn Manson fans: I don't care for his music or his fans.
258. Spongebob lovers: Depends on which era.
259. Hookers/Captain Hook fans: Hookers, WOW. Apparently this is a fanbase obsessed with a certain character from a TV sitcom.
260. Vine Fans: This doesn't make sense to me.
261. School Fans: Laugh out loud.
262. Teen Titans Fans: There are two types. Which are you referring to?
263. Gamergaters: Some of the worst. Ultra-feminist neo-nazi things that try to ruin the gaming lives.
264. Ku Klux Fans: Not really a fan base, more like an actual clan, excuse me, klan.
265. CimFam: Is this talking about a vocaloid?
266. Saints Row Fans: Basically the rival of GTAV fans.
267. Mixel Fans: Some obscure cartoon?
268. Heavy Metal Haters: I hate them too.
269. School of Rock (TV Show) Haters: There was a TV show on this?
270. Dead Actor Defenders: Wow, this one is specific. I like this item, and the comment here. Yes, being dead does not mean you deserve mindless gawking praise. I agree.
271. Emo Culture Fans: Are weirdos more or less.
272. Pokemon Newgenners: Think old Pokemon are bad and new ones are so much better. Just because they are more advanced games does not mean they are the greatest.
273. WatchMojo Fans: Watchmojo has made very biased and awfully constructed lists. They have fans?
274. Pokemon Shipping Fandom: Just like any other type of shipper.
275. Super Minecraft Kid Fans: Who?
276. Vladimir Putin Fans: Those that aren't even in Russia are the worst.
277. Caillou Fans: What is this Nick Jr. show?
278. Gumball Fangirls: Another character-from-a-show fanbase, for Adventure Time.
279. Yoshi Fans: Another one of the growing Mario character insatiableness.
280. Ign Fans: Not a good place for game reviews, let's put it at that.
281. Mike Pence Fans: a.k.a. "I can't hate on Trump so I'll hate on the other guy" people.
282. Tattletail Fanbase: What is with these survival horror games getting obsessive fanbases?
283. Pink Sheep Fans: So this is another youtuber.
284. Dab Fans: Dabbing doesn't do anything for anyone.
285. Kirby: Not really unless they are overly competitive in Smash.
286. Dark Souls III Fans: This is literally a specific fanbase for a specific game in a specific franchise.
287. 187 Fans: So this states there are fans of the crime of murder. I don't think that qualifies as a fan base.
288. Witcher 3 Fanboys: One of the more recent gaming fads as of late. I can agree here.
289. Hamilton Fans: What does this refer to, a musical? Who cares.
290. Emoji Movie Fans: If such people actually refer to this movie as god-like, hand me a shovel.
291. Incredibles 2 Fans: Too finnicky and can't wait.
292. Final Fantasy VI worshippers: Again, why FF6 gets all the hate for things that actually made it a great game?
293. Duke Fans: My comment on this item stands tall.
294. K-pop Fans: Obsessive ones are the worst.
295. Howard Stern Fans: This guy was bad.
296. Narutards: What a surprise this is all the way down here. As far as anime fanbases go, this one never shuts up.
297. Transformers Fans: The cartoons are nice, the Michael Bay movies are not.
298. Legend of Zelda Fans: Zelda IS an overrated franchise, but for a reason, they are awesome games.
299. Megan Fox Fans: I guess this coincides with Shia Leboeuf fans.
300. Anime Fans: More broad a term than weeaboos, and actually not as cancerous depending on the medium.
301. Soul Eater Fans: The only Soul Eater I know is the rune from Suikoden.
302. Mindless Behavior Fans (Team Mindless): If this actually was referencing actual mindless behavior then wow. Apparently it's another boy band, but I've never even heard of them.
303. Super Mario: Was already on the list.
304. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Fans: Every GTA game is more overrated and has worse fan bases than the last.
305. Floptina Fans: Is what I googled what it really is here?
306. Vancouver Canucks Fans: I HATE SPORTS FANS.
307. SGTC (Slash Gash Terror Crew): So this is the BOTDF fanbase. Interesting name, but band is bad and fans are worse.
308. 5 Seconds of Summer Fans: I've actually never heard a single 5 Seconds of Summer song.
309. Warrior Cats Fans: I don't know what it is.
310. Virginia Tech Fans: A college sports group. Almost as bad as other sports fans.
311. Stans: Eminem fans were already on the list.
312. Pokemon Gen 1 Fanboys: Again, already on the list (Genwunners)
313. Digimon Fanboys: Surprising how low this is. But then again, it stood in the shadow of Pokemon all the time.
314. Street Fighter Fanboys: How bad are they? I don't know much about it.
315. Lupita Nyong'o Fans: People need to stop worshiping celebrities.
316. Commodore Amiga Fans: Nobody really plays on one of these anymore and I don't see any fans, only collectors.
317. Star Wars Fans: I personally think that they are worse than the Star Trek fanbases and more heavily divided over things.
318. The Amazing World of Gumball: Wasn't this one of the worser Cartoon Network shows?
319. Bleach Fans: I don't think they're bad.
320. Duck Dynasty Fans: Weird show, but I bet a triggered liberal put them on because they don't like their faces.
321. Super Smash Brothers Fanboys: Please stop with the items being on here twice.
322. Epic Rap Battles Of History Fans: About as bad as death battles.
323. /b/tards: I can't even google this one.
324. Tumblr Fans: FULL OF IDIOTS
325. Tekken Boosters: What a weird name for a fighting game fanbase.
326. Beatles Fans: I personally think the fanbases of older bands are all annoying.
327. Total Drama Fans: Have only watched the first Total Drama series, looks like a cartoon Survivor, but it doesn't seem bad.
328. Mature Gaming Fanboys: The irony is most of them are underaged and immature.
329. Fred Fans: That dude with the peacock voice? People worship him?
330. AwesomenessTV Fans: More youtubers.
331. StampyLongHead Fans: I'm sounding like a broken record. Also I think this was already on the list.
332. Starcraft 2 Fans: I don't get this game's hype.
333. Peytonators (Peyton List): Yay, more celebrities.
334. The Selection Series Fans: Hmm, a novel series. Doesn't look like anything I've seen though.
335. Melee Fans: Alright this is specific. I only owned Melee, but I have still seen people play it and prefer it over newer games, so I can see the annoyances here.
336. Math Fans: Applies to teachers, really.
337. Lil Wayne Fans: His fanbase is as bad as any other Young Money artist.
338. The Tomorrow People Fans: I wonder if people are just putting up random shows on this list for the heck of it.
339. SuperWhoLock: Wow this is specific. Supernatural, Doctor Who, Sherlock. Were they the Rick and Morty fanbase before the Rick and Morty fanbase?
340. Pastas (creepypasta): Already on the list.
341. The Once Ler Fandom: Who is putting up random movie characters on this list.
342. Coffee and Tea Fandom: What in the world.
343. Vocaloid Fandom: Definitely a growing and excruciatingly annoying fanbase that worship fake music.
344. Hetalia Fans: So this is a manga comic with characters named after countries. No.
345. Indie Wrestling Fanboys: We are getting way too specific here.
346. X-Japan Fans: One of the more annoying things about TheTopTens back in the day was all this X-Japan praise.
347. Huntards: I'm guessing this is another anime fanbase?
348. GenThreers: Already on the list.
349. Tangled Fans: Another specific Pixar movie that has less of an annoying fanbase than Frozen.
350. Uncle Grandpa Fans: This show was terrible.
351. Nickelodeon Fans: Now we're getting too broad. Please specify more.
352. Sam & Cat Fans: Probably female only fanbase.
353. iCarly Fans: I never did watch the reality shows on Nickelodeon.
354. Fanboy & Chum Chum Fans: Another bad cartoon that probably doesn't deserve a fanbase.
355. Marvin Marvin Fans: So we really are just listing every show and putting on "fans" to annoy those who find interest in a show. Okay then.
356. How to Rock Fans: (read above)
357. Wendell & Vinnie Fans: (read above).
358. Bucket & Skinner's Epic Adventures Fans: Whoever put up these few item clearly just hates Nickelodeon.
359. The Mighty B! Fans: As I was saying...
361. The Haunted Hathaways Fans: (facepalm).
362. Henry Danger Fans: Do any of these shows even have fans?
363. Big Time Rush Fans: Okay, maybe this one did, and spawned a boy band, but still, it's not all that popular.
364. Robot and Monster Fans: *whistles*
365. Team Fortress 2 Fans: Finally something that isn't Nickelodeon-related, err...I hate this fanbase too.
366. West Virginia Mountaineer Fans: According to a comment, they are the worst sports fanbase ever. Sums it up.
367. Football Fans: Which ones, American or other ones?
368. Jigglypuff Fanboys: Is this referring to Smash or Pokemon?
369. Fire Breathers (Imagine Dragons): This band has some good songs. The fanbase seems to be growing abnormally though.
370. Radioheads: I only know the song Creep.
371. Game of Thrones Fans: WOW. This should be considerably higher. How many GOT references fly over my head? All of them, because I don't watch the show and don't obsess over it. This and Rick and Morty fanbase are the worst ones today.
372. Monkey Fangirls: Uh, okay.
373. The Fairly OddParents Fans: Like the Spongebob fans, old or new?
374. Yoyo Fans: What's wrong with a toy?
375. Smosh fans: Probably another youtuber, or in this case, a duo of youtubers.
376. Homer Simpson Fans: A specific character again, geez. Homer isn't bad anyways.
377. Anti-Cosmo Fans: We are getting into more specific characters again.
378. Wanda Wendy Fans: Don't have a clue what this is.
379. Kid vs. Kat: That thumbnail is telling me this is a bad show. Does it have a fanbase though?
380. The Boxtrolls's Fanbase: Who's heard of this movie? I haven't.
381. Wattpad Writers: The comment here tells me this is bad...
382. Tool Fans: I'm a Tool fan and like most of their music, but not in an obsessive way.
383. Black Metal Fans: The true satanic metal fanbase. I avoid this.
384. Pure Evil Black Metal Fans: Okay you can stop getting too specific now.
385. Lil B Fans: I've honestly never heard anything about this rapper.
386. Happy Madison Fans: Pretty much the Adam Sandler fans.
387. Nostalgia Critic Fans: Already on here.
388. Ke$ha Fans: Surprisingly not higher. I don't like most of her songs or her fans.
389. Chuck Norris Fans: These people aren't fans, they just make dumb jokes.
390. The Weeknd Fans: The obsessive females I take are what's wrong with this.
391. Onerebublicans: This band isn't THAT popular to have a bad fanbase.
392. Knolpower Fans: Apparently this is another youtuber.
393. Transformice Fans: Never heard of this indie game and don't even see a fanbase.
394. Lebron James Fans: I love the comment for this item.
395. Florida State Fanboys: More college groups I know nothing and could care less about.
396. Hardcore Gamers: So this are the ones who start the console wars? Okay. Not as bad as the so-called MLG though.
397. Polandball Fans: A dumb meme, giving way to loads of bad stereotypes about countries. Terrible fanbase.
398. Mulan Fans: An okay movie, didn't really see much in way of obnoxious fans.
399. Rise of the Guardians Fans: Apparently this fanbase is only obsessed with one character, while identifying as the whole movie fanbase.
400. Anti-Bronies: From #3 to #400. The brony-haters can be just as bad.
401. Nicki Minaj Fans: Barbies was already on this list.
402. Slayer Fans: Hah, I hate how despite Doom's music being inspired by Slayer, their fanbase is way worse.
403. Metallica Fans: They are only annoying if you hate them. I don't.
404. Thrash Metal Fans: COMPLETELY AGREE, except if we talk about Metallica.
405. Death Fans: Agree.
406. Death Metal Fans: I prefer clean vocals most of the time, so most death metal and their fans don't appeal to me.
407. Music Fans: Where will you be without music Mr. "I put this item up here"?
408. Snakeys (Juliet Simms fans): Who is Juliet Simms.
409. Zonelings: Oh wow, a fanbase for a TWITCH STREAMER. Have we seriously sunk this low?
410. Frozen Haters: Just like the fans, the haters are bad.
411. Music Elitists: Yep.
412. The Five Nights at Freddy's Haters: We are starting to get into the hater territory now.
413. Nanalan Fanbase: The person who posted this wants people to watch it to see why he put it here. Don't do that please.
414. Yo Gabba Gabba Fanbase: We are now back to hating on Nick Jr. shows.
415. Alvin and the Chipmunks Fanbase: Genuinely surprised to see it this low. The munks are annoying anyways.
416. YouTubers Fangirls and Fanboys: I love how this item is both specific and broad at the same time.
417. Killjoys/MCRmy: I only know the Black Parade song and quite frankly don't think they are popular otherwise. Why did emo culture make them extensively popular?
418. Steven Universe Fans: Had to check if this was on the list previously, apparently not. This was one of the frontrunners in the Worst Fanbase thing I did awhile back so that's why I checked. Really annoying fanbase, still.
419. The Legend of Korra Fans: Heard a lot about this show from, some actually nice people.
420. Super Junior Fans: Great, another boy band I know nothing about. Genuinely surprised Weed fans are not on this particular number.
421. Auburn Fans: Another college sports team. -_-
422. GoAnimate Fans: What's the deal with this one anyways? This site seems to have a hate towards it.
423. Balto Fans: This is a very obscure Disney movie, how would it have fans.
424. Classic Cartoon Fans: The old farts of cartoon love. They can get excruciating.
425. Stucky Fans: Another shipping fandom.
426. Gamegrumps Fans: More youtubers who just somehow become controversial only in comments section.
427. American Tokusatsu Fans: Are just technically weebs.
428. Fans of The Lego Movie: Getting tired of these one-movie fanbases.
429. Sofia the First fans: Never will I see this show and never have I heard of a fanbase.
430. Jersey Shore Fans: The Jersey fad was ANNOYING and they deserve to be higher on the list.
431. Doom Haters: Without Doom all the precious FPSs would have been unpopular at most. Don't hate this game at all.
432. We Bare Bears Fans: This had a fanbase? I thought it was just mediocre.
433. Bayonetta Fanboys: Probably only the ones on Smash make this one bad.
434. Kawaii Art Fans On Deviantart: I don't think they are all girls either.
435. South Park Fans: Can be disgusting. The whole show is disgusting. But it is funny at the same time.
436. Honey Boo Boo Fans: People SERIOUSLY are fans of her?
437. Coppercab Fans: The "gingers have souls" kid. I thought memes weren't supposed to have fanbases.
438. Log Horizon: Raise your hand if you have heard of this.
439. Kissxsis Fans: Raise your hand if you have heard of this.
440. Angel Beats! Fans: Looks like MSBS has found this list and put a number of obscure animes on it because he hates "fanbases" which for all I know never really leave their confines and attack others.
441. Seattle Seahawks fans: Just like any other sports team...no wait they are more annoying than that.
442. Iggy Azalea Fans: Unfortunately she does have fans. Terrible fans.
443. Viacom Fanboys: Is this a streaming service.
444. Dank Memes Fans: These memes are the worst. The worst part of this fanbase is they know that and they abuse it.
445. Bereghost Fans: A youtuber/Twitch streamer. I'll pass.
446. Drake and Josh Fans: The show isn't popular anymore and I don't see their fans.
447. Pitch Perfect Fans: Boo, musicals, never really was a fan of them.
448. Garfield and Friends Fans: Another obscure cartoon, based off of a comic strip.
449. Blood On the Dance Floor Fan: Well, SGTC is already on the list.
450. Resident Evil Fans: I never got what was so great about this franchise, and probably never will.
451. Marilyn Manson Haters: Remember that guy on TheTopTens who would whine about Marilyn Manson hate?
452. Miraculous Ladybug Fans: Interesting, how a kids show gets a ridiculous fandom. I've heard quite a bit about it.
453. The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy Fans (Griminators): Is not a bad show and people are not that obsessive.
454. Hey Arnold! Fans: Uh oh BoredJeff02, someone must've been that fans bored to put one of your favorites on here.
455. Applecations: If this is Apple fans, that's already on the list. Nice name though.
456. New England Patriots fans: To me, the worst football fanbase in history. Shut up about your wins and Tom Brady.
457. Cincinnati Bengals fans: Their team doesn't do good anyways.
458. Linux Distrologists (Linux Distribution Fanboys): Can you even call this a fanbase?
459. DC Fanboys: How Marvel's fanbase manages to be almost 400 items ahead perplexes me here. They just are big trolls, just like their favorite troll hero, Batman.
460. Erza Scarlet Fanbase: A specific anime character gets a nasty fanbase. Good going anime fans.
461. 30 Rock Fans: Heard about this show, have not heard anything about the fanbase.
462. Facebook Fans: Glued to stupid social media because they hate the real world. Mark Zuckerberg what have you done.
463. Windows 8 Fans: My tablet uses Windows 8 and it isn't bad.
464. Jill Stein Supporters: No, she was never gonna win the presidency, shut up already.
465. DOOM 4 Fans: Haven't played it, but it looks to be a nice game. If we are talking about the "brutal" ones, then yes.
466. Twenty One Pilots Fans: I literally know only one song by these guys. So help me god how did the entire band get to be just as bad as Imagine Dragons in terms of fanbases.
467. Fionna and Cake Fans: A very specific Adventure Time fanbase, this must have been an important episode.
468. ChannelFrederator Fans: A youtube thing that became a whole network, what?
469. Animal Jam Fans: Probably a secluded online community. I sure don't hear much about this one.
470. Arena Shooter Fans: An elitist group of FPS fans.
471. Mariah Carey fans: Made Christmas songs annoying and isn't even the best pop singer. Yet somehow she has just as much praise as the Beatles, literally.
472. Bob Clampett Haters: So now instead of hating the cartoons, we are hating on the cartoonists? Evolution.
473. Modern SpongeBob Fans: There you go ModernSpongeBobSucks.
474. Fans of James Cameron's 'Titanic': This movie was overrated and I wish old farts would shut up about it. I DON'T CARE.
475. DC Fans: Already on here. But if you mean Washington DC then that's a different thing altogether.
476. DC Superhero Girls Fans: Isn't this some cartoon short?
477. Rogue One Fans: Not a bad movie, the fans here are nice and divisive towards the rest of the Star Wars fanbase.
478. MysteriousMrEnter Fans: Heard too much about this one to even think that people would respect this mysterious enter.
479. Jontron Fans: Has one of the more annoying youtube fanbases.
480. 2016 Haters: There are too many people who just hate everything about things. Yet they actually make others miserable by being miserable.
481. Rule 34 Fans: This is extremely low.
482. EthanGamerTV fans: Wow, a little kid gamer youtuber. How much you want to bet the fans are pedophiles?
483. Club Penguin Fans: Probably are whining that the original servers are still gone forever.
484. Twilight Fan Girls: If I recall, it was already on the list.
485. Denisdaily Fans: The most notable thing about all these youtubers is that they are all primarily Roblox players.
486. Kansas State Wildcats Fans: I hate college sports teams.
487. King K Rool Fans: We really are just hating on random characters now.
488. Planet Dolan Fans: Wow, a retarded youtube sensation?
489 (?): Kefka Fans: Putting the newcomers last. It looks like more random FF6 hate for whatever reason.
490 (?): Introspecktive Fans: And to cap off this list analysis, a youtuber and streamer I know nothing about.

The full analysis: Lots of youtuber fans, celebrity fans, TV show and cartoon fans that I know nothing about. Trying to voice my opinion on everything is bad enough. I lessened the words on the opinions because there's so many items here. Anyways, I'll take requests now.


*reads #318*
Objectively speaking, this is one of the better CN shows. - TheReviewer20

Good post. Probably gonna become one of my favorite series's soon. - Skullkid755

Introspective is a good Youtuber - LarrytheFairy

Good post - visitor

Regarding the Parappa/Lammy entry:

Um Jammer Lammy really is an amazing game, especially for its time, but its main character's fanbase seriously needs mental help (ironic I should say that after LITERALLY writing fanfiction about going inside the poor girl's brain and having sex with it) - xandermartin98

Agree with the majority of this, especially shippers. I like to ship, but when there's constant ship wars, it throws me off. Smash Bros fans? With flame wars? I never noticed the flame wars, or knew that there were even flame wars to begin with. - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ

What do you think about the LaiFattheads, who are Kyle Lai Fatt's fans? - KatushStella