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Article directories can be a great way tool for gaining some traction for a new webpage or brand, generating buzz about a product, and generating backlinks for your site. But not all article directories are created the same. Creating articles directories became immensely popular among webmasters so their effectiveness lessened. Unlike the days when article directories were few and far between, the vast majority of today's article directories are a waste of time to submit to since they have minimal traffic, poor moderation, and pass no link equity.

Instead of wasting time submitting your articles to article directories that won't do you any good, make sure to focus on the sites that have the potential to reward your efforts. This list has been added to help determine which article directories are the best of the bunch.
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1 EzineArticles

This is the best Article directory out there and it has no restrictions for the content like all the others! And the best part is that you can even promote all your products for FREE!

Probably the most important article directory out there. Very well moderated, high pagerank, almost guaranteed indexing of your articles, and followed links.

Definitely one of the best article directories out there...

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Awesome article directory. I immediately started getting the traffic after publishing my article.

High pagerank. Good traffic, articles get approved within 2 days. Also they have not strict guidelines like ezine...

Good article directory.
We can also put our website link more than 2 times.

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3 ArticlesBase

The new website looks great but I am a bit confused in regards to what type of website this is, it seems to be a list website now that accepts articles. But it has been over 4 days since new articles were added? It be good if they accept articles at some point.

Was better before moving to no-followed links, but is a directory that seems to do well with syndication. Posting an article here will probably result in your article showing up on a number of additional sites as well.

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4 IdeaMarketers

Recently this site seems to have fallen into favor with Bing. Articles submitted here have been known to rank very well for reasonably competitive keywords within days of being submitted.

5 ArticleCube

Ideal for traffic. Has a high readership through their large social presence.

Well maintained and accepts well written articles.


Great directory that gives authors an author grade based on their writing skill and uniqueness of content! They have good guidelines and seem to only publish well written articles. I recommend it for professionals looking to gain recognition for their writing skill. Easy to use!

Very good with fast review time, strict guidelines. Some of my article were rejected due to bad grammar which means they are not auto approval which is a great plus.

Great website as it gives prompt response; they have an eye for detail as for the uniqueness of the article is concerned.
The best thing is they encourage new websites to showcase their work; also without compromising on the quality


Great new article directory that rewards authors by giving them reward points which they can redeem for points and prizes.


One of the most efficient article directory. I like it because is not free and does not have duplicated content

Surprisingly, for a new article director, my article was indexed by Google in the same day +1 for this

The Contenders

Great design and they accept articles fast, but the article quality ain't too good if you ask me.

12 Bong Articles

This is the newest Article directory out there and it has no restrictions for the content like all the others! And the best part is that you can even promote all your products for FREE!

13 Hichkey

Share your feelings, emotions, frustrations, ideas on Hichkey in the form of blogs and become a successful writer with us.

15 ArticleSnatch
18 Webmasters Buzz

Webmastersbuzz is free article submission directory site on web which only listing quality article for their users.

22 Ultraview Directory Articles
23 Anisha
24 is one of the most popular highest quality posts and articles Website on the web which publishes only quality articles realted to business, technology, fashion trends and much more.

25 The Content Group
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