That's Literally Not The Right Usage

Many people misuse the word literally. Literally means what the person is saying is no idiom, phrase, or expression, it means exactly as they say. For example if someone just got somewhere a second ago (literally, no exaggeration) and then they leave, you could say, "Why are you leaving? You literally just got here?" and it is the correct way to say that. If they got somehwere a few minutes ago, that would be the wrong usage because it is an exaggeration.

I'm not making this a long post, just notice this whenever you are thinking of saying the word "literally" and we'll be fine.


If everyone knows what it means then it has a correct usage, per se - CityGuru

You can get by if everyone knows what it means, but it's still not correct. - Songsta41

Well, it maybe is not correct, but who decides if it is correct or not? Some stuffy guys up in the Academy of Stupid Time Wasting Grammatically Correct Sciences? No! The people who use the language decides what is correct and what isn't. Don't say words like selfie and emoji aren't words just because those professors say it isn't? Language is as humans our best way to express ourselves, and if we are limited in what we can say by what is correct and what isn't, we have lost what little we had. - CityGuru

I totally agree with you. Especialyy people who hate "gonna". I think it totally is a word and it doesn't matter if someone else says it doesn't exist. - BlueTopazIceVanilla