Best Looking Members of One Direction

A list that consists of all the singers of One Direction boyband.

The Top Ten

1 Zayn Malik Zain Javadd Malik, born on 12 January 1993, who records mononymously as ZAYN, is a British singer and songwriter. Born and raised in Bradford, ZAYN aspired to pursue a career in music from a young age leading him to audition as a solo artist for the British reality television music competition The X more.

Wonderful, spectacular, showstopping, amazing, fantastic, beautiful inside and out, can do no wrong, king

Zayn is so handsome and just not from the outside he is so kind so gentle to be honest he deserves it

He is sooocute

Zayn he's my idol... How could possibly I hesitate to vote 4 him. I like everything he does. His irresistible looks and his cute smile are the plus points to his dashing personality

2 Harry Styles Harry Edward Styles is an English singer and song writer, known as a member of the boy band One Direction .

Harry Styles should be number 1! Yeah Zayn is handsome, but Harry Styles is much better, he's a definition of perfect.

Common he dated Kendal Jenner and Taylor Swift, so he should be number 1

Most of them are pretty cute, but Harry is just...WOW! Like, why is he No.2?! He should be number 1! That's pretty clear!

Without doubt Harry Styles is a beautiful looking guy. He has stunning green eyes, sallow skin, amazing mouth and teeth, and a dimple in his left cheek that could possibly home a family of hobbits. But with Harry there is so much more. He is a very genuine and decent guy with magnetic qualities, u can't help yourself but just be drawn to him.
He has a very unusual voice, that hasn't been heard in many years, which is rock sounding with a husky tone, but he has power behind it and he knows how to use it. His stage presence and participation with the crowd is on another level compared to other artists of his generation. I honestly believe he is an old soul in a young body. While Zayn is a gorgeous looking guy with a very unusual voice, that is mainly all that he is. He is never comfortable on stage and that has been evident since day 1 in One Direction. Harry is the full package and more.

3 Louis Tomlinson


Louis is gorgeous. I wouldn't say so much anymore but he used to be a god

Louis is like one of the most awesome looking people in this whole wide world! I admit that Harry is really wonderful looking but Louis should be at number 2 in my opinion. The way he keeps his hair styled, the way he smiles and laughs make him look even more amazing! He even looks incredible without any doing any special style! He deserves the 2nd place in my opinion - inhundredsoffandoms

He is handsome and his hair is the one that gets me. I love his hair when it's spiked up and to the side a little. That is just too cute and handsome.

4 Niall Horan Niall James Horan is an Irish singer-songwriter and guitarist, known as a member of the boy band One Direction.

Niall has
1.No tattoos
2.No scandal
3.No girlfriend(currently)
4.A food fetish
5.A big heart
And that's why we love Niall Horan

I've been a Niall girl from the get go! He has that boyish charm, a smile that lights up the whole room & those baby blues are just to die for!


Niall is definitely the most attractive 1D member. He's sweet, nice, cute, funny, adorable and so much more.
Personality-wise he'd be 1st, and his looks are definitely not the worst. If I could meet any one member of One Direction I'd pick Niall, without the slightest hesitancy.
Not mention his singing and his amazing accent.

5 Liam Payne Liam James Payne is an English singer and songwriter. He made his debut as a singer when he auditioned as a solo artist for the British television series The X Factor in 2008 with "Fly Me to the Moon" by Frank Sinatra.

He is way cuter than number three!

Liam is handsome and has lovely different hair styles!
He is cute too

Everyone in one direction are equally good looking... Liam shouldn't be last at all.

Liam is so handsome and he's voice is amazing

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