Does anyone reading this know anyone who is really stuck-up? Arrogant, always talking about themselves and not caring about others' lives, or every word out of their mouth is a compliment towards themself? What if you are that person? If you are, I'm glad you're reading this. Maybe it's time to look in the mirror (not to notice how good you look) and make a change. If you're not, please tell me your thoughts about what I'm about to say in the comments below.

I know a few narcissists, and I personally think they're the people who you least want to be around. They usually aren't friendly because friends or friendly people will engage in conversation, talk about topics that they're both interested, maybe exchange a few funny stories, etc. But with a narcissist, the conversation will always be about them. Only their funny stories, their lives and how much better it is than the other person's, or brag about an achievement of theirs, even if they are stretching the truth to make it sound more interesting. These kinds of one-way conversations are incredibly frustrating if you're on the receiving end of the story and it doesn't make you want to be friends with or in extreme cases even talk to that person at all. Let's take a few different perspectives on this conversation and see why it benefits no one.

The Narcissist thinks: The conversation is going great. The other person is hearing about how great my life is and all of the great things I have to say. I think they like all of the great things about me.

What's really happening: Imagine the other person is the same way. They are angry because they haven't had the chance to say what they want to say, and knowing that they'll never ask about the other person or let them speak without interrupting them with a story in their own life, having a conversation with them is no fun. Even for people who aren't narcissistic who are on the receiving end, they may won't only want to talk about themselves but also get to know what's happening in the other person's life. Knowing that can't happen is just as frustrating.

No situation like this ever works out well. For example, a kid at my school always is saying things like "I'm awesome" or "look at how good I look" and he's not even good-looking. After so many of these comments, I began to ask him questions about who was the best at certain things in grade. I aksed him who was the smartest, best looking, and best with the girls in my grade. The answer: Himself, which is all completely untrue. Ironically, he says it's a privelege to be his friend, while no one is his friend.

This is exactly what narcissists need to recognize. They are not the center of attention, and no one cares about only what they have to say. Some people know that they are this way, and some who are don't know. If you see someone who is this way, don't be afraid to tell them that. I certainly wasn't. And if you don't know if you are a narcissist, think about if there might have been a time or many times when you can put yourself in the shoes of the person I described. If you can, try to change your ways. If everyone pitches in, there could be one less problem in the world.


Interesting blog post. Narcissists drag you down, suck your energy, make you doubt your own self belief. They are exhausting. They'll take anything that's happening in your life - good or bad - and make it about them; all because they hate to have the spotlight taken from them, to the point that they get can get violent. Not to mention that they figure that their opinions are right and that their's is the only opinion that matters. You cannot reason with a person who has a narcissistic personality disorder as they will always be right. Always.

I would find it most amusing to be an invisible force in the same room as several narcissists, all battling it out.

*Raises glass in a toast*

To the narcissists and their own self-importance. Cheers!

- Britgirl

This reminds me of a kid from my school. He will always talk and brag about himself, when more than half of the things he says are lies. It's really annoying. This is a great blog post, and narcissists really need to read this! - Minecraftcrazy530

Great blog post! I feel guilty of being a narcissist at times. - visitor

Good post - bobbythebrony

This is a good post. - Anonymousxcxc

Plus my stepsister has narcissism so I can relate but she is getting better I guess. - Anonymousxcxc