Who really cares?

I know that I have already posted about this many times before, but no one has seemed to get the message. Why do you need to post a list that tells everyone about the great details of your life and have them vote on the best one? That is not what this site is about. This site is supposed to be for lists about best songs or movies or tv shows or anything like that. The only lists this site is not supposed to be for is personal lists. It even says so in the directions of adding a new list. It's perfectly fine if someone else, maybe even a friend, creates a list about you because that shows that someone cares enough about you to make a list about you. But if you make that list yourself, you make people like me think that you are a narcissist. You're self-centered and only seem to think that people will care about you, even though the reason people may like you is for your lists and they probably won't want to know all of the deatils of your life. While you may not be a narcissist, Pug, TurkeyAsylum, Usa123, or anyone else who has made a list about themself, you certainly made me think that you are. So please, make a list about someone or something other than yourself, or don't make a list at all.


Its not just the narcissism that's the problem, it's these "I like this" and "My username has a letter on it" the misuses of the word "facts" of the lists. It's an interesting fact if you like or dislike or what you do in your spare time, it's like a cringeworthy vlogger who thinks that they're cool and edgy in their mind. I for one agree with these posts of yours and have a great night! - visitor

Excuse me.

You have no control over what I publish or comment mister. If I want to make a list about cartoons, I do. If I want to make a list about dogs, I do. So what makes lists about me any different? Stop fooling yourself. - Puga

The entire point of that blog post was to explain the difference. Read it over if you think I didn't clearly state the difference between lists about yourself and lists about anything else. - Songsta41

Also, my list was about being a dog and normal dog stuff. Most if the lists contain 9 average things and 1 interesting thing you didn't know. I don't think that's narcissism. - Puga

Your list is ok, it's the serious list that annoy me. M - gemcloben

People have a right to speak their mind and make whatever lists they want to make. - letdot52

Agreed. - Puga

You're right. I'm not saying that people can't make those lists, I'm explaining why they shouldn't. - Songsta41

I disagree. I think these lists are just annoying and the users are annoying. - gemcloben

I know people have their right to speak anything. But to be honest, I dislike these kind of lists. If a user wants to present facts about him/herself, he/she can do it on his/her profile page. But once a list is published, one cannot undo it. And also visitors can add items to these lists. Trolling may start, and fake facts in the form of items would then be added to all these lists. You realise what will happen after that.

Also as the time is passing, the website is becoming more and more popular. If by any chance one posts a fact that breaches his privacy in this type of list, it will become public to the whole world. One wouldn't definitely want that. I think these lists shouldn't be approved in the first place. The worst case scenario will definitely be a case of cyber-bullying. - Kiteretsunu

As usual, Kiteretsunu nails it. - PetSounds

I regret making my list of such. I should have made a blog post about it and not a list. - visitor