Top Ten Web Design Problems

What are some of the things that you should avoid implementing when making a website?
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1 Floating Pictures

You know what I am talking about. They are those floating images that tend to move all over the page making it so you can't click or do anything at all. Why do people Include these? I am aware it is to make it so that the pictures stand out, but when it is impeding the users' usage of the site then you have a problem.

The single most annoying thing about browsing on mobile, particularly since you can't actually see what you came to look at. Worse still: floating ads.

I have an experience on web design. The CSS float property sucks and floating images is pretty hard. Floating divs is even worse!

2 Pointlessly Flash-Based Websites

I am all for Flash games, and I even think Flash sites are good if they are to attract the attention of younger kids. However, when sites are uselessly using Flash when they could quite easily be a normal website then I think a few changes should be in order.

To those that are unaware, Flash has quite a few issues with browsers. One is the excruciatingly long loading times they often include, and if the user has a bad Internet connection (not everybody's Internet connection is flawless) then it could prove to be frustratingly slow and laggy.

Not only that but accessibility is key when making a good website, and Flash based websites arn't always available on certain browsers and mobile phones.

3 Splash Pages

Splash Pages can be useful if you need to display a quick piece of news for the website, but when it is nothing but the site's logo then it gets pointless. Why do you need to see what site you are going to when you probably already know already? Wouldn't it be best to remove the Splash Page and leave the logo in the corner of the site?

4 Too Little Information

This is more or less the opposite to Walls of Text, but this is still equally annoying to a visitor. A good website leaves you with a usable amount of straws to grab at based on what it is for, who its target audience is and where to go to use its facilities. When the website doesn't leave you with anything to grab at, then the user is unlikely to use your website as they don't know anything about it. Too little information also leads to too little trust in the site!

While too many ads are annoying and so are walls of text, too little information is consistently the most annoying problem I have ever had to experience as a web designer.
Sometimes I come across websites (usually a consulting firm or a startup) that have absolutely no information about their business. If a person can't tell what you're trying to sell them at first, they are going to click away. Same with putting what most viewers want at the bottom of every page in a tiny link. Also, some designers tend to put the address and phone number in an extremely hard-to-spot area. Nobody cares about your Papyrus "Founder's Message", give more information about the actual business!

5 Psychedelic or Picture Backgrounds

These are a major issue with Web designing. Not only do they look rather tacky and unprofessional, but they also have a habit of rendering the text on the website completely unreadable. Some picture wallpapers are alright if they are faded or simply a pattern, but when they are full colour and there is no text box around the text then it makes them a nightmare to read.

This could be fixed by highlighting the text or copying it into a Word document, but that is only if the visitor cares enough to do so.

6 Too Many Advertisements

Yes I know, ads are used by websites to get money. However when there are so many ads that you can't go anywhere without being greeted by "try out our new product it's amazing" then it could be the equivalent of a cat wailing into your ears every time you try to make a move. It's certainly not fun for anyone.

7 Walls of Text

I'm not against putting information into your website, but when text is all you see then you have a problem. Not only will the visitor likely not want to read it, but it can also be quite an eyesore as well.

Remember not all humans are patient saints!

8 Sites With Autoplaying Music

I'm not against music on a site if it is a media or music website you are visiting, however autoplaying music can lead to major embarrassment if you are not expecting it (true story) and it adds onto the loading time of the page, when you could quite as easily remove the music and have a page load quicker.

I hope it's not anything by Justin Bieber.

I hate these! I see these in ads a lot.

9 Unreadable Fonts

Font choice is a major thing when Web designing, and when you use a font so curly and fancy that it can't be read by a small screen or in a small font then that isn't helping anybody. This could be considered a similar issue to psychedelic Backgrounds, but a least then it works of you select the text. This time, it doesn't work at all!

10 Buttons With No Leads

I have seen these many times before in the past. These are those hyperlinks and buttons that don't tell you where they are going to go until you hover your mouse over them, or even more annoyingly, click them. These are frustrating because in the worst case scenarios they can leave the visitor confused and irritated, which is likely to them not using the site.

Sites are meant to be tools to be used by the public, not a maze game!

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11 Pages With No Back Link
12 Items of Minor Importance That Are Too Large to Load In Time
13 Text Pushed To One Side of the Page
14 Foreground and Background Colours Being Almost Identical
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