Simpsondude Rants - Nicki Minaj

simpsondude First let me get this straight shes even worse than justin beiber, and now heres the rant first when anaconda turned on the radio i jumped up immediately and turned it off and after 2 seconds of that i had a huge headache.Now heres the reasons why i hate her (im only gonna say ten of those)

1.She wastes her money for fake stuff and puts plastic in her a#%

2.She actually made a song about her a#%

3.Shes gross and cusses way too much for example in stupid hoe she wont stop saying "im gonna piss on these bi#$%@!" its more nasty than that

4.Her lyrics are horrifying and just gross shes so mean

5.Once again shes mean she hates alot of people especially lil kim and even good ones like selena gomez

6.She likes bad people like drake and lil wayne and even wants to make a song with them (i dont know how bad that will be)

7.Her fans what can i say about them they wont respect others opinions there were even nicki minaj fan accounts which are just so annoying they say shes the "queen" and hate on others opinions

8.Nicki herself hates her haters or people who dont like her that is just bad even justin or 1D or anybody else does that

9.She makes useless songs like Stupid hoe which is about lil kim and most of her other songs are about her a#%

10.Well i know this should of counted as one but SHE LIKES JUSTIN BEIBER she made a song with him which is Beauty and a beat and she was horrible i had to say justin was better than her in that one

There you have it just some of the reasons why i hate her tell me in the comments below what you think i should rant about next thanks for reading!


It was very funny on the Stupid Video where she tried to hold her breath on those vocals. Haha - JaysTop10List