Top 10 Most Shocking Moments of 2018

2018 has had a shocking start, so here are some things that shocked the world.
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1 Stoneman Douglas High School Shooting

Fast forward to 2023, these school shootings happen EVERY DAY. We desperately need gun control, and guns like assault rifles should only be allowed for the military.

I have two questions towards American users, that I as someone from another culture don't understand:

1. As horrible as such events are - and they are. They truly are. - this is not the first school shooting in the US, there were several Why does this one in particular get that much media attention?
2. I expected arguments that are pro-gunnor contra-gun. But most people I follow on Twitter have the view "guns should be allowed, but people should be checked stricter, and assault rifles should be banned". Over here, we don't have guns. Most people won't have even seen one in real life, except maybe on cops, and they have them in their holster. It works as well without guns. I don't see what banning a certain type of gun would change. They can still use others as well.

2 Donald Trump Said "Why Do We Want All These People From 'S***hole Countries' Coming Here?"

This awful idiot is a horrible man who only gained power because it's shocking how saying you're the best will get you in president. You can only support him if you're very misguided or if you simply have something deep down in you that's quite racist, that's all there is to it. This awful man is racist, sexist, homophobic, and really discriminatory in absolutely every way, thank god his years of terrorizing the world are for the most part over

And people say Trump isn't racist. Don't go using the "mainstream media" excuse here now. The fact that Donald Trump let this slip out of his mouth only finally proves how racist and horrible of a person he is. And I thought him cutting funding for historically black colleges and attempting to ban transgenders from the army already made him as prejudiced and discriminatory as he already was.

3 2018 Flu Outbreak

Flu shots don't work so don't say that we should get them, my grandpa got his flu shots and two weeks later got the flu. I didn't get my flu shots after that because my dad says they don't work and they don't.

I got sick with something in January during the flu outbreak. I was tested for the flu, but it came back negative. Whatever it was, it caused three days of misery for me

I actually caught the flu and we didn't realise until it had almost healed but I remember it and it was really scary after I found out.

4 Logan Paul's Dead Body Video

It's not just that he showed a dead body on video for the public to see, it's much more than that. Him and his friends were told not to take any film or photo of dead bodies they came across, but they did and disrespected that poor victim and his family. They mocked the suicide victim, and made him some kind of side show for them to use for views, which is inhumane.

Imagine being one of the families of the victim. You came across the video that you see of your spouse, sibling, parent, or friend who hanged himself and is in a video of punks laughing their ass off about him.It would crush you to see that someone you were once close to ended up killing himself, and was just treated as a joke.

Also Logan's followers are young kids who watch his videos. They either become terrified from what they've been exposed to, or think that it's okay to do what Logan did. Having a irresponsible role model who doesn't have compassion for the victim is not someone that we want to have influence on kids who may grow up to be like or even worse than him.

5 Death of Stephen Hawking

At 76.
One of the greatest scientists who ever lived.
He made us understand more about the known universe.
It seems the best people these days always die too soon.

Doctors said he was going to die fast because he couldn't talk, walk, and do anything. But he died in 76 years old.

I laughed when I saw this. It wasn't surprising. We're all gonna die. He had it coming.

6 False Alarm of Hawaiian Ballistic Missile Threat

Incompetent & negligent government employee makes worst possible mistake; won't be punished. Tell me again why we want more government employees in charge of more facets of our lives.

I went to Hawaii not long after this happened and I was scared as hell that they were going to set off the alert so again but only this time, for real.

Imagine how terrified people were.

7 Tide Pod Challenge

I wonder what these idiot will think of next? The eating horse carp challenge? The sucking elephant wang challenge? The masturbating in public challenge?

There's seriously no reason to get with the times if these kids actually enjoy acting like idiots or outing their lives in danger. Did these kids seriously fall on their heads as babies after they were just born?

First, the cinnamon challenge. And then, the burning and/or eraser challenge. And now, the Tide Pod challenge? What's next? The Stick a Pencil Down Your Throat as Far as You Can Challenge? At this point, I wouldn't be surprised if that challenge did exist.

8 12 People, Including 5 Children, are Held Captive and Discovered Chained to Their Beds in California

Their parents deserved to die a slow, and painful death by cannibals (okay maybe I went too extreme, but don't care they still deserve a harsh punishment).

We're now up to 3 news stories in the last 6 months that have messed me up (the others being Steve Paddock and the 3 80-year-old pedo-brothers from Seattle). This is absolutely horrible.

That's must be terrifying! They probably had no food and could have died of starvation or dehydration!

9 Toys R Us Announced the Closing of 180 Stores

It's 1/3 due to Amazon because everyone buys online now. 1/3 due to Epic Games because lots of money was spent on skins, gliders, pickaxes, and emotes in Fortnite. And 1/3 due to Apple because spoiled toddlers are getting iPads and iPhone Xs.

That's where I got all my birthday presents and stuff like that when I was 8,7,6, 5 etc.

And now they're all closed thanks to Trump and Teen Titans Go!

10 Baghdad Suicide Bombings
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11 California Wildfires

Three people have already been killed from these fires. What people need to know is that they should evacuate. Don't stay, you're putting your life at risk, and then people will eventually have to save you, while risking their lives. Please evacuate if you are told to do so.

I know many people who have been affected by these fores, including some people who lived in Paradise. My family lives all over California, so I check the news every day to make sure that the fires aren't too close to them.

12 Death of Stephen Hillenburg

The creator of SpongeBob SquarePants, Stephen Hillenburg, has died on November 27th at 57 from ALS.

We knew since his diagnosis he wouldn't live much longer, but he died so suddenly.
He will never be forgotten.

SpongeBob was getting better after the 2nd movie since his return, but now that he's dead, it's going back downhill and is expected to end, making Nickelodeon lose all its viewers and putting them out of business.

The end of an era.

It was a national holiday. There was no school.
I was watching videos till I stumbled upon a video saying that Mr. Hillenburg is dead.
At first I didn't believe it but a few days later, I found out that it was true.
Rest in peace, the second founding father of my childhood!

13 Santa Fe High School Shooting

Considering this shooting took place so close to a week or two before high school graduation, as a high school senior awaiting graduation, I have to say absolutely no senior, let alone any school student from any grade level, should have to experience a tragedy like this near the end of the school year. As always, I can only say I give my condolences to those who were affected by yet another school shooting this year.

That must have been terrifying for the students. I was watching videos on how to survive an active shooter situation after I found out about this because I was scared it was goona happen to my school!

14 Texas High School Shooting

I'm just so sick of these shootings!

15 Alabama School Shooting
16 Donald Trump Refusing to Apologize for S***hole Comment

First the possibility that Obama might have said it was dismissed, but how inconvenient that it turns out that he did. Now its OK that Obama said it because he "meant" something else. Numerous other incidences of every. single. president. using similar language, especially during heated debate behind closed doors.

And this isn't considered as bad as a YouTuber making insensitive jokes. At least Logan Paul isn't the face of a country.

What good is that going to do? If he does, you'll all write it off as insincere and you won't even forgive him anyways.

17 Harrisburg Shooting
18 Marvel Creator Stan Lee Died

Though he was 95.
He created the Marvel franchise, including Spider-Man, Superman, and the Avengers.
And it all started with comic books.
He worked hard on everything, and that's how he became who he became.
Though he got accused for sexual misconduct allegations, he will never be forgotten.

RIP. He was 96 and had a good life. He was probably ready for it, he was so old.

19 Bill Cosby Found Guilty on All Counts of Indecent Sexual Assault in Retrial

Sick freak. Anyone who repeatedly violates the sexual boundaries of others deserves everything they will eventually get

That's a thing! Lord help our poor, rule-breaking planet?

20 Death of DJ Avicii

I am devastated. Shattered to pieces inside. His music has brought millions of people together, lifted spirits around the world and been a huge inspiration for electronic genres as we know them today. To pass away at just 28, when he should have had so much more to live for, is utterly heartbreaking. May he rest in peace, and my biggest condolences go out to his family, friends and fans in this extremely difficult time for them.

He was my favourite I didn't hear about his death until two months after it! I saw it...

And I was like 'Wikipedia is trolling me right' and starting crying in my bed! I posted loads of videos on YouTube and Tik Tok about his death.

I was so depressed

21 2018 Doomsday Clock

(Bear in mind I'm A dumb high school kid and have no clue what a doomsday clock is) uh...what's doomsday clock?

I just looked that up and I noticed it had an Iron Maiden song title in it (the song itself is awesome).

Hopefully all goes well at the meeting.

22 North Korea Participating in the 2018 Winter Olympics

Boy, is the IOC going to have a lot to say about this! Seriously, they better take all precautions with security if all the athletes and people at the Winter Olympics are going to be safe from the threat of North Korea. Something tells me North Korea participating in the 2018 Winter Olympics won't be much good news to the Winter Olympics and the safety of everyone participating at the games.

No matter how shocking this was. At least North and South Korean athletes marched together. But the one thing that really caused a huge controversy in Korea before the PyeongChang olympics was the Joint Women's hockey team

23 YouTube Moral Drama

Ever since Logan Paul's corpse video, the YouTube Community is starting major drama over Logan Paul's video.
The drama also revolves around Shane Dawson's video about pedophilia.

My goodness, is there anything right about our society?!

24 Shane Dawson’s Pedophilia Comments

It shocked me to hear the rumors about Shane. I really like the guy, so it sucks that all of this is going around. I'm not sure how this started or who started it, but whoever did is most likely a scumbag.

To anyone saying that he makes jokes like this all the time, let's not forget that he gave his cat a blowjob.'s Shane Dawson. The guy makes a bunch of weird sexual jokes. Doubt this was done genuinely.

25 Rape and Murder of Zainab Ansari

I'm just glad this horrific incident has at least gained some awareness in the form of a Wikipedia page and some news outlets. But like CrimsonShark said, it's a shame this poor victim doesn't get as much awareness of her terrifying encounter with her killer as other victims do. I really hope the Pakistani government will bring this horrid excuse of a human to justice and make him pay dearly for his crime.

UPDATE: The murderer has been caught. He has been identified as Imran Ali, a serial killer who also killed around 5 other girls in a time span of 2 years.

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