Top 10 Greatest Internet Memes

Welcome, internet citizens, to our list of the greatest memes of all time! If you're not familiar with memes, then you're probably not on the internet enough, and we're here to help. Memes are those little nuggets of internet humor that can make you LOL, ROFL, or even LMAO. They're like inside jokes that everyone is in on, except for your grandma who still thinks "LOL" stands for "lots of love."

Our users have scoured the darkest corners of the internet to bring you the most hilarious, the most iconic, and the most absurd memes that have ever graced our screens. From the classics that started it all, to the current viral sensations that are taking over social media, we've got it all.

And just a warning: if you don't find any of these memes funny, you may need to check your pulse. We don't want any casualties on our hands.
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1 Rick Roll

Literally, the most iconic meme on the internet, and deservedly so. The song is good, and Rick Astley is also a pretty good music maker (though I have no idea if he has any controversy).

So, once I was in class and one of my classmates was showing a video to everyone. That was when I had no idea what a Rick Roll was. When I asked him to lower the volume, he said that he couldn't, and it kept playing.

But now that I'm older, I know what a Rick Roll is, so only now did I realize that I got Rick Rolled.

One time I was watching something, but then my mom came close to me and snatched my phone to see what it was. The screen was black, but unfortunately, she realized the video hadn't started yet. As soon as she pressed play, a miracle happened. She fell for my prank! Never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down, never gonna run around and hurt you.

2 Doge

A staple of the internet. It's sad that Doge is dead in real life now, but he (probably) lived a happy and good life. So, I'm just happy he got to live in peace. RIP Doge, you will be missed.

I like this meme because it's just a photo of a Shiba Inu, one of my most favorite dog breeds, giving the person taking the photo the "whale eye," which is a look dogs give when they're irritated or angry. Such a fluffy, angry dog.

But I hate this meme because it's possibly the one that gave rise to the "doggo speak," aka modern "Lolcat" dialogue. I detest such a thing.

3 It's Over 9,000!

Teacher: Each question on this test is impossible to get right!
Me: How many questions are on it?
Teacher: It's Over 9,000!
Everyone: Teachers are such snobs.
Me: They don't think they have a better social status, which is what that means. So they are not snobs, lol.

It's the answer to ANY question requiring a numerical answer. "How many times will Vegeta shout this phrase?" "OVER 9000!"

I don't watch Dragonball Z, but everyone knows about this meme. It's one of the best memes ever!

4 Chuck Norris Jokes

I hope you like these Chuck Norris jokes that I made up. Feel free to judge them:

Chuck Norris beat Battletoads while looking away with earplugs.

Chuck Norris doesn't catch Ebola. He catches Ebola and cancer and beats the crap out of them.

Chuck Norris could use a pogo stick, do a triple backflip over a canyon, while singing the national anthem backwards.

At the beginning of time, Chuck Norris shoved a little apple down Adam's throat, and that's why we have Adam's apples.

Chuck Norris is truly a master of karate. But his so-called "trick" made us laugh by making weird stuff about his strength.

- He can speak Braille.
- He can delete the Recycling Bin on his computer.
- He made the Virgin Islands... uh... Islands.
- Etc.

Chuck Norris always breaks the physical world that we live in. It's impossible to see such an amazing joke.

5 Trollface

The Troll Face is the classic and has seemed to have lasted the longest without losing popularity. I have just recently discovered memes (because I am a teenager), but the Troll Face really stuck out.

I love the troll physics series. I kinda dislike the fact they made Trollface into a badly drawn tentacle monster, but other than that, this is one of the best memes.

It used to be happy, but now it has changed into a demon version, which is known as the Trollege! Times were much simpler before this happened.

6 We are Number One

Very rarely will memes stand the test of time, but, like Rick Roll before it, this meme is truly timeless. On top of being really funny and an unironically great song, it celebrates the life and accomplishments of a truly great person. Rest in peace, Stefan Karl. You were and still are the definition of a meme lord. You will forever be number one!

This is one of the most pivotal memes that shifted meme culture from the laid-back and normie memes of the early 10s to the edgier and surreal memes of the late 10s.

7 Pepe the Frog

Pepe's longevity as a meme is greater than that of any other, by far. The moments of controversy surrounding it stand as a testament to its staying power. No other meme has been quite as influential in internet culture thus far, I think.

This meme left an impact never before seen in history. It became an honorary hate symbol. While Pepe was killed off in his original comic, he'll live on forever.

So much potential, yet we didn't realize that until lately. Who could've thought a frog could be so expressive?

8 Mama Luigi

Both Luigi and Yoshi agree on this.

9 Sanic

This meme has been around for over 9 years and hasn't died yet, while the memes above have.

By far the fastest meme, with the speed of 8.047399e10 times faster than the speed of light.

10 Shrek is Love, Shrek is Life

This meme is so bad that it's actually good. What do you expect from a post from 4Chan?

Shrek is not just a hobby, it's a lifestyle.

Shrek is Love, Shrek is Life. Shrek is Light, Shrek is Luxurious, Shrek is Luck.

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? Asdasdasd
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11 This is Spartaaa!
12 All Star

I know all the lyrics to this song by Smash Mouth.

This should be in the top 10. It never gets old.

13 YouTube Poop

From the classic Toys Gone Wild to the modern UNcredibles, YouTube Poop is one of the few online trends that doesn't die but rather evolves and adapts.

OMG, I love YTP (YouTube Poop)! I watch these a lot when I'm bored. In fact, I made a YTP video of The Lorax movie.

I just don't like it when other people don't find it funny because they probably don't get the meaning of YTP videos and what they are supposed to do. I just like watching them.

Peppa Pig ones are always my favorite, but I also like Family Guy ones too.

14 Nyan Cat

This is one of the only classic memes left, next to Yee, that hasn't died, in my opinion.

Hello, we are gonna... there's a cat here... and a Pop Tart... *sandwiches the cat between the Pop Tarts* oh look, a rainbow... *drops the cat on the rainbow, and the Pop Cat gets magical powers and flies through the air with a trail of rainbow behind it*

I tried dressing my cat up as Nyan Cat!

15 His Name is John Cena!!!
16 Flex Tape

Phil Swift. This guy is a classic. I don't care about his products, just him, that's it. He would cut a hole in my personality and seal it. NOW that's A LOT OF DAMAGE!

To show you the power of Flex Tape, I sliced a hole in reality and fixed it with Flex Tape!

Phil Swift can fix anything with Flex Tape, except your mental problems.

17 Arrow to the Knee

I used to be an adventurer like you. Then I took an arrow to the knee. Don't lie, you read that in the guard's voice.

I used to be alive like you, until I took a corona to the chest.

I wanted to make a top 10 list... then I took an arrow in the knee.

18 To Be Continued...
19 Dat Boi


And speaking of that Boi, I nearly laughed when the discipline master in my school said, "That boy, stand!"

At least it's relevant, unlike the cringy memes on this list. Except YTP. That's the only timeless one.

Never cared much for memes, but this one is just fun.

20 Do a barrell roll!

Damn, now I know. I was playing a game, and then this kid kept making a guy barrel roll, and said this every time.

21 Yee

This meme is so funny, with an ankylosaur and allosaur singing a funny song. However, I don't think it will survive for long.

It's actually tempting to watch this on loop.

Number 23 really? Yee should be placed at number 2.


One of the most classic internet memes, and it's still funny after 10 years!

Describes my attempts at talking to people quite well.

I can never look at one without laughing!

23 As Portrayed by SpongeBob

Websites Portrayed by SpongeBob:


*SpongeBob stares intensely into the T.V.*

*Gary comes in*

SpongeBob: GARY!

*SpongeBob changes the channel to the football channel*

SpongeBob: I-I was just watching some football, Gary!

I'm not a huge fan of SpongeBob, but these are hilarious! Especially the "Insert Band Here" albums portrayed by SpongeBob.

SpongeBob can portray anything, given the right clips.

24 Why You Always Lying

Preston Garvey: I got something different for you.
Me: Why the f you lyin'? Why you always lyin'? Hmm oh my god, stop f-ing lying!

Remember when they said bears were easy in Skyrim?

Your father gave me a small loan of a million dollars. It hasn't been easy for me. Why you always lying?

25 Pedobear

Pedobear is creepy. He tried to chase The Powerpuff Girls!

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