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1 Google Chrome

Safe, Secure, fast, Reliable, in fact the best browser in the world
Most used browser in the world. It's very impressive and deserves its top position

its very easy to search the data and it can store the links in an default manner...

Number 1 can beat it because... Google chrome is really a chrome... Moreover it has some feature like. Tagging system.. Themes.. And better access to facebook... Which I really hope from a web browser

I'm using it - Wobblygaming7

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2 Mozilla Firefox

Firefox rules it should be at the top I've tried chrome but I think Firefox is more organized and that's how I like it

It give security browsing and speed browsing. It supports all operating systems like windows, mac etc

Cant use Chrome as I heavily depend on IDM so its the best until chrome has a solution for IDM. FIRE-FOX rules.

Google suks meng

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3 Safari

What? For me, Safari is the best even I use PC. Try it and you can forcefully say that Safari is the best. Honest.

Safari, which is now avaliable for PC's has great look and optimized Tabbed browsing which comes with high speed. - IceCream

Honest pure review and not bias, I have use the latest version of Safari. I has nice looking design. However, its speed is slow compared with Google Chrome, CometBird, FireFox, Opera, Internet Explorer and other fast browses. That would have been ok for me if it had not been frozen (not responding) ans crashed. So I have to stop using it. Who else said it is one of the best browsers, though for my experience it is not true!

Amazing! Apple did great work. Chrome was way slower than Safari and Firefox with 50 tabs open. Good work.

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4 Opera

Fast, safe, functional, fun searching, and mouse gestures make Opera great browser - IceCream

lightweight, fast and slick, supporting web standarts - just the best for years. - Niefer

Love this browser so much.

Not actually that bad. - BlackAngel_ZombieBoy

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5 Internet Explorer

Internet explorer 9 is super fast, and you don't have to have millions of windows open, you can drag tabs into other windows. It doesn't crash as much either.

I get tons of crap for using IE from other web designers who hate it for always being a pain in the behind to code for. I say it's because I want to use the same browser that my audience is using... but the truth is: I love it. It's fast, simple, and ie9 is as sexy as I ever imagined a browser could be. - dallinatkinson

Internet Explorer has been the pioneer in web browsing for over a decade. Nearly three quarters of the Internet has been optimized for this browser, and the simplistic interface is both intuitive and functional. The UI is simply gorgeous, tabs, shortcuts, favorites, and history functions are all perfected. The browser is lightning fast, as well as feature rich. Aside from its obsolete Trident rendering engine (versus WebKit with Chrome, Safari, and Firefox), Internet Explorer is superior in every way.

What do Dora the Explorer and Internet Explorer have in common? They are both explorers who take 20 minutes to do their tasks! - BlackAngel_ZombieBoy

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6 Maxthon

The best browser honestly. You forget about chrome the very moment you get addicted to this. Trust me, I don't tell lies when it comes to web browsers because I have virtually the whole web browsers and non of them can beat maxthon

Filled with options and features other web browsers do not compare too. I recommend this browser to have with your others. Give it a try even on a USB stick.

People don't know about this browser, Maxthon 3 deserves more attention then it gets. It has way better features and speed compared to the other browsers ( it may also vary on your system ).

I showed my friends this browser and they stopped using whatever they were using and instantly started to use this and passing it along. I mean I has LEVELS what other browsers has a level system and exact amount of hours youve been on it. (I've been on maxthon for 2718 hours) and I'm in level 35. I sincerely hope whomever is reading to try this browser and or keep using it and spreding the "word".

no thanks

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7 YouTube Browser

I can see vivid video and audio using smart phone any time.

Best browser in the world

Excellent browser, I have seen.

Dose not exist.

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8 Netscape Browser

It is the best browser I ever seen


Not have having experience to share but their a positve talk on netscape browser


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9 RockMelt

I just downloaded rockmelt and its really fast! I think rockmelt should be on one of the top 5 of all time


Faster and better than firefox and gogle chrome. You can open two accounts at the same time. I think this also should be on the top.

It's the best browser I have used because the most imp thing in this browser is that it opens all the blocked pages which we can't open on others we can use them on this browser...

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10 Avant

I love how you can use three rendering engines in one browser without crashing. Plus, with mouth gestures and the Chrome Web Store--through the use of WebKit--Avant makes you feel like you're using the top three browsers in the world at the same time, on the same browser.

Looks good I'm looking for a kind of fast web browser I think I found it

Avant is best browser. Because it is really best.

I've been using it for 20 years and it just keeps getting better. It's painful to have to use anything else.

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The Newcomers

? Silk Browser
? Citrio

Citrio Browser is the best browse all times

Best service for Windows and android


It is experimental and formatted like Google Chrome (Chromium)
But it is insanely fast (900MB in 10 minutes)

The Contenders

11 Links

This browsers is superb. On first time when I thought that it is useless but my thought was not good.

Tel me the frist browser


Its amazing

12 Lunascape

Fastest browser there is!

It was good

13 CoolNovo

I like it because has omnibox and you don't even need to hit enter and the webpage is displayed

The best browser ever! It has many functions which make browsing on internet easier.

This is a very good browser and it is very fast

It Is so amazing.

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14 Tor Browser

You can access the "dark web" with this. Do not Google dark web unless you wanna be scarred for life it's full of drugs pedophiles and bad stuff - Lunala

Super private super awesome no history ever

This browser controls the 95 % of the internet

I use this for everything
We Are Legion
We Are Anonymous
We Do Not Forgive
We Do Not Forget
Expect Us

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15 AOL Explorer

I love this browser, this is the first ever browser I used as a child. Later my dad upgraded it to AOL Desktop. - Harri666

Nothing but "what's going on in Hollywood". Popup city. Adds, adds, adds. Junk. Don't get near it!


16 Edge

My favorite browser of them all. Fastest, cleanest and best looking one. I've used Firefox for decades pretty much, but after Edge I haven't even touched Firefox. Chrome is lame and always has been as far as I'm concerned. So Chrome is far far from being my favorite browser. Never was.

Excellent new browser from Microsoft, available on Windows 10 only!

Best to go with Windows 10, make Google the default browser and you are 100% good to go - MechanicalMechanism

This is a step up from IE. - BlackAngel_ZombieBoy

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17 Comodo Dragon

It's a great web browser, try it

It is simply like a dragon just most fast

Comodo dragon browser is the best for me..

Best secure Browser

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18 Deepnet Explorer

I love this... but it's the first time I hear of it

Good browser

Clicked by mistake so take my vote off

DEPNEET ill hack yur mom bra

19 UC Browser

the best mobile browser in terms of download speed, graphics, browsing experience, error freed sign ups, uniqueness, user interface etc. - jimmy12lee

I've been using this browser on my android tablet. It's very stable in terms of download, even if your downloaded files are not directly downloaded.. It resumes after the connection is established..

This UC Browser for Android phones is superb! Have lots of features, fast, user friendly and its too... Easy to use :) "Try it Guys"

It is the best browser I ever seen, and it has one disadvantage if we apply any wallpapers means after restarting the browser it automatically disappeared then again we have to apply it

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20 Crazy Browser

I am very sure that this is the best web browser ever

It's so crazy cool


Greart but no update - ammasad

21 Flock

On it now! I love it. My only problems with it are I can't use certain Google things (such as the new Google Docs) and my friends never know what my web browser is because it's so unpopular!

I so much love your browser

Was one of the best browsers out there but has discontinued

i flock

22 Android Browser

This browser is too fast all above.I use all the browser but get satify only on 'it - samrat

Would love to helop make my favorite browser even better.

23 Netscape Navigator

It is fastest and simply best

I like this browers

Been around the longest and it’s the Best,

24 Stainless

A fast, easy third party browser that can replace any popular browser in a snap! You can try it today if you want. It is a free and lightweight browser, so don't get any worries. - Miniman1676

Open source now too.

25 Opera Mini

AWESOME!... The best browser!... Light, fast, active and quick!

Ever best for mobile phones...

Also one of the best. - BlackAngel_ZombieBoy

Mast hai re baba

26 Google Chrome Canary

Canary builds are the bleeding edge. Released daily, this build has not been tested or used, it's released as soon as it's built. Because there's no guarantee that it will even run in some cases, it uses it's own profile and settings, and can be run side by side another Chrome channel. By default, it also reports crashes and usage statistics to Google it just like google chrome but faster and more unreliable

It's like chrome, but more up-to-date and secure.

I have used it from the day one, it is superb with win-10.

Weed is the besttt - xX_AS_Xx

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27 Lumia Browser
28 Microsoft Edge

I don't know why Edge is so far down... because right now, Edge is one of the best, if not the best browser Available for Windows, and even Android too...
Show some love to Microsoft Edge...

Sucks, memory hog.

29 Naked Browser

Good name... Laugh out loud

Yes, it's real. It's decent, it does its job, but it's not the most attractive. - BlackAngel_ZombieBoy

I will kill you


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30 Sunrise

Sunrise is a cool third party browser with a few amazing features. It's a reasonably fast browser and keeps simplicity with its many features. The most amazing feature is the bookmark sidebar it has. (please correct me if the sidebar is on another browser) - Miniman1676

31 OmniWeb
32 ONE Browser

It is actually a android browser and is similar to uc browser but takes less space than uc browser.

33 Wyzo
34 CometBird

This is very fast browser, I love it. More easy to use than Google Chrome.

This is simple to use, we can download flash videos as well

Very good secure browser with many Firefox goodies

The best in the world...

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35 Flying Fish

This the best best browser ever...

36 SRWare Iron

This is the fastest browser that I have found. You should give it a try. I LOVE IT...also has some really neat features. Really fast for Facebook games & You Tube videos.

A good browser that deserves to be in the top ten.

This is best web browser - my opinion

37 Yandex

I don't know why some people praise Maxthon. It can't really block most of ads and with its poor add-on store you can't even get an ad blocker! But Yandex comes with a powerful ad guard and no problem with YouTube. Build on the Chromium platform, It gives you high security and speed. It also gives you something close to Opera's start page (or "Tableau"), and I could use both Opera or Chrome's extensions on Yandex.

A great browser to try. HTML5 compatibility is great and as good as Chrome. Very agile!

Simplest and smoothest browser you'll ever use

Very nice - kedibey

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38 Baidu Mini



39 Chromium

Very Fast
This the best best browser ever...

40 SlimBoat

I have used this browser this has a lot of features.
Try it at once...

41 Pale Moon

Very serviceable without a lot of junk. Quick enough: the nanosecond winner of the above speed trials won't even register in your experience. Rarely crashes, even when I leave too many windows open. Logical connections between operations; the hackers were kept on a short leash.

This Firefox 64 bit variant is the best out there. I try others even the new Firefox but always return to Pale Moon. Love this browser! All the features and customization ability of Firefox and more.

Quick and simple, easy on resources and based on firefox's gecko engine

a thriving community you write them something in the IRC... it's the next patch, matching the firefox add-ons
all intuitive functions
a great replacement for the latest Firefox that has changed surprisingly and unfortunately ashes me all the settings and locked up my favorite features.
is based on a Goann engine and despite the fact that this is a novelty is surprisingly stable never before has it suspended me.
I spend moderately much time on the Internet, about 90% of my time on the Internet. Data from tuptime(3.2.10): Average uptime: 6 hours, 16 minutes and 3 seconds
My operating system:
4.13.0-37-generic x86_64 GNU/Linux Pale Moon Version: 27.8.1 (64-bit)

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42 Cruz
43 Skyfire

This is my first time I try this browser

44 Mozilla SeaMonkey

A great Mozilla product that works very fast

Very Fast and great for searching

Fast, reliable and faster than Google Chrome.

Have been using it for a number of years. Easy to use and fast.

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45 NetSurf
46 Amaya
47 Mtn Browser

It. Is okay because iam using. Mtn line

48 Mozilla Aurora

Fast Browser with real cool UI
No lags and bugs!
Work perfect on Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1 and on Android To!

49 Midori

Fast lightweight and secure. Awesome!

50 Polarity Browser

The most efficient browser ever created.

A feature packed, fast, secure, stable, and a highly customizable web browser that offers the latest web standards. Polarity also comes built in with adblock and Do Not Track for privacy concerns. All these aspects of Polarity help deliver a unique browsing experience which helps you enjoy the best of what the web has to offer.

Fast, lightweight, and private.

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