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Nigahiga was known for the longest time as the most subscribed YouTuber of all time besides PewDiePie! Now we will find out what his greatest videos are. Please vote and comment on why you think yours should be number one.
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1 How to Sing Like Your Favorite Artists

! I love this video SO much. Absolutely hilarious. ( much like all his videos) I think this be number one because (a it's one of those videos that makes you fall over from laughing so hard and (b it's so clever. Only ryan could come up with neat ways to "sing" like your favorite artists! Pure genius and hilarity!

This video is so hilarious and should be #1 because I believe most Americans and also people around the world can relate to this and would understand the jokes.

This video made me laugh until I fell out of my chair. The fact that most of these actually sound like the actual artist was just so funny.

2 Agents of Secret Stuff

I think this should be crowned number one. Whenever I am having a bad day or anything this always makes me smile. Go Ryan! I love this video so much! I think there should even be a sequel to this. Plus this is his longest video and he spent the most time on this. He devotes his life to these video's and this proves it.

I think this is the king of all his videos. you can tell he put his biggest amount of effort and energy into this video. In fact I think he should get paid for this! He is way to funny. All me and my frienda talk about is how funny this is! Go ryan!

3 Nice Guys

I think all of his vidz are great and I don't want anyone of them in the last position. Still since this song is so catchy and fun, +1 for nice guys.

Amazing! I love Ryan higa he is halarious! Make sure to watch all of his videos, you will not regret it. He is my favorite YouTubers and I always enjoy his videos!

Possibly my favorite song and video! And the way they have their shirts in the video... I can't...

4 10 How To's That Will Blow Your Mind

If I'm not mistaking this for another video, (which I probably am), How to piss off a boy was the funniest.

This was the first nigh higa video I've ever seen and still my favorite

5 Dude vs. Wild - The Desert

Dude vs Wild - The Desert is the best and funniest nigahiga video of all time. The is not many videos of him outside and there is also a lot of funny jokes he does that makes me fall off my chair with laughter. Second should be the daily life of rustin hieber because that is hilarious as well.

It's the best it made me laugh all day, just from remembering the words they said. It should be #1 for sure

Ryanhiga is the best and this video made me laugh all day, just from remembering the words they said. It should be #1 for sure

6 Daily Life of Rustin Hieber

All Nigahiga videos are awesome, but this one is dear to my heart. I loved Justin Bieber before but now that I hate him, it's nice seeing other people doing their best to make his life laughable. Nigahiga got it spot on, and this video deserves to be Number 1 for that =))

This exactly proves what Justin Bieber is. He has ZERO talent. If youndo not know where Rustin Heiber came from instead of Justin he used his first letter of original name. Ryan- Rustin and Bieber is Higa- Hieber.

I couldn't stop laughing throughout the whole video! This was so funny! The song at the end was a keeper! Seriously, who didn't laugh during this video?

7 Honest Commercials

Everything in here was so jocular and realistic! I totally agree with nigahiga!

"What do you think he's on this time? " laugh out loud!

8 Draw My Life

This video was one of my favorites especially since his life is pretty dramatic and entertaining to watch.

I like the animation that he and his group made. And it made us move with his story like the animation

Oh come on I've been waiting for this one to come up since so long

9 The Ultimate April Fools Prank
10 I Navigator

This was the funniest video ever! I still think that Google Glass Human and Dear Ryan - Epic Meal Time should be on this list though. :/

Ehmagod hilarious! I love the censoring beep hee hee hee... This video made me laugh forever! Every time I remember it I laugh like a lot!

The funniest video I was laughing so hard I started coughing and choking.

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11 Things That Ruin Thanksgiving
12 How to be Gangster
13 Proving the Illuminati is Real

Videos like First World Problems and How To Sing Like Your Favourite Artists are funnier but this is Ryan's most creative and clever video!

Who the hell thinks like this? O_o just plain amazing...

14 Expectations vs. Reality: Action Movies

This is so funny especially the part where the car is after him and he just steps out of the way!

One of the few times where voting for just one is practically impossible.

15 How to Be Ninja

This is the reason that I got into nigahiga and YouTube in general! Man that was so long ago. It was the video that pretty much started it all, for a lot of people not just me, and it will always have a special place in my heart

This was the FIRST YouTube video I ever watched. it never gets old and I never stop laughing ha ha I just remembered (wheeze) cough cough and the big green ball! Oh my goodness it's so funny

This is the first Nigahiga video I ever saw. The entire "How to be" series is hilarious, but this one is definitely my favourite!

16 Christmas Songs in Real Life
17 The Ultimate Handshake

I don't know the words to the real cup song
but it doesn't matter anyway
because the cool part is the part with the cups
and the fact it was done it in one day/take
handshake song...handshakesonng... that's why I made the handshake song
I don't know how to do the cup thing I don't know what anna kendrick sings... that's why I made the handshake song...
I know the full song+the full handshake, its awesome!

This one is so creative and I like how there are no really loud instruments... Mainly just clapping and ryans sexy voice. Its also based off of the cup song

18 Honk For Japan!

This video should be number one. It is Nigahiga's best video because it is the first video that he's not trying to be funny, he is actually serious about helping Japan. It was cool because there were still some laughs but if you honked your car for him he would donate money for Japan which is awesome! GOOD JOB RYAN

This video is great because Ryan is showing how he cares about Japan!

19 Why You Should Be a Tuber Driver!
20 Daily Life of NinjaHinja
21 Off The Pill - Farts

I love it when he says the type of farts... Loud and proud, Silent but violent, and, its all just so funny.. I also like at the start of all Off the Pill videos he bounces that octopus up and down..

22 iPod Human

This was one of his videos, they classic ones that are bad quality, but still really funny.. It's a whole different type from his newer ones, but they are all good

23 Skitzo: The Last Skitzo

The best Skitzo by far.
It's Ryan's longest video and features many new characters and has a very big twist at the end!
Even though it is about 30 minutes long it never got boring. It was scary/dramatic and funny all the way to the end!

One of the absolute best! Probably even my favourite, it was so funny

Ryan: Am I the only one taking this seriously? Someone is dead!
Regina: Oh my God, who?

Its okay, but it is pretty long, he could have split it up into multiple videos so more people would watch whole thing more.

24 Off The Pill - Bieber Fever

"Sorry guys I'm a little sick today I think I'm coming down with a fever... BIEBER FEVER! " haha this video always makes me laugh at that very bit because his face is so cute!

25 Bromance (Official Music Video)
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