Full-fledged List Analysis: Most Shocking Moments in 2018

NuMetalManiak Well, how much have I done in the past few months? Haven't made one of these in a while. I was focusing more on my new blog as well as playing the newest version of Freelancer's Discovery mod, okay I wasn't bothering to play it, just checking out the new stuff is all that matters. Anyways, while 2018 sure isn't over yet, it's gonna be soon. Let's have a look back and see which things were most shocking in this year. I will probably have to leave out things that don't make sense though.

1. Stoneman Douglas High School Shooting: So this ended up being worse than Columbine, though thankfully the police managed to nab the perpetrator. Good job there. Still though, this cannot be understated.
2. Donald Trump Said "Why Do We Want All These People From 'S***hole Countries' Coming Here?": A tweet isn't a shocking moment. This is more of a stupid one. Besides, he actually could be accurately describing these countries, like it or not.
3. 2018 Flu Outbreak: Believe it or not, I have never heard about this one.
4. Logan Paul's Dead Body Video: I think the worst thing is how many views this one got, honestly.
5. False Alarm of Hawaiian Ballistic Missile Threat: This was very shocking and could've meant a nasty war scenario.
6. Tide Pod Challenge: A challenge isn't shocking. It's very stupid though.
7. Death of Stephen Hawking: I think what's ACTUALLY shocking is how long he managed to live. Doctors have stated he would've died at several points, but he managed to stay alive until this year.
8. 12 People, Including 5 Children, are Held Captive and Discovered Chained to Their Beds in California: Nice, specific event. Very shocking.
9. Baghdad Suicide Bombings: So I guess ISIL is still around. Baghdad needs to be a more peaceful place.
10. Slayer Disbands: Slayer is one of the worst bands ever, honestly. Not shocking. They've had enough.
11. Donald Trump Refusing to Apologize for S***hole Comment: I mean, some of the countries are third-world and struggling.
12. Santa Fe High School Shooting: Believe it or not, I have never heard about this due to moving for a short while.
14. California Wildfires: Some of you are still angry at me for saying California is embarrassing. I wasn't referring to this and just because the wildfires are still shockingly going on doesn't mean jack to my list. Also we have nasty wildfires here in Virginia too.
15. 2018 Doomsday Clock: What clock
16. Aziz Ansari’s Sexual Misconduct Allegations: Of all the allegations, this one is the absolute worst and clearly unbelievable.
17. Southern California Mudslides: Again, disasters do not equate to the state's embarrassment, I refer only to demographic things.
20. YouTube Moral Drama: Youtube's policies are not helping those trying to make money as well as laundering it from others.
21. Marvel Creator Stan Lee Accused of Sexual Harassment: "hey Stacy let's accuse old people of doing things that may or may not have happened years ago" "great idea Gretchen!"
22. The Philadelphia Eagles Won the Super Bowl 52: Their first bowl.
23. Facebook lost daily users: I was one of those
24. Death of DJ Avicii: He was way too young to go.
25. North Korea Participating in the 2018 Winter Olympics: Given that North Korea doesn't do much fun, this is shocking.
26. Toys R Us Announced the Closing of 180 Stores: There was one in my area. RIP.
28. S***hole Sign Projected Onto Trump Hotel in Washington DC: Sometimes, the reaction to the tweet is worse than the tweet itself.
29. Rape and Murder of Zainab Ansari: What CrimsonShark had said about this definitely applies.
30. North Korea Announces Ending Missile Tests: Well, actually, they may be coming back.
32. Bomb Cyclone: The fact that it's called that raises some eyebrows.
33. 16-year-Old Girl Killed After Going Over Rainbow Falls: It seems that people foolishly die there sometimes so this isn't shocking.
36. Bill Cosby Found Guilty on All Counts of Indecent Sexual Assault in Retrial: Wow
37. Apple Spectre Meltdown: Well I'm scared now since it affects anything with a CPU.
38. Sears Announced the Closing of 100 Stores: I lost like three stores in this area.
39. Car Crashed Into 2nd Floor of Southern California Building
40. Logan Paul Tased Dead Animals: If this really is a publicity stunt, then Logan Paul might as well get arrested now.
41. Google Removed the View Image Button From Google Images: You can't prevent copyright infringement properly.
42. A New Study Revealed that Autism Doctor Hans Asperger Aided Nazi Child Euthanasia: Well, that's nasty.
43. Ksi vs Logan Paul Fight: Didn't see it. Did they fight in a ring?
44. A man claimed a poor woman's house: WHOEVER THIS IS, you just made someone homeless.
46. Butch Hartman Left Nickelodeon: Boohoo my favorite cartoon is terrible because of Butch, yadda yadda yadda.
50. Trump Threatening to Shut Down the Federal Government If He Does Not Get His Wall Funded: He's still threatening it as far as I know.
51. North Korean Leader Wants to Talk to Trump: Well, negotiations are in order.
52. Death of Charles Lazarus: So he was Toys R Us's founder.
53. A TEDx Speaker Said a that Pedophilia is a Sexual Orientation: NO IT IS NOT.
54. Death of Dolores O’Riordan: The heartfelt tribute Bad Wolves gave was a great sendoff for this singer.
55. Kanye West Supporting Donald Trump: Boooooooo
57. Glenn Tipton of Judas Priest Diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease: Oh wow.
60. Kim Kardashian named her baby Chicago West: Not shocking, stupid.
61. Walmart Closed 63 Sam's Club Stores: I don't want to see this one go.
62. Kmart Announced the Closing of 64 Stores: Now I know we lost these.
63. Floor Collapse in Jakarta Stock Exchange: Never good for business to lose stocks.
66. Death of Barbara Bush: Her and her husband were at their last few hours, unfortunately.
67. Kentucky High School Shooting: He may have only killed two kid, but this guy was real nuts.
68. Donald Trump Seeks to Halt Funding for the International Space Station: HE SHOULDN'T
69. Man Groped 5 Students at UCF: Why is this item at #69
70. Hong Kong Bus Crash: The last vehicle you want to be in during a crash is a double decker.
71. Donald Trump Thanked the U.K. for Their Support in the Syrian Airstrikes: So it's not just us.
72. Kabul Suicide Bombings of April 30, 2018: I HATE SUICIDE BOMBINGS.
73. Afghanistan Suicide Bombings: Go away duplicate item.
74. Butch Hartman's Oaxis Streaming Service Stirs Controversy: So this is what caused it.
75. Death of Stefan Karl Stefansson: Memelords can never let go of their precious memes. His death isn't shocking.
77. Meteor over Michigan: Oh my.
80. T-Series is Close in Surpassing Pewdiepie in Subscribers: Screw India.
81. Death of "Fast" Eddie Clarke: Jeez, Motorhead has it rough.
82. California Screamin’ at Disneyland Closing on January 8: I thought it meant that the state of California is screaming.
85. McDonald’s in Lynwood, California Had Its Logo Flipped Upside Down: Interesting Women's day promotion.
87. Puerto Rico Blackout: Give these guys a break
90. Net Neutrality Repeal is Overruled: And then it came into action rather quickly.
91. Xxxtentacion Was Killed: It's bad to be famous and die to an assassin.
93. Thai Youth Soccer Team Trapped Underground: The saving of these kids was amazing.
94. Death of John McCain: Again, it was coming.
95. Winter Storm Hunter: I hate winter storms.
96. Death of Jessica Falkholt: CrimsonShark said it better than I could.
98. Larry Nassar Pleads Guilty to the Harassment of Over 140 Women: Are these all real?
100. SpaceX Launched and Landed the Falcon Heavy: Woohoo.
104. YouTube Headquarters Shooting: This certainly was shocking.
106. Humboldt Broncos Bus Crash: Yikes again.
107. Toronto Van Attack: Alright who's crashing these vehicles?
108. Gaza Border Attacks: So many people dying yet American news doesn't focus on them as much.
109. Havana Jet Crash: While the odds of jet crashes are less than bus crashes, their outcomes are always far worse.
111. The Washington Capitals Won the Stanley Cup: Congrats on your first win.
112. Hurricane Michael: For me it was shocking because we had so many tree branches flying.
113. Pittsburgh Synagogue Shooting: Religion-based shootings are often worse than school shootings.
115. Marvel Creator Stan Lee Died: Honestly I was hoping he'd hit 100.
117. Death of Stephen Hillenburg: The ALS thing sucks.
118. Death of George H. W. Bush: Rest in peace on this day of mourning.
126. Philadelphia Eagles Victory Parade: Unfortunately Eagles fans are horrible.
128. Trump Blames Florida School Shooting on Movies and Video Games: NO
132. Russian Shopping Mall Fire: Lots of deaths in this one and it's under completely irrelevant items (even Great Mills because the shooter was caught before anyone got hurt).
135. Trump Tower Fire: Yep, people have gone too far.
137. Will Ferrell in Suv Accident: He's okay.
139. Death of R. Lee Ermey: Well he had some very good roles.
141. Darling in the Franxx Team Sent Death Threats Following Controversial Episode: Maybe this is why I don't watch anime.
142. Vegan Blogger Shamed for Buying Ice Cream for a Child: Could this be the worst SJW moment of the year?
143. Mt. Kilauea Eruption: They knew ahead of time.
149. Roseanne Barr Left Twitter Over Anti-Semitism: Her show got cancelled.
150. North Korea Willing to Commit to the Summit: Again, peace talks.
151. The Cancellation of Roseanne: Well apparently it was because of a tweet.
152. Death of Anthony Bourdain: This was a suicide, and not a good one.
156. Florida Man Arrested for Allegedly Tossing Alligator Into Wendy's Drive Thru Window: Okay WHAT
159. New Orleans Shooting: This could be more specific
160. Ed Pratt Became the 1st Person to Unicycle Around the World: What an achievement. Good for him.
162. Aretha Franklin Passes Away: She was younger than some of the others here.
163. Death of Mac Miller: And this guy? He just happened to overdose on drugs.
164. Hurricane Florence: North Carolina got real lucky in 2017, but not this year.
166. Paul Allen Dies: I HATE THESE DISEASES. And I love Microsoft.
167. Butte County Fire: Alright, there are some specific statistics here. That's good to know. This was a lot worse than I thought.
171. 6IX9INE Arrested for Federal Charges on Assault: What is with these rappers.
173. YouTube Trending Logan Paul’s Dead Body Video: Yet they demonetize other videos.
175. The Collapse of Carillion: This definitely qualifies.
179. Death of Fredo Santana: Yikes, a fatal seizure.
181. Death of Jim Rodford: And this guy fell down the stairs.
182. Woman Falling from Balcony to her Death on Carnival Cruise Ship: Accidents happen, but I'm not sure what caused this.
184. Man allegedly tried to kill CNN Employees: Pretty much have to agree with PackFan here.
185. Death of Naomi Parker Fraley: So she was the "We can do it" poster girl. No one really knows her though.
186. Kodiak Earthquake: Yeah this one's recent. Earthquakes don't often happen in Alaska. Oh wait, that was Anchorage.
187. Death of Simon Shelton Barnes: How do you die by ingesting so much alcohol that you suffer hypothermia?
188. Death of Joel Taylor: He doesn't even have a Wikipedia page so no.
189. Scientists Cloned the First Non-Human Primates: Ooh, this is interesting.
190. Death of Mark E. Smith: The Fall isn't popular.
194. Death of Ingvar Kamprad: IKEA's founder, huh. Here's the problem. No one really cares about company founders until they die.
195. Las Vegas Plane Crash: Please be more specific.
197. Ed Sheeran winning a Grammy for Best Pop Vocal Performance over Kesha, Lady Gaga, Kelly Clarkson, and Pink: Good for him I suppose.
199. Adam Hicks Arrested for Armed Robberies: So he was the bully from How to Eat Fried Worms.
202. Magnetic Polar Flip Report: Should conspiracy theories count as shocking moments?
205. University of Oklahoma Scientists detected Planets outside the Milky Way Galaxy for the First Time: YAY!
212. SpaceX Falcon Heavy & Tesla Partial Failure: Partial Failure is such a weird term.
213. Racist Facebook Group Attempts to Hijack Black Panther's Rotten Tomatoes Audience Score: Now these guys will ruin things for those that aren't black. These people are awful.
215. Spirit Airlines Hamster Incident: WHAT THE HECK DID I JUST READ. So you forcefully flush your hamster down a toilet just because you can't have it on the plane?
216. Death of Johann Johannsson: At this point, overdoses aren't surprising. Sorry.
218. YouTube’s CEO said Logan Paul doesn’t deserve to be kicked out: When the CEO dies, people will put his death as a shocking item for next year. I guarantee it.
228. Death of Sridevi: I don't follow Indian pop culture, mostly because Indians keep bot-voting on this site. But wow, she's kind of young.
230. Eastern Ghouta Car Bombings: You see this? THIS is shocking. Over 500 are killed and some of you put crappy items here.
231. Leicester Explosion: This pretty much is a terrorist attack.
236. Elton John Curses at Fans and Storms Off Stage at Saturday Night in Las Vegas: He must've had enough.
242. Lightning Strike in Rwanda Church: This is why I'm afraid of lightning.
248. Bridge on Florida International University Collapsed: Okay this is pretty darn bad.
251. Thousand Oaks Mall Shooting: With twelve killed, it's VERY SURPRISING that this is below loads of crappy items.
257. The Cancellation of Rick and Morty: Good
265. Saudi Arabia Intercepted 7 Ballistic Missiles Fired by Houthi Rebels Over the Capital of Riyadh: GOOD JOB GUYS.
266. Uber Driver Drives Car Into Walkway in San Francisco: This is why I don't use Uber.
267. Corey Feldman Stabbed by Thug: Yo, he's alive, but it's quite nasty how it happened.
268. Roseanne Revival: And then it got cancelled because she's a terrible person on Twitter. Hah.
269. Clash of Palestinians and Idf on Gaza Border: These conflicts churn out more deaths than anything shocking here.
285. U.S., Britain and France Strike Syria Over Suspected Chemical Attack: Syria's already suffering a lot beforehand.
287. Rise of Fortnite: It'll go away eventually.
291. Southwest Airlines Makes Emergency Landing After Engine Explosion: Did they manage to survive.
293. Death of Jennifer Riordan: Oh apparently a passenger died, I see.
295. Death of Osamu Dezaki: This item does not belong here because he died in 2011.
298. Texas City Refinery Explosion: Good lord, stuff like this really does need to be higher.
300. Death of Verne Troyer: He committed suicide.
304. Swaziland Changes Name to Eswatini: Okay this one is just dumb.
315. Port Wentworth Military Plane Crash: If no one survived, then it is quite the shocker.
317. Nigeria Mosque Bombing: Bombings all around the world. Shocking in their own local country news but not others.
320. Giant Sinkhole Opened Up on New Zealand Farm: I have a fear of sinkholes. They can honestly be horrifying.
337. Margaret River, Australia Shooting: A whole family died here, oh wow.
359. Kanye West Calls Slavery for 400 Years a "Choice": Idiot. It was something blacks were forced into.
362. China Bans the Letter N: This is pretty stupid too.
370. Ellicott City Flood of May 27, 2018: Geez, one whole city and it wasn't even hurricane season.
373. Death of James Hampton: Sorry but this can't be a legitimate item if the person isn't well known anywhere else.
386. Nasa Curiosity Rover Found Ancient Organic Materials on Mars: OOH! This is a very good find.
400. Europe Bans Memes: Probably the single worst thing the EU has done.
401. Ihop Changed Name to Ihob: Publicity stunt
408. Charlotte Douglas International Airport Disaster: I would consider this to be one of the more shocking ones. How a simple programming error can disrupt a whole airport is one of the reasons I quit programming.
410. Death of Jimmy Wopo: There must be something coincidental about young rappers and getting shot on streets.
411. Woman Swallowed by Python Snake: This is utterly unbelievable. WOW.
419. Death of Steve Soto: Not THAT well known, but he sure was multi-talented
422. White Girl Named Keziah Daum Attacked for Cultural Appropriation After Wearing Culturally Appreciative Chinese Prom Dress: This definitely disgusts me as it is culturally appropriate.
423. Holly Harrison Completed 15,000 Walk from South America to Alaska: Great achievement.
424. California Toddler Dies from Self-Inflicted Gunshot Wound: DO NOT GIVE YOUR KIDS GUNS
431. Man Walks 20 Miles to Work After Car Breakdown: Whoever he is, he's quite the soldier.
436. Pro Wrestler Brickhouse Confirmed to Be Dead but Few Days Later He Turns Out to Be Alive: Surprise fake death, wow.
441. Demi Lovato Overdosed on Heroin: This was definitely shocking in entertainment news. She surprisingly survived.
443. Liquid Water Detected on Mars: Can't wait for the terraforming to occur.
445. Death of Rick Genest: I wish people would stop committing suicide. You young ones have a lot to live for.
447. Police Rescued 2 Men Trapped in Flooding Elevator in Toronto: This shockingly is wonderful.
450. Japan's Tokyo Medical University Rigged Entrance Exam Scores for Women: I hate anything that's rigged.
452. Bridge Collapse in Genoa, Italy: I often have fears of crossing a bridge-tunnel because of something like this with lots of casualties.
461. Death of Kyle Pavone: We Came As Romans could've made their mark.
463. Alexander Zakharchenko Dies and Putin Blames the Ukrainian Government: Wow, really?
465. Death of Claire Wineland: Too soon. She's even younger than I am.
470. Gaming Tournament Shooting In Florida: Yo, this is yet another reason I don't like gaming tournaments, that and I get competitive.
476. Typhoon Mangkhut: One of the worst, although it doesn't beat Meranti or Haiyan, it's still noteworthy.
486. Google shut down Google+ after exposing the private data of 496,951 Users: So they expose data and shut it down as if that private data suddenly became classified. Is this why people use Bing?
491. Michael Buble quits music: So apparently this happened. Gotta admit, quitting music to do something for your family is a good thing to do.
499. Death of James McMurray: Wow, this is actually a bad death.
500. McDonald’s Dropped Happy Meals off their Menus: Potential end of a legacy.
509. Death of Brent Taylor: Being a mayor and getting shot overseas is a terrible thing.
530. Donald Trump said his gut is more reliable than everyone else's brain: Does he have a brain
531. Neil Degrasse Tyson Accused and Faced Investigations for Sexual Misconduct Claims: kcianciulli is right.

Follow-up post to this coming up. It has some guidelines for everyone who wishes to post useless items on the next shocking moments of 2019 list. Seriously guys. I can't list everything because honestly there's so many irrelevant items on this list.


You know, when a celebrity is old, totally not surprising.
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