Top 10 Reasons Why Old TheTopTens Users Are Better Than Current Users

Hello, I am a visitor with no account and I never had an account on here. I would just like to say that old TheTopTens users were better than most users now. I will list the reason why. And these are all facts from what I seen. And this is just sad. You TheTopTens users now are very whiny. At least the old users had great post. Admin please don't delete this list because it's something needs spoken. No it's not targeted to every user now, it's targeted to some not all.
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1 They didn't do it for popularity.

As a new user myself I disagree. First off I'm only doing it to improve and be better then my old account Jeffery0206. Secondly this list is a bunch of trash. There's a lot of new good users out there, I'm one of those. Also how can you judge users if you don't even have a account? I make a lot of music lists because I have a deep appreciation for Rock, Metal and Punk music equally. I never joined this site for popularity but rather to be redeemed and forgiven for what I did with my old account Jeffery0206. Even bad users can change, I'm living proof of that anyway, whoever made this list clearly doesn't understand that both old and new users make lists not for popularity or recognition but rather to make lists about something they have compassion for and like. Lastly this list is a bunch of trash, that I'll glad throw in the dumpster!

Alright. Who made this trash heap of an offensive list? Okay, maybe I am a bit TOO focused on trying to get followers nowadays, but that was never my intention in the first place! People get accounts on this website because they want to make lists and posts they are passionate about! This isn't just your average social network website. It's a top ten lists website! We mainly come here to share our opinions on the lists and posts we make and contribute to this website! And come on, the new users aren't bad. For example, my friend CastlevaniaFanboy128 isn't only here to be popular. He got an account in the first place because he loves this website and wants to help contribute to it and express his opinions on things he likes in comments, remixes, and posts. Same thing goes for me. I primarily got an account on this website because I wanted to make comments expressing my love for anime and other things I like as well. In conclusion, both old AND new users on this website are great.

This list is offensive. I'm a newer user. I don't try to be rude. I don't do it for popularity. I just had good ideas for lists and decided to stop being a Visitor so that I could make those lists. I may not be ALL nice, but, no one's perfect. I may insult Croatia and Cats a little too much, but, to be fair, Croatia is a terrible country (I was born there so I know), and Cats aren't even domesticated. And plus, who are you if you can't take a little constructive criticism? This list really offends. It doesn't matter when you join, but only how you act. I didn't try to be rude, but that's just who I am. Deal with it.

Not really. When I came here on this site back in November 2014, I just stuck around to make some remixes. But when I actually started interacting with other users, I started making blog post series. No, I didn't do this for popularity, I just wanted to contribute high-quality content with blog posts, since lists and remixes weren't my thing anymore. It's just that with the contributions, popularity started to come with it. And no, I'm not bragging about my content in such a way that you'll automatically think it's good. I've also had a lot of flaws as a user.

2 They never created bad lists like ways to kill a celebrity

Even though one or two have gone up recently, many of them have been around for quite a while. You can't blame all of these onto brand new users, many of whom would never make such a list anyway.

Why would anybody make a list about killing a celebrity? That would just make people think you're messed up in the head.

If this list is saying that all new users are whiny and selfish, then that's not true. There are MANY great new users.

If you guys looked at the description, he said that I was targeted towards some users, not all.

3 They wrote good posts

Old users wrote great posts with humor, sarcasm, and excellent writing styles, when ranting, reviewing, or just making a really good T.V. Based series.

New users only make two types of blog posts. The ones that tell you to rate them, and the ones that tell you to rate some random thing like "Rate Music Artists" or "Rate T.V. Shows".

Yeah that's true. Well I only have two high quality posts, which I'm not sure if I deserved or not. Also, am I considered a new or old user? I joined October 2015.

Not really; if you check out the posts labeled High Quality, there are actually more of them now, which also means there is quality AND quantity.

Lots of them are highly regarded for great quality in their posts.

4 Current users act like special snowflakes
5 They never cared about having a lot of followers

I don't really care about followers. I have messaged some users, however that is mainly to introduce myself or ask for advice when I first joined. I wouldn't simply say hi at this point, as I am worried it will come across as desperate.

Well, I don't force people to follow me. But you can make a lot of friends on this website. I try to follow every good user as possible, mostly if they are online.

While it's nice to have followers, it's not my main focus on the site. My main focus on this site is to make music lists that I think of and like, that's it really.

I see this as well. I'm a new user and appreciate the follows, but I don't need them. Though maybe I'll become egotistical down the line, who knows.

6 They never asked people to rate them

I never understood why would anyone would want some random stranger online to rate them.

> B-buh muh criticism

Oh come on, this site is about creating list and having fun. It's not some serious business. Just make your list, make sure it follow the guidelines, and go. If you want criticism go somewhere else like to an ArtStation, SoundCloud, or YouTube. Those sites provide the criticism that you want. And no, criticism does not mean insulting, attacking, and giving someone a low rating just because you don't like them or because they were mean to you and your friend. Criticism is about honest feedback on someone's work and providing suggestions on how that individual can improve.

Well, I asked some users to rate me. but not by making a post "rate me". I just asked few who themselves created posts to rate users. is that a bad thing?

I'll rate this list if you need. From one to five I give this list a negative one.

What's so bad about that? It's just like criticism.

7 Current Users are going to make a rant on this list because they're mad

And you think the old users won't? Obviously. Look at the title of the list.

Nah not me. I'm laid back m8 with mah mind on my TopTens account and my TopTens account on my mind. (Yeah that's a horrible remix)

Yeah of course I'm mad there are a lot of new users who are just as good as the old users

8 They weren't looking internet friends

So what, it's a bad thing to want friends? And this is coming from AN AUTISTIC USER. Having friends is by far one of the best things about this site. It's one of the reasons I stick around! As a community this site opens up one's views on the world. There's things about the world that I hate but I ALWAYS feel good when I can talk to people who 100% agree. Like how we all hate the new SpongeBob episodes such as A Pal for Gary and The Splinter. But we all are here to socialize. And like I said, I AM AUTISTIC and I STILL know the importance of friendship. It's why The Fox and the Hound is the best movie of all time. It shows us that people can friends despite differences. It's also why Charlotte's Web is the second best book of all time next to The Bible. And the original Charlotte's Web movie is the second best movie of all time next to The Fox and the Hound.

Um, hello? Wdym? The internet was made for social networking. We're supposed to find friends on here, that's why stuff like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, 4chan, TheTopTens & many more websites were made. We're supposed to connect with people on this site & many more.

Seriously? Friends are the reason I stick around. I am autistic, and have no friends in real life. Friends like Disney1994, BKAlmighty, keycha1n, Minecraftcrazy530, AnnonymousChick, Nintendofan126, and PositronWildhawk are ALWAYS there to listen to my problems. If it weren't for TheTopTens, I would feel SO LONLEY. For all you other autistic TopTenners, I sincerely hope you don't get ridiculed like I have just because you are autistic.

I've been around here for 3 years and one of the biggest advantages in this website is that I got to make friends with a lot of wonderful people. I wasn't exactly 'looking' for friends, but I don't see anything wrong with it either

9 Current users bully Justin Bieber fans

One user who loves JB is being cyberbullied by lots of Users and visitors. Some visitors are sticking up for her and telling those Users to leave her alone which is good and nice of them. I think the Top Tens is really going downhill not only those Users who bully JustinBieberLover is making themselves and the Top Tens look bad, but are making their parents look bad. The Top Tens is a site where you a community not a site where you are to treat people wrong for their likes. I don't care if it's criticism or your opinion learn to keep it to yourself and yes I've done some horrible things and I'd like sorry for what mean and terrible things I've done. I've learn to be more nicer and show some maturity. I'd hope you users learn to treat someone with respect.

Says the person who listed his least favorite on his profile can you explain that to me Mr. Creeper. Basically JB is getting money while you're not. Justin isn't putting his least favorite users on his profile.

Justin Bieber jokes died long ago, and currently flying its ghosts in the sky. writing bad things about justin bieber is boring. and I don't think a user should bully another user if he/she like justin bieber. and I haven't seen many

I don't care about Justin Bieber.

10 Current users are disrespectful

Visitor, because they would look up for an UNKNOWN user from TheTopTens and think that it's that person just because of little evidence supporting the connection between the person and the user.

Apparently, most of these people could actually have a completely different life outside TheTopTens. And yeah, my life is also different from my life in the internet.

This is completely false. I've seen more than enough examples of kind and polite users showing up recently who respect other people's opinions and are civil towards the entire community. Sure, there's still the occasional troll and immature bigot, but they're too insignificant to cast a shadow over the influence of decent newcomers here.

Well, I've only been on this site for a couple minutes, and most of the people I've seen so far are pretty friendly and funny &.
But I guess every website has people that are rather...toxic, so yeah. I haven't met any so far, and I hope I don't!

NESSquid needs to get a life and stop being desperate followers and read Dork Diaries before disliking the series.

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11 They weren't sensitive sissies

And that won't be me. It would be either I take criticism or give out my reasons defending my point.

I feel like this list is kinda aimed at me right...

This list is very accurate.

Well, that was pretty rude...

12 Current users are instigators

We look for people's reasons in not backing up their opinions, so what's bad with that?

13 Current users are often closed-minded metal heads that think metal is the best genre

Not at all really, I know new metal head users that don't Metal is the best genre. Favorite/ best genre is subjective not objective there is no best genre there's only one's favorite genre and least favorite genre.

It seems like most arguments start between metal and pop fans. while I have seen some rock fans are supportive towards metal fans and rap fans are supportive towards pop fans. but smart users never slip into arguments

Velitelcabal misinterpreted the meaning of favorite genre. Especially with pop fans.

And you misinterpret the meaning of "favorite genre".

14 Current users bully Nicki Minaj fans

Apparently even though this won't change the users that treated him incorrectly and lied that they were his friend, but you can't change them. Let them do that stuff and they will face the consequences of their actions. It's best not focus on them, just live your life and stay in school. Yes I do agree that what they did was messed up, but don't try to Change people. They're human beings also and they have lives to live.

Thank you, I just hate it when people treat others wrong. I'm just an 8th grader girl and a police officer came up to my school and talked about bullying and to change ourselves. I used to treat others wrong in elementary school, but I don't do it anymore. I learned my lesson and to ignore people who talk trash. I also apologized for my actions.

Bullying pretty much sucks, you shouldn't pick on someone that likes nicki minaj or any other music preference.

Well just remember that some people are going to change and some are not going change. It's life.

15 Current users are more selfish
16 Current users force opinions on everyone

No, it's called persuasion backed up with logical reasons.

17 Current Users Bully People Who Like The Minions

That's just stupid!

18 New users think swearing is good

Okay, "new" users, generally speaking, do swear more than they should, but I am still yet to say anything worse than "dang."

Admin banned swearing for a reason, and it's good that he did.

19 They didn't call themselves mature

Maturity is based on what others think, not what you think. It's one of those few things that you can't judge for yourself; others must judge how mature you are.

For my age, I'm the most immature person ever. Me and my best friend are but we know things most "mature" people don't know.

I'm not afraid to admit that I can be a bad person.

People who call themselves mature or try to act like it, tend to not be mature

20 Old users didn't list their least favorite user on their profile

The only reason why new users put their least favorite top tenners on their profile, is because their telling people which top tenners they like and which top tenners they dislike. Is it really that bad to tell people users top tenners you don't like?

When I first time joined toptens, I also though I should make a list of my favorite users on my profile. but something stopped me. and I though it would be wiser if I don't write things like these. least or favorite users. I think a user can imagine himself/herself who likes them and who don't.

Sometimes people do this for a reason. You should not be so quick to bash and judge without thinking why it happened.

I'm guilty of this in my old account. Then again, I was like, 9, 10, somewhere around that area. Glad I forgot the password.

21 They ask people to criticize them

I never asked anyone to criticize me, if people criticize me they do it themselves on their own free will. God I'll need a lot of bleach to read through this list!

Yeah, but you users using criticism too damn much and it's getting ridiculous.

I don't ask people to criticize me because that's not important.

Criticism helps you do better. You learn from them.

22 They were nicer

I'm not sure. My friends are from Gen 18 like me, and they're really nice! Most older users ignore me.

I've been here since 2009? Does that mean I'm nice? I hope I'm nice.

I try to be nice, though I can't force opinions.

MatrixGuy and Alexandr were nice users.

23 Old users didn't talk to people they didn't like

And that makes them "better"?

24 They didn't have a lot of mainstream bashers

Ok, I admit, I bashed Zootopia for like four months, but I STOPPED! I rarely bash things nowadays...

Bashing the mainstream is giving them more money and filling the pockets up.

Says the guy who said if you hate pop then you hate metal.

Did you know that there's such thing as opinions?

25 They didn't whine about the new policies

Stop whining about that policy. It didn't do anything wrong, and you need to stop whining about it. If I were a user who joined in 2013 or 2014, before the policy, I would've been fine with it.

To be fair, the "policy" isn't new and predates almost every single active user on the site. Only a handful of users (maybe a dozen or so) can actually call them "new".

Considering I've been on TheTopTens since 2015 it's strange I don't quite know the "new" policies. That's just me. Let's get to you.

Neither do I, and I joined for 3 months.

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