Top 10 Reasons to Hate Nicki Minaj

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1 Stupid Hoe

Seriously just listen to this one song, it is one the the most atrocious mass ear-raping piles of crap ever concieved to mankind. That should be reason enough to despise her.

The irony of her calling someone a stupid hoe.

This song was based on herself. But she insists it's about lil kim. - BellaThornesuxx

Her attitude, her behaviour, the disgusting way she acts in front of crowds, how she's always about sex and being a porn star, the pathetic excuse for 'music' that she makes, the lyrics littered with swearing, sex, drug references - Y'all can confidently say that she doesn't deserve a career in the music industry.

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2 Her irritating voice

Her songs are ALWAYS about sex, name ONE song by her that isn't about sex! See?! That's what I thought, she seems to have a very nice personality but her songs are literally trash.. I think she only gets cash for her big plastic ass and boobs, and her stupid music videos of her literally naked, she complains about her private part being seen but it's no big deal if we saw it considering she's normally got her boobs bulging out anyway! Her voice sounds like.. I don't know! Someone strangling a monkey!

Despite stupid hoe being the worst "song" I have heard the thing that does it for despite her annoying porn star image and awfully written lyrics is her voice. Her voice just makes my ear's bleed she sounds like a horny strangled monkey on autotune

She sound's British one minute, then the next Indian.

Grand Piano, Bed of lies? , her emotional ones, chun li? your love, boo�'d up remix

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3 Anaconda song

Uhh. I really hate the video to that song just watching that big fake ass wobble all over the screen, it's just degrading to women, please women don't twerk! It's so so low.

Horrible, just HORRIBLE. And to know people actually like this song makes me fear for society.

This was even worse than Stupid Hoe. - Minecraftcrazy530

Even though I love her and she is gorgeous she does show off too much skin and this video is a rude for younger audience
- Paige 13 years old

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4 She's a hypocrite

She judges other people's singing yet can't sing to save her own skin.

She said : "If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all"
But she also said : "YOU A STUPID HOE"

She wants to be like lil kim to much, but lil Kim's been round for to long for her to even take her place, nicki minaj and her blow up ass

She's a slag and England hates her

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5 She uses bad language

I don't care about the swearing but the fact that she talks about her fake a$$ on Anaconda is not appropriate for anyone at all

Everything she ever says us nasty, even that ugly hole she calls a mouth.

I'm not the person that cares if an artist swears but she uses it all the time. It's ridiculous!

God dislikesaid bad words. Nicki Minaj lost faithful to the god.

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6 Repulsive to look at

She knocks me sick so much, because she wants to be barbie, barbie is plastic and fake? That is why she is perfect, she's trying to take people's fashions, she needs to go back to her no named hats and stop saying stuff about lil kim also, obviously nicki's jealous, kim was around when the notorious BIG was. Nicki has got to get her own style not be so annoying because she is fake, she done rude pictures to ' get attention' a lady shouldn't do that if there trying to make it big who's really the ' stupid hoe' just because she may have a few ok songs doesn't mean she's the best or is going to ever be

In the words of Confucius, everything has beauty, it's just that not everyone sees it. Had Confucius known that Nicki Minaj would exist, his philosophy would have been globally questioned. - PositronWildhawk

I wish I could vote for all! - rahmaabdelrahman

Nicki Minaj is REALLY problematic, no wait! Problematic is an understatement! She's a nasty as hell prostitute and one of the worst things America had ever done! She is SO FAKE, it makes me puke. I mean surgically enhanced boobs and butt, hair extensions, bleached skin, surgically enhanced lips and nose, fake Barbie wigs, too much makeup, she's extremely repulsive to look at! And this enhances the fact that SHE'S the ONLY "stupid hoe" on the planet. Yes, Nicki. WE ALL KNOW YOU'RE TALKING ABOUT YOURSELF IN THAT SONG! JUST ADMIT IT! YOU GOT BUSTED! And her lyrics are just as repulsive:
"F*ck em skinny b*tches"
"B*tches ain't sh*t"
"Man I make the baddest b*tches send me nudes"
"If a b*tch try to get cute, id throw some money at her, and yell f*ck her! "
"Assailum aikum, where the **** is akbar? "

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7 Her videos

She is a crappy rapper, and a professional stripper

Her videos are so disgusting and it's all her so selfish a lot or HER videoS ARE ALL ABOUT HER ASS

Her videos and songs are the dumbest I've ever seen. I actually had a seizure by watching one of her videos (think it was stupid hoe but not sure).

Her boobs and ass is the only reason why shes popular. #GoStrip

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8 She is a bad example for kids

Not just for kids, she's a bad example for anyone! - RiverClanRocks

You guys are stupid. Nicki doesn't have to be a good role model. Do you think she makes music for kids? HA! Her music is CLEARLY NOT for kids. Her target audience is the older people. You can't just expect every artist to be a good role model. Some artists (like Rihanna and Miley Cyrus) are completely age inappropriate at all. But they get less hate. If you grown ups want good role models for your children, do it yourself. Being a good role model is not her responsibility. And all her songs have no meaning? I would believe that if she didn't write songs like "The Night Is Still Young", "Bed Of Lies", and "Grand Piano". And that's not all. You should dig deeper to her real personality. She's not the porn star you people see often.

I'm still a kid and she is a really singer BOO! She is so bad.

Just because of songs like Anaconda and Stupid Hoe, you automatically think “Nicki Minaj is a WACK role model! ” First of all, it is NOT her responsibility to be a role model! That’s the PARENTS’ job! Second of all, she COULD be a good example for kids. She’s a feminist, she wants kids to stay in school, she inspires people to be themselves. Literally, there is a video of her saying “go to school, get your education.” She also speaks up for social issues, and is a #BlackLivesMatter supporter! Based on the above evidence, Nicki Minaj is a GREAT role model!

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9 Her songs make no sense

I agree she is not a great singer and not even really a GREAT rapper, I bet she doesn't even write half of her own songs. that's why she has to use auto tune and make raunchy/ soft porno music videos to sell her music. Because her music is WHACK and has no real meaning, story or message behind the songs.

There is no kind of message in any song, Nicki Minaj is one of the best examples you can have for commercial music.

This wouldn't be much of a problem if the songs themselves are catchy, but no she can't even do that right.

It's so weird

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10 She's more plastic than a Barbie doll

Her butt is so big it's bigger than an elephant

She so plastic barbie got nothing on her

I can't believe she had a surgery for her butt it's gigantic and it's all floppy

She's too much fakeness.

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? Her song Chun-Li has nothing to do with Chun-Li
? She's ignorant and arrogant

She always want to be a queen and winning every award from the bet award show every year. Nobody is perfect. So stop acting like she perfect l.

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11 Autotone

Her overdosing on auto-toning her tunes is enough to make even Ke$ha blush.

I swear her auto-tuning is worse than Rebecca Black!

She's an ugly annoying ratchet hoe I hate her so much


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12 She's part of the degeneration of mainstream music

It's not just Nicki, music has been going down hill for a LONG time, nowadays it doesn't matter if you can sing or not because they have Auto tune. It seems talent is not important. As long as you look good and your willing to drop your self respect, Morals & dignity & shake your ass all over the T.V. screen and sell pure sex appeal you'll be fine. Not enough respect is handed to those woman who CAN sing, who have self respect and cover themselves up and don't act like complete hoes. Instead all of the little hoes like NICKI get put on a pedestal and the really talented singers who aren't hoes get put aside.

Her crap infects us all; we can't just turn this off. It is influencing audiences to like music, making it harder and harder to listen to the radio. Other artists will be influenced by her because she's so commercially successful. I weep for music. She's getting rich by trashing our culture.

This is not a broad statement. It is straight up FACT. She makes me so angry that every time I hear her horrible, horrible, horrible voice I wanna shove a bottle of flaming hot sauce down her throat.

There is a saying by William Shakespeare:the fault dear Brutus is not in our stars,But in ourselves.

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13 ABC called her a role model for the youth of America

What?! Oh, come on! A role model? You've got to be kidding me. There is no way, shape or form on the face of this planet that that little piece of used chewing gum stuck to the underside of a resturant table is even worthy of being called human, never mind a role model. Who in their right mind would called Nicki Minaj a role model? That's like saying that foods that are high in saturated fat are actually good for you, but they're not. The people at ABC are either just mentally retarded, or were on drugs at the time when they said this, because Nicki Minaj is a much as a role model as a gummy worm, and even that has more talent at rapping. And I swear to dear God, if Nicki Minaj brings her butt anywhere near me and starts rapping out nonsense, I will ram my fist down her throat, rip her vocal chords out, so that the world won't have to deal with her crap anymore.

I'd rather have Ozzy Osbourne as a role model for children. Better yet, James Hetfield, or Ronnie James Dio, or Dave Mustaine, Kurt Cobain, Freddie Mercury, and any of the Beatles. - LostDream258

I'm sure that the people who said this were on drugs or something. Nicki is the opposite of a role model. - RiverClanRocks

How the hell is Nicki a role model for young people?! All of her songs are about sex and she lets herself get treated as an object. (And she enjoys it! ) She wears barely any clothes in her music videos, lets her fat ass wobble around in front of the camera, and always cusses! She literally swears in every song! A couple of her songs have curse words in the title. She's just a stripper who knows how to twerk and rap, I certainly wouldn't want kids growing up to be like her! - Popsicles

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14 Her body is plastic

Yet she praises it so much, and she makes everyone feel bad because they aren't as famous as she is. Well she wouldn't be either, if Lil Wayne was smart. Well Lil Wayne isn't

Please... Someone just do planet Earth a favor already and assassinate her. - LostDream258

Of course her body is plastic! The only two ways to say that is real is being blind or never have seen a real woman before.

Of course she is the butty Nicki Minaj.all her body is made of plastic of course.completely fake body and no one likes her so bad luck Nicki.not the only one who has ass.stop showing off because you are fake and a bad example to younger kids that watch you on YouTube or online or need to star quality mate.😝😝

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15 Helped kill hip hop

She killed hip hop even more with that inhuman Stupid Hoe song.

She been killed hiho. She killed it whennshe song on drake song best I ever had. I thought t myself damn Nikki u sound like a garbage truck tryna rap brbri

16 She uses other people's songs and turns them into rubbish ones.

Anaconda. One word. What, it's Baby got back...

Get silly by soulja boy was one of the songs she used :( - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ

So what ever she can do what ever she want and you can't stop her

...Except the law... What is doing is plagiarism. And the original creator of a song or beat can sue Nicki Minaj big time. Plagiarism is not tolerated in the world of music, just as in the world of books. - LostDream258

More like she ruins the songs shes featured on.
Ariana Grande- "Side to Side"
Nick Jonas- "Bom Bidi Bom"

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17 Anaconda got nominated for a Grammy

This was when all hope for humanity went down the drain

Why isn't this first?

18 Her song Only

The music video is full of Nazi imagery. PROOF THAT SHE IS EVIL

The music video is proof that Young Money are run by Nazis.


Nick minaz tried to be cute in the video but shebor he is a fat co. Brbri

19 Her music
20 Her albums
21 She hates skinny girls

Apparently she considers herself as a skinny girl... So why would you make a song like anaconda? Fail.

I don't know because I'm skinny and I don't give a DAMN if she dies from too much sex and stuff that's her probably

Makes me feel bad about being skinny and having high metabolism

Nothing wrong with skinny gal you fake

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22 She's Illuminati

I completely agree. that arse must be a triangular clue to the foreign cosmos of Illuminati and she probably conspire with all the evil world leaders to make the next generation a disgrace to humanity.

Yes, she loves to have sex with demon's 12 inches cock.

She likes the devil

If that is true send a proof don't let it go that far

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23 She's ugly

She wouldn't be so ugly if it weren't for all that plastic surgery, but it's too late now. I don't understand how people find her pretty, her face is revolting! If her giant lips and eyelashes weren't enough, they're always covered in layers and layers of hideous, bright makeup in colors that look bad together. She also makes nasty facial expressions a lot, which doesn't help. She wears barely any clothes and dresses like a stripper in all her music videos. Her hair is probably the worst part, it's always bright colors that don't even go with her outfits. - Popsicles

I couldn't stand 10 minutes of looking at her ugly rat like face!

The only way she got famous is for that plastic filled a**, and we all know it.

Look at her before plastic surgurey! she was still butt-ugly! - StayAlive

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24 She has an ugly laugh

She laughs like a stupid person n Anaconda - Orlandolaked

It sounds like a witch!

Because she is a witch

Too much weirdness evil.

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25 Her lyrics

Yeah her lyrics don"t have any sense

26 She copies many artists

She copied Lil kim and and Lady Gags

27 She's a disgrace to music


28 She said "Don't put someone down to make yourself better" but sang Anaconda

Don't put some one down? Nicki, You've dissed us skinny people! You hypocrite. - MeaganSaysHI

Actuly this is smart quote

29 She's fake

i agree

30 She changed her name

And? Most singers change their names


31 Her voice

Thousands of people committed suicide because of her voice!

32 She objectifies women with Anaconda

And yet she is a woman herself - StayAlive

33 She destroyed Madonna's and Eminem's careers by doing songs with them

Eminem continued to keep a steady career. But Madonna seems to have died, using this as a method for instance - Hotheart123

This anti-talented bitch is not worthy of collaborating with good singers like Ariana Grande. I mean I LOVE side to side and I like that Ariana is embracing her sexuality, but this thing RUINES THE SONG with her atrociously irritating voice and nonsense lyrics. Then I found out bitchy Minaj collaborated with these 2 legends (who I personally don't like) and I was like...she's not good enough to do that. She ruined Nick Jonas's Bom Bidi Bom, and I heard she might collaborate with Fifth Harmony. STAY AWAY FROM 5H YOU UNTALENTED RAT, THEY ARE WAY BETTER THAN YOU. I HATE YOU NICKI MINAJ

34 She bailed out a child rapist

This is a serious reason to hate her. She bailed out her brother who raped several girls under the age of 13. She is disgusting.

She did not, it was her mother, even says on legal papers, so what if she loves her family anyways

Did she really?!

When Nicki Minaj released her video called Stupid Hoe it's obvious that she was talking about TwilightKitsune.

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35 She's overrated

Why aren't there other successful female rappers out who are MORE talented than her? It's almost as if Nicki has a monopoly on female rap. Makes me sick.

She's not a rapper/singer just a softcore porn star

36 She's a bad role model

The message she shares too other girls around the world in her songs is that " YOU HAVE TO HAVE A BIG BUTT TOO BE BEAUTIFUL".

Sadly, Nicki Minaj destroyed society.

A little obvious dontcha think?

I dispise this subhuman. She is why some white people become racist. Just too easy to hate. You hear that Nikki? You are why black folks get lynched.
The definition of unacceptable is YOU! CLASSLESS BLACK TRASH.

37 Her last name

Nicki Threesome... What the hell - MeaganSaysHI

It's a dumb pun to ménage meaning threesome in French. Well as lil kim says "we all know your last names what got you your job"

Actually "ménage" just means a domestic couple living together, but if you say "ménage à trois" it means a relationship with 3 (trois) people, not just a threesome, but a romantic relationship between 3 people living together.

38 Her wigs

They look like krusty the clown

She looks like side show Bob.

I don't think they're wigs, otherwise she'd be bald...

Why yall like talking about Nicki. Share good comments. People who love her will feel bad that yall talking about someone they ❤! Yall need to appreciate that yall have Nicki because she share great songs! Plus yall will die later on in life. So you should appreciate that yall have other great artists too! Listen to "The Night Is Still Young". Are you going to talk about that song. She has great wigs by the way!

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39 She is famous for the wrong reasons

Well like Justin Bieber

40 Went to the Lil Wayne school of rhyming lyrics

Seriously there are other words to use besides N***** and Hoe.

Welkum To the Skool of Lil Wayne, Sit yo ass in a chair and lets getting it poppin, kerpoppin nyugugga? - MeaganSaysHI

41 At VMA's, all she does is twerk her bootylicious bum

Her bum is NOT bootylicious. If you think it is, good for you. - Turkeyasylum

"Bootylicious"? No. Just no. Her butt is literally plastic. - RiverClanRocks

So who cares its an ass after all and she is just shaking what her mamma gave her its her body not urs so she can do what ever she likes it got nothing to do with u and who cares that people think she has a bootylicious bum it's their opinion

They're being sarcastic about 'bootylicious'.😐

42 She is racist

Whoever you are, get away from here. Find out a place where you could puke out your love for the fake butt-shaking witch. This is a place for Minaj protest. Your quote should be at butt-loving and girl objectifying sites.

Well Nicki Minaj (Onika Maraj) is a great person. Listen to her! She wins the most from what I hear. Stop talking bad about Nicki because if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say it at all! I've been in love with Nicki since 2010. It's 2016 and ill love Nicki Minaj forever!

She's not racist. Stop talking about her! 😠 If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say it at all!

43 She dissed Mariah Carey

I know that Mariah is a bit full of herself, but Nicki is WORSE! What she did was rude, especially to such succesful singer like Mariah Carey.
#Anti-hate - BlueDiamondFromNowhere

44 She's still popular because people are attracted to her fake ass

Only idiots like her

Not even idiots like her

45 She's disgusting
46 She is stupid

Well,she is a Stupid hoe. - SamuiNeko

She likes showing her body
She is so irritating
She likes saying that everyone is a bitch

47 Collaborated with Drake and Justin Bieber

To quote AVGN "That's like puking on a pile of S***"

Three shitty artists come together to make a shit song

48 She is a feminist

If she's feminist, why did she write an extremely misogynistic song stupid hoe

Looking ass proves it


I'm feminist too. I always wear normal clothes. She's not feminist because she wore slutty clothes. Where is their respectful?

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49 She makes duck faces

She want the d

Quack, quack!
( although, that's offensive to ducks)

50 She loves her fake butt

To n.m:your butt so big that you need amap to find your a**

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