Top 10 Most Annoying Fan Bases

Let's face it, some fanbases are incredibly annoying. Whether it's music, sports, games, movies, shows whatever. Some just absolutely need to shut up.
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1 Beliebers

I don't even know how people can say the Sword Art Online fans should be number one! Are they Beliebers somehow?! Sword Art Online haters are horribly mistaken if they think Sword Art Online fans are worse than Beliebers. At least Sword Art Online fans acknowledge the anime has its flaws, and Reki Kawahara is trying to improve the writing. But as for Justin Bieber, he is the worst thing to originate from Canada since Canadian cartoons, with the exception of Ed, Edd, n Eddy. I mean, Bieber even spat on one of his fans, and they still worship him! If I were them, I would punch Justin Bieber in the face and tell him to leave this planet.

Beliebers are one of the main reasons I hate Justin Bieber so much. I can't stand the fact that every time someone says something negative about Justin Bieber, they bully them and diss them. Everyone has the right to an opinion, and if I want to be a hater of Justin Bieber, I have every right to be. Those girls are so immature, and even when Justin Bieber acts like a complete jerk, they support him! They are all crazy.

2 One Directioners A Directioner is a super fan of the British/Irish boy band called "One Direction". Directioners are dedicated to the band's five members: Niall Horan, Louis Tomlinson, Liam Payne, Harry Styles, Zayn Malik and people associated with them.

I am a fan of One Direction, but I'm so embarrassed by Directioners that I don't even like claiming them. Directioners are some of the most evil, rude, cocky, and hypocritical people to step foot on Earth. As soon as one person makes a comment about the boys that isn't worshiping the ground they walk on, Directioners hit them with hate. They think One Direction is the best music the world has ever heard. They are super quick to jump to conclusions about something without even taking the time to look into it.

Now, did I mention how mad they get when someone talks about One Direction, but they are the first ones to send hate to other people? Half of the time, they don't even have a valid reason for anything they do. To be honest, Directioners don't even like each other, trust me, I see it myself. Everyone is always fighting with each other over who the hell they think is screwing. Yes, they have fights with each other over the guys' relationships. If that doesn't spell out immature, I don't know what does.

All the stuff I wrote about isn't even half of it. These fans just take it to a completely different level, and it's not cute at all. They sit there and waste their time hating on other people and their fandoms, but they get upset as soon as someone else has an opinion. Yet, they wonder why no one takes One Direction seriously and why they may be the most hated fandom at the moment.

3 PewDiePie's Fans

Okay, I am going to get real. PewDiePie used to be great. I watched him a couple of years ago and loved him. He was funny, had a cool accent, and was renowned for horror games. What wasn't there to like? He could always make you laugh. The problem is that lately, he went down the tubes. He chooses to appeal to a younger audience, which in turn makes this fandom one of the most cancerous there is. These kids obsess over him, idolize him, give him millions of views, and it fuels him to go lower and lower. Now, he just uses bad clickbait. No real horror games. No content that is actually worthwhile.

I swear to God, if I need to be subjected to these children one more time, I will die. It's a testament to how horrid someone truly is when all the fans can do is shove his content down your throat in hopes of converting some poor sap to "Pewdies" side. It's like no one on YouTube can state their opinion against PewDiePie without getting attacked by these poorly tempered 9-year-olds.

4 Bronies A brony is an adult male fan of the Hasbro animated series My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. The fandom gained enormous popularity during the 2010s.

This fanbase is just out of control. The fans of this show get extremely offended if anyone says they don't like it. I have seen some episodes, and I can say that the animation is no big deal, the art is no big deal, the characters are overwhelmingly annoying, and the fans are just plain creepy. This show was intended for young girls, but when you realize that the fans are grown men, it just becomes odd and strange.

Plus, the fans of this show decide to create inappropriate pictures of these characters. It doesn't matter what you look up on the Internet. You will always find a picture of one of those deformed donkeys somewhere. I honestly can't wait until this fanbase dies down because it's just too much.

A lot of the art, music, and animations that the fandom make are actually really nice. Trust me, I'm not hating because boys like ponies. Gender roles suck and it's nice that guys are getting into feminine things, but the way the majority of the fandom acts is awful. They mostly act as if they are better than everyone else or act like they are allowed to insult little girls who enjoy the show too. I feel sorry for any little girl who attends the pony cons or Google searches her favorite pony, only to see a clop-load of porn.

5 Frozen Fangirls

Oh man! Where do I even start with this one? Let me tell you this: If the fanbase did not exist, the movie would still be bad but tolerable. What makes Frozen intolerable is the fan base. I'm telling you, I can't go three weeks without seeing something related to this stupid movie. Not only that, but Frozen and Frozen 2 have attracted all the attention that The LEGO Movie deserved. The fans will scream "Let It Go" in your face. It is everywhere, even radio stations are playing it, and there are also a lot of YouTubers and people singing "Let It Go!" If you say, "I don't like Frozen!", you will have to prepare for thousands of hate comments. And what makes it even scarier is that there is a Frozen 2. And to make matters worse, it's going to happen again with Frozen 3. Buckle up, boys. Another Frozen Apocalypse is on its way...

Sing "Let It Go" one more time, I dare you. Disney and people, in general, took a good movie and ruined it. After it came out, even radio stations were playing the song. There are so many people on YouTube singing this song, trying to get fame off of someone else's work, and they won't take any criticism of the movie itself. It's just the same princess bullcrap with a different skin. Now there is a whole episode on "Once Upon a Time" about it. Cash grab much, Disney? If Frozen was a cow, it would be milked bone dry.

6 Five Nights At Freddy's Fans

Ok, I am a FNaF fan. I love the games and the lore. But the fanbase is ridiculous. I understand it is a cool game with cool characters, but they treat it like the greatest game in the world. It really is not, and I love FNaF. Oh God, and don't even get me started on the ships and fanarts. They are children and robots! They shouldn't be in love! And even if, IF, they were, it would be WHOLESOME! Not gross. Honestly, I feel bad for the animatronics. They are probably hiding in a hole with Sans and Twilight Sparkles from all the crazy fangirls.

The Five Nights at Freddy's games are good and all, but the fanbase... The fanbase mostly consists of immature 5-8 year olds. Stupid fan arts. And worst of all, these idiots will yell at Scott Cawthon to make a new FNAF game every time he makes one! I think the reason why Scott retired was so he could get away from those immature brats! The game is good and all, but the fanbase is horrible.

7 Call of Duty Fans

Since I am one of the only neutral people when it comes to Call of Duty, I'd say both are annoying.

For you lovers: please stop saying, "Call of Duty is the absolute best game of all time!"
For you haters: please stop saying, "Call of Duty is the worst game ever, TROLOLOLOLOL!"

Seriously, Call of Duty is an okay series. It doesn't deserve 25 million copies sold every year. But it doesn't deserve all the trolls.

Both the fanbase and the hatebase are almost equally bad. The fanbase consists largely of 8-year-olds who think they're cool just because they play rated M games, ruining the game for everyone by screaming and insulting people. The haters will bash on you just for liking the game. I will admit that I found "Modern Warfare 2" and "Black Ops" fun, but I definitely wouldn't call myself a fan.

Call of Duty fanboys are so annoying! I used to be one and I was missing out on so much. Then I played my very first Zelda game and realized how Call of Duty was, is, and will ever be. Now, I love Nintendo games because they are the best games.

8 Donald Trump Supporters

There actually are some real Trump supporters, but most of them are just mindless, psychopathic racists who only support him for things he said that make him seem racist. They don't even know his real policies. They just go, "Yeah! Women, get in the kitchen!" and "Yeah, blacks are terrible!" Then there's the so-called religious Trump supporters who try to make Trump this great savior whose coming was prophesied in The Bible. Yeah, they're using Christianity to cover up their racial beliefs. His supporters worship him as a god. They try to pretend like he can do no wrong. If he came out and told all of them, "I hate you and I think you're all scum," they'd actually say, "Oh, it wasn't him. Stop believing the media. It's fake news." The worst.

I don't fully support Trump, but I am a conservative, and I don't think he was a bad president. And I gotta say, a lot of his supporters are asinine incarnate. It's ridiculous.

9 Sonic Fanbase

Even though I was a Sonic fan for most of my life, the fanbase can be toxic and annoying. Personally, I appreciate the fandom mostly for the games and the comics, but there are "fans" out there who make the fandom inappropriate, as the person below said. I'm not as big of a fan as I used to be five years ago, but back then, when I was a big fan, I mostly avoided the inappropriate stuff, although I remember stumbling upon inappropriate content a few times.

You know, I used to be part of this fanbase, but the constant rivalry with absolutely stupid ships has made me despise the fandom. There are some Sonic fans who appreciate the fandom for what it is, and I respect them. But the amount of perverts that make this fandom absolutely disgusting is inappropriate. Moreover, the fact that when you search up Sonic, you get porn, Sonadow, or force-feeding content makes me scared for all the young kids who will probably fall into an abusive hole of sadness and mental problems.

I myself have suffered from this fandom when all I wanted was to read the IDW comics. I had to go to therapy for three months and wasn't allowed to have a device until I was 16.

10 90s Fans

I can't stand these people! To them, the only thing that's important is entertainment. Entertainment isn't even a big deal when you really think about it. It's just entertainment! Am I the only one who likes modern entertainment? There is bad entertainment today, but I just ignore the bad and focus on the good, both classic and modern. I was born in 2002, and people bash on those like me just because we're kids of today. "Kids are idiots today because they like shows like Uncle Grandpa." Are you kidding me right now? I like Uncle Grandpa, but I'm not an idiot. It's just my opinion.

I respect your opinion on disliking Uncle Grandpa, but can you just respect mine? "Kids are idiots today because they go on the Internet a lot." Come on! I go on the Internet a lot, but I don't act like an idiot. "Kids these days can't respect opinions." Says the people who literally bash on kids of today for liking modern entertainment!

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? Gumlee Fans
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11 Pokemon Genwunners

What has been said about these guys in the Pokemon fanbase has been said a thousand times over.

Inflexible, stubborn, rude, and inconsiderate. These guys do nothing but complain about how the first, bug-ridden, balance-devoid, incompletely-coded pair of games is the single greatest thing devised by mankind. Some of these nuts even go so far as to say that there are ONLY 150 Pokemon, never mind the fact that Mew, the 151st, was completely and officially advertised and endorsed by both Creatures and Nintendo.

I'll admit, Pokemon games have had their ups and downs. But there are indeed good and noteworthy titles beyond Red and Blue.

My God, these people need to shut up about the newer Pokémon games. Ever since Generation Three, these Charizard-obsessed fangirls have been mercilessly tearing the series apart, claiming the new Pokémon designs are unoriginal, or don't look like Pokémon. Well, it's not like Generation One didn't have unoriginal designs, and as for the second argument, until somebody can tell me what Pokémon are supposed to look like, I won't take it seriously.

12 Minecraft Fans

Now, I love Minecraft, and I think it is a great game, but by God, is the fan base awful! It has calmed down now, but it used to be that the YouTube front page had at least five Minecraft videos at any given time. Not to mention the 20 or so 'Minecraft top 10 things you didn't know (unless you watched the hundred other videos saying the same thing)' videos. What I am saying is, CALM DOWN!

Honestly, Minecraft is quite a nice game. But I think it gets too annoying with all those parodies and the fan base. They completely RAGE when you say something like "Minecraft does not have good graphics" (the statement is kinda true!) then they throw rage at you. Especially Super Minecraft Kid...

When did Minecraft turn into such a horrible game with such a horrible fanbase? I remember back in the early days of Minecraft, all multiplayer was was playing with friends, building houses, and all sorts of stuff. But NOW, it is horrible hub worlds with "minigames" and no actual gameplay. Every fan, except a few outliers, all "roleplay" and do all sorts of crazy stuff. It just sickens me that the game has turned into such a pile of crap.

13 Rap Fans

Rap fans piss me off to no end. They all love rap like it's oxygen, but they all want your head on a platter if you don't like the same artist. It's almost like a civil war, or religion, "we both like the same thing but mine is slightly different so therefore yours is not as good". Rap fans are also extremely violent. I have witnessed somebody get stabbed at a party because he yelled, "KERSER IS S***".

There is a girl in my school who hates all music if it's not rap. She is obsessed with rap music and despises every single song in every other genre! It's okay to like rap, but to ONLY like rap is just ridiculous. She factually has bad music taste.

It's fine if you love rap, but for me, I really can't stand London raps (American Raps are okay). The London raps are just god-awful. All the songs sound the same, and they always have to wear those stupid hoodies, messy jeans with talking pockets, and those hideous scarves around their mouths!

14 Swifties

I very much wholeheartedly agree. They are some of the most cult-like, brainwashed music artist fans I have ever seen in my life. I have known a ton of them for a long time, and a lot of them act like they are teens and not adults in their 30s or 40s. I only like some of her material, and that's from her 2006 debut album to "Speak Now"!

The worst Swiftie I have ever encountered was actually a well-known figure in my area, and that's farmer and homesteader Jenna Woginrich. I was told by friends to investigate her property, and she had a ton of neglected or abused animals. She also had a "Taylor Swift 2024" flag draped over a barn. Why hasn't animal rights services caught up to her yet? She deserves to have her animals rehomed and to be arrested for such blatant abuse and neglect on her farm.

Overall, I like some people that like Swift's music, as they can respect opinions, but screw the rabid side of her fanbase.

15 Anime Fans

As a former anime fan, I will agree with the fact that this needs to be higher, Top 5 at least. The whole fandom is only continuing to get more toxic, and unfortunately, I fell victim to that toxicity. I was cyberstalked by people because I didn't like one of their favourite series. Not to mention, my ex-best friends are anime fans. The amount of emotional abuse I got from them was disgusting.

I was bullied by them, gossiped about by them because I liked a specific series. For a while, I let it slide because I thought they were joking. But after a while, I realized that they weren't my best friends. I was a backup plan, a last choice, and a doormat for them, so I left and had no friends for a few months.

But that's not even just a bit of it! Some can't take any criticism about anime. They think it's a top-tier form that can't be topped. I was like that for a few years until the whole situation with my ex-best friends happened, and I found something else to be interested in. There's more to entertainment than anime.

16 Sports Fans

I can't stand these people. Everywhere at my school, all I hear about is, "Oh, did you see the way Adrian Peterson caught that football? Oh! Did you see last night's game?" No, and I don't care to at all. I don't understand why running with a football, kicking a black and white ball, or bouncing a ball can be so supreme. That's why I'm really quiet at school. And often, it's all they can talk about. Please, I'd rather go watch Sailor Moon or play Super Smash Bros. Those are way more entertaining.

My family loves football, or just soccer, and I couldn't care less. Oh, someone scored a goal? Why don't we cheer so loud that our daughter can't hear her TV show?

Seriously, some of my friends bring up sports in our conversations, and I just stop them and say, Um, no. Shut up. If my future husband is a hardcore sports fan, boy, what a family we would be...

It's one thing to like sports. I'm personally not a fan, but I will respect you if you do, as long as you return the respect, just like I do for every other fanbase.

However, it's another thing to be so obsessed to the point you're screaming every 10 seconds over a game and picking fights with anyone who likes a different team.

17 Shippers

Shippers are pathetic single 9-year-olds who have no lives and just force people to have some relationship or whatever. I don't see the purpose in this stupid activity, honestly. People even ship Mario and Luigi together, which is literally one of the worst possible ships of all time.

Shippers in a nutshell:

Want Sonic and Tails to be gay? Boom! Here it is!

Want Peach and Daisy to be lesbian? Boom! Here it is!

Want Sans and Papyrus to be in love with each other, despite being brothers? Boom! Here it is!

Oh God, and let's not forget the FNaF stuff. Those are robots, for God's sake.

I love me some shipping sometimes, but there are those that take it too far. If you don't know, shipping is when fans try to pair two characters together because they think they would make a great couple. The most famous example being with the Sonic Fanbase. Oh God, not the shipping of anthropomorphic animals by fans with animal fetishes. And it is also present in the anime community with yaoi (gay shipping) and yuri (lesbian shipping).

Finally, if you even think about spamming shipping of Kirito x Klein/Sachi/Silica/Lisbeth/Suguha/Sinon or making fan art of it on Google, you are a shipper who needs to calm down! And don't get me started on Eren x Levi! Those shippers need help as well!

18 Fortnite Fans

This is the cancer of the game world, and I'm not lying. For example, all the boys in my school talk about at school is how "great" Fortnite is. My cousin is one of them. Every time I see him, he's holed up in his room in the dark, playing this stupid game.

Ugh. Fortnite was a great game. But then the 12-year-old kids ruined it. If you talk bad about the game, you'll get death threats. And don't get me started on those dances that make me want to throw up.

I only went one day without hearing this at school since release. Please make me stop hearing this at school. Fanbases could never get worse.

19 Barbies

I don't understand why Nicki's fanbase still supports her! Not to mention, they waste their money on wigs, boob jobs, and ass jobs, revealing clothing, and stupid stuff, and are way worse than Beliebers when it comes to their idol being criticized. Lastly, why do people look up to a woman who has a fake body in every way possible, raps extremely controversial lyrics (like it's fine to swear once in a while, but not every 2 minutes), bullies and disses other celebrities, and tries to act like she's above everyone else?

Honestly, there are better idols out there, and for each person, it's a different answer. My idol is Camila Cabello because she actually writes meaningful lyrics and actually tells a STORY in her songs. Something which Nicki Minaj doesn't do. The fact that this fanbase exists is mind-boggling.

Barbie is dead. Deal with it. It mystifies me that this franchise still exists. Wait, we're talking about Nicki Minaj fans? Who can tell the difference! All music is the same these days!

20 Miley Cyrus Fans

How can anyone like someone like Miley? She sings about partying, drugs, and stuff like that. She seems to do ANYTHING for attention, and she sticks her tongue out every second. Besides that, she doesn't have real talent.

I can't believe there are people who think of her as a role model. Last I checked, riding on a wrecking ball naked and twerking doesn't teach young girls to "be themselves". It teaches them harmful behaviors.

I was joking on that last part. Don't hurt me.

People are really going to defend a girl who sings about doing drugs and tries to be as indecent looking as possible onstage? What is this world coming to?

21 Undertale Fans

Look, I have played Undertale and I have completed every run except for the Genocide run, due to the -removed for spoilers- battle being so hard. This is honestly my all-time favorite video game and video game soundtrack, but a lot of the fanbase is just, well, really bad. Just don't search anything Undertale-related on Tumblr, or well, you're going to have a bad time. (Another thing those fans do is constantly make Undertale references. I know, I'm a hypocrite.) If you're thinking about buying this game, then don't let the fanbase scare you. As long as you stay away from the dark side of the fanbase, this game is absolutely amazing.

The main reason why I hate this fanbase so much is Sans's and Chara's fans. I could talk a lot about how Sans's fans are stupid, but everybody already knows that. And for people who are wondering why Chara's fans are bad, well, it's because I don't see Chara as a good, misunderstood person and they do, and they try to force people to think like them. Don't believe me? Go to "Top Ten Best Undertale Characters" and see Chara's comments.

I don't see Chara as good, but that doesn't mean this is true. We don't know too much about their past and personality. It's all just theories, but their fans don't understand that.

22 Amourshippers

They bash on other ships and other Pokegirls just so they can feel superior. Seriously, every shipping in the Pokémon fandom has its own share of toxic shippers, but this takes the cake for being the most rude, elitist, obnoxious, and annoying shipping fanbase I have ever seen in 8 years. Seriously, I'm beginning to regret watching Pokémon if it's all about shipping.

I respect people's opinions if they don't mind Ash x Serena shippings, but for me, I hate Amourshipping. I hate Ash and Serena. It's not even a love story. In fact, they never had a relationship in the first place.

Those who force us to ship it are annoying. If we don't like the ship, then it's our choice. People who keep telling us over and over to ship it are unbearable.

23 Leafyishere Fans

Leafy is incredibly overrated. He just makes lazy jokes about how he's losing faith in humanity over stupid joke videos. By now, I want to make some joke videos to get him mad, and I would, but I don't have the proper recording material. He talks about how everyone and their mother is "cancer" when he's the main source. It isn't just the commenters that are awful. It's him. This is more than roasting. He's just saying "you make me want to kill myself" over and over again. Cancer and suicide aren't matters to joke about, and the jokes aren't even very good to begin with. I can tell he has a lot of angst that he needs to get out, but at least try to make it entertaining. Leafy is a coward, a cyberbully, a bore, and just a rude person in general. In the unlikely event that Leafy should read this: Bite me.

Leafy is not that bad. He's kind of entertaining to me. But the one thing I hate about him the most is the fact he's too lazy to actually tell his fans to stop witch hunting everyone he makes a video on. His fans are the definition of retardation itself. If you even make one negative remark about Leafy, you've already got 5,000 death threats from his fans. If you disagree with one thing Leafy says, you are basically attacked by his fans for the rest of your life. Leafy's not horrible, just horribly lazy.

24 Powerpuff Girls Fanbase

As much as I love this series (at least, the first three seasons of the original show), it has some of the most unlikeable fans. In addition to the shipping and Rule 34 (they're 5, why are you drawing that?), most people who claim to be fans don't truly understand the show. Some say certain characters should be this way or that way when they're fine the way they are. The latter point is especially prominent in fanfiction. No, the girls are NOT secretly depressed, and no, none of them are more or less important than the others.

They are more calmer than the Swifties, to say the least, but yes, I do agree, they need to stop hating TOO much on the reboot and actually let it go. Hating on the reboot is actually going to make it stronger. Ignore it, and CN will know you don't like the show. Same with TTG. Write kind notes to them to show how much you don't like it. Immense hate will make it stronger.

If you keep on complaining about the reboot, you're actually making the situation worse. The reboot was bad enough, but the leaked footage of the Live-action movie has turned most of the fans into monsters.

25 Big Brother Fans

To be honest, I lost interest in Big Brother a long time ago. It's so ridiculous! Everyone on there are idiots and just awful people! And it's boring and repetitive! Trust me when I say this, DO NOT WATCH IT! It is NOT worth it!

Has anyone ever played the Big Brother Org Facebook Games? If you haven't, then avoid them at all costs. There are way too many toxic people in them.

It's staged. Terrible people being terrible to each other in the most contrived way possible.

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