Top 10 Most Annoying Things

Things that happen that can put a black cloud over your head.
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1 Mosquitoes Spanish for "small fly," mosquitoes are insects that have been known to cause various diseases. A sample of diseases caused by mosquitoes: malaria, yellow fever, Chikungunya, West Nile virus, dengue fever, filariasis, Zika virus.

I swear to God I hate these things. There is literally NO good side to them. Honestly, if every mosquito was going to die tomorrow, I wouldn't even lift a finger to save them.

Heck, I would pay for that to happen!

Why were bugs even created in the first place? All they do is bite people, sting them, annoy them, and scare little kids! The only animals necessary to the universe are humans, dogs, bunnies, horses, small birds, and maybe cows. I don't even care much for honey, so bees could just vanish and I wouldn't care.

Their lives are useless and miserable. They have wings, yet they can barely carry their stupid fat bodies around! Plus, if they sting someone, they die. How hard is it not to hurt or harm someone who isn't bothering you?

2 Slow internet connections

Okay, for those three people who are saying that no internet connection is worse, I disagree. At least with no internet connection, you know right away that the internet is down, and you can just do something else productive (or not productive).

With a slow internet connection, you just sit there for minutes, even hours on end, waiting for some website to load, only for you to have to click on another link or download something else and for your computer to go back to loading for six hours.

It can go from being annoying to life-threatening. If you absolutely need help ASAP, and your phone gets a horrible connection with 911, every message could be severed by the gaps in internet service.

3 People who smoke around others

OH MY GOD. Would you people just get lost? One time, my dad and I were just relaxing in this beautiful park, and some random guy came up to us and started to smoke! If that wasn't bad enough, there were about a million "NO SMOKING AREA" signs all over the park.

People like this annoy me so much. If you want to ruin your lungs, go ahead, just don't ruin mine. THANK YOU.

It doesn't just damage them. It damages everybody around them. My mom does this around me, so much that the sound of a vape being activated has become a trigger. Smoking/vaping kills, and the same goes for secondhand smoke.

4 Screaming babies

My baby cousin has the most annoying cry in the entire universe. Listening to him cry is like having lava poured into your ear while your ear has a papercut. You don't even want to know what it sounds like. It's the most fury-inducing sound you could ever hear. I try to be a cool kid, but I absolutely can't tolerate his infuriating crying.

Also, he screeches at a volume of about 157 decibels when you least expect it. Earlier, he puked on his shirt, and then his dad took it off to change it. He then went completely crazy and ran up to his dad, screaming as if he was getting brutally impaled. I am autistic and sensitive to sudden and unexpected loud and high-frequency sounds, so I often feel uncomfortable around him.

5 Bullies

THIS IS IMPORTANT. Bullies don't bully for no reason. Do you children honestly think that there are humans who are just born with an instinct to ruin other people's lives? They're not doing it just to make themselves "feel big," which is what most adults tell children because they don't think kids can understand a concept any deeper than that.

Bullies are probably struggling too. Don't be stereotypical and make assumptions. They could be broken. They could be dying. And talking negatively about them is going to help them get out of a suicidal state they could be in?

Don't say bad things about them. Help bullies. If you don't help them, then who are you to talk about how bad they are?

6 Justin Bieber Justin Drew Bieber (born March 1, 1994) is a Canadian singer, songwriter, and record producer. He currently resides in Ontario, Canada and is Christian. He is the son of author Pattie Mallette... read more

I was looking and looking, and I found it: the most annoying voice on the planet. It sounds like a terrified buffalo. I seriously want to get the chance to meet this thing, so I can tell it how much I hate its music and how it killed REAL music.

I have a daily ritual. I made a tombstone in memory of good music, and I dance to good music every day in front of it. And it's all because of Justin Bieber.

He sounds like nails on a chalkboard. Why do all these teenage girls like him anyway? Look at his photo on this list! Is this attractive? No, it's not! He looks like a terrified elephant who just saw a mouse!

7 Advertisements

Thank God for ad blockers. Giant corporations get all mad and angry and throw a hissy fit over ad blockers, all because they can't make an extra cent off an unsuspecting child falling for a complete scam.

My friend recently watched a Global Shop Direct ad that she said was about five minutes long. She told me that they said, "But wait, there's more!" about five times! Also, the ads are for things that nobody wants.

By the way, the ad my friend saw was about a fan cleaner.

I hope someday when they give out advertisements, they can put an automatic skip button or a button that lets you choose whether you want to play the advertisements or not. The button should also tell you what the ads are about.

I can hardly enjoy Happy Wheels when the ads pop up. Some ads are interesting, while most of them are not.

8 People who walk slowly in front of you

People who walk slowly in front of others are inconsiderate and rude. I may not be the fastest walker myself, but I'd like to have the option of walking fast if I feel like it or if I'm running late. Slow walkers should consider moving to the side so that others who are actually trying to get somewhere can pass.

Additionally, these slow walkers often travel in groups, walking next to each other and taking up the entire width of the hallway. This makes it impossible for anyone to walk past them. This behavior is commonly observed in schools. Just because they're not in a rush to get to class - usually because they don't care - doesn't mean that no one else is concerned about getting to class on time.

It's also extremely irritating when these people stop and stand in the doorway of a room you're trying to enter or exit.

9 Racists

Especially when they're being stupid, ignorant, and hypocritical at the same time and either don't know that or refuse to acknowledge it.

Dark humor and actually being a racist are two very different things and can be easily distinguished through how a person acts. If someone drops a racist joke here and then, it's okay. But if someone screams the hard R at a random black person walking by, that's racist and incredibly annoying.

I think I might have an idea. It's going to be controversial, but from now on, instead of seeing any exterior skin color, I'm only going to see clear. I want to make it easier to look at a person from the inside and not the outside.

This approach also shows that race does not matter. No one race is superior to another. That's why I'm calling this idea the Clear Code, to demonstrate that racism is a horrible thing. We should accept each other based on personality and not skin color.

10 School

Mental deprivation, old and no longer useful systems, horrible loads of work, and awful pay for one of the most important jobs in the world.

This is the time of your life where you go to school, make friends, and learn. It's all fun and games until a certain grade (usually high school), where everything goes downhill. Learning isn't a bad concept, but it's like salt: if there's not enough, it doesn't do anything. But too much mentally drains kids.

In some countries, it's too much. There shouldn't even be homework because you've already been at school for 6 to 7 hours. School isn't really as focused on learning as it is on mentally draining kids and piling on responsibilities when all they want to do is have fun.

There's a difference between not putting pressure on a kid and flat-out crushing their dreams. However, there are still some good things about school, like making new friends and the last day of the term when you can watch movies in class.

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? Anxious people

anxious people would be less anxious if they taken medication & conquered their fear of the unknown, anxious people have no idea what paradise the unknown is, I consider myself as a living Oni or Yōkai, this isn't my first time around this world, I'm "woke" enough that it would scar the world to its knees. anxious people would be less scared if they dived themselves into conspiracy theories & created there own & joined conspiracy clubs investigating the mysterious of existence itself, the conspiracy of earthspiracy

? People telling you to stop yelling
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11 Terrorists

You can use mosquito repellent. You can stop listening to Justin Bieber. You can even report bullying, as difficult as that may be. However, none of these issues compare to the impossibility of ever being completely safe from terrorists.

One day, you could be annoyed by some kid listening to Justin Bieber, and then a terrorist could appear, abduct you, and subject you to torture before killing you for their own twisted enjoyment. They might also harm your family, your friends, or even strangers around you.

If you think Justin Bieber is worse than that, then your priorities are seriously misplaced.

12 Rap music

To be perfectly honest, I hate modern rap. I'm 15, so don't mistake me for some old dude who's never heard rap before. I've heard plenty, more than I think I've ever wanted to hear, to be honest. It's just bad.

The lyrics are usually questionable at best. I don't know how parents let their kids listen to stuff like this. While I know that there's rap out there about good things, even just the music itself gets on my nerves.

In my opinion, the chemistry of bands from the '50s to the '90s will forever be better than any music made by a guy singing in a monotone voice to a computer-generated beat that, in most cases, has been used by at least 20 other people.

13 Insomnia

I'd say I usually take about two hours to fall asleep. If I'm lucky, I'll fall asleep in about an hour, but that's very rare. My sister is pretty needy and quite a wimp for her age. She insists on my mother sitting in her room with her until she falls asleep because she's scared by herself.

Last night, I was pretty tired and almost fell asleep. However, my mother didn't stay in my sister's room that night. So my younger sister was alone, got scared, and ran into my room to bother me for about half an hour. Eventually, she asked if she could sleep in my room that night. I felt rude saying no, so I let her. I couldn't fall asleep for another two hours after that.

14 Politics

Relationships are torn apart by festering hatred on both sides. We need to put aside our differences and remember what is important: loving one another and laughing. Laughing at what a joke politics have become. I mean, what's the point of getting so worked up about what party someone belongs to?

I hope that no matter what you believe, you have a fantastic day. God bless you.

Eating a sandwich, a guy who worked hard to get where he is, or yelling an uplifting "YEAH" is considered bad. Meanwhile, a guy who's caught with hookers, an idiot who doesn't know what he's doing because he's just an architect, and a possible terrorist who had relations with a former president are considered good.

Not to mention that politics are insanely boring, and the good guys often get shafted.

15 War

War is really upsetting, annoying, and also very useless. Millions of people die for no reason. I wish people had some natural predator. The millions that die are usually the strong, brave ones, while the weak, obese people sit in their homes eating chips and watching dumb movies.

If there were, for example, some species of colossal creature, it could eat the obese, slow, stupid ones and cull them off through natural selection. Sorry for the grotesque images this might promote in your mind. But then the creature would eat the people because it wants to eat. The wars people make are just because of huge debts or something. (Sorry, I'm not a politician or anything.)

We kill billions of cows. We clutter the Earth. Approximately 7 billion people live nowadays. That's around 5 chickens for each human. Quite a few people, no?

16 Dumb questions

Ugh, I hate these types of people. In year 6, (in French, like 7 years ago) I knew the answer to every single question the teacher asked me. She only answered me twice, even though there were about 40 questions she asked. There was a boy who always asked dumb questions like "What do we write?" right after the teacher had just told him.

When she was asking questions, I put my hand up, but she kept on asking him the questions. I was really angry about this. The boy got the French certificate and I was so angry I couldn't hold it anymore. I felt I deserved it more. I get that all the time but I get used to it. The French teacher gave random people the French certificate anyway.

17 Being sick

People may think being sick is good because you miss school, but that's not the case. The indescribable feeling of being sick, taking some medicine and thinking it will be alright the next day, is false hope.

You wake up, think the medicine worked, only to feel the effects come rushing back in within minutes. It's vile.

The runny nose and stomach pains may be the only immediate problems, but the fact that you get to skip school and sound like an adult when you have a sore throat is a small consolation. Plus, it feels good after I finally throw up.

It's like all the sickness gets out of my system.

18 Stupid people

I was near the end of 5th grade. We were working in math class when this girl, Gabby, interrupted my peace while I was working. She had a helper, and she asked me for help!

The question was, "How do you multiply? I'm having trouble with my 2's tables." We learned that in 2nd grade, and she never listens to the teacher!

There's a classmate in my class who I find irritating. He's constantly brown-nosing the teacher and doing something else when we're working on a Nearpod or similar activities.

He tries to sound smart by making excuses. I don't want to listen to his uninformed remarks, and I find it hard to ignore what he says.

19 Homework

Do you know why homework was invented? The guy who invented it, Roberto Nevelis, said that homework was created to punish his students for misbehaving in class. If it was designed as a punishment, then why are teachers giving homework to innocent kids? Why not give it only to the misbehaving ones? This is so unfair.

I hope that Nevelis would be disappointed seeing what teachers are doing with homework nowadays.

Homework constitutes only 10% of my grade, and because of it, I haven't been able to study for tests or get enough sleep. I feel like such a failure.

What's the point of it? I read an article about a school in New York that didn't give students homework, and the teachers saw no drop in their students' academic performance. Homework is really unnecessary.

20 Email spam

It can't be stopped, even though you unsubscribe and complain about it. Heck, even the annoying kid in your class would stop talking before email spam stops.

None of it is useful, and they can make you lose basically all of your money. And why in the world is there always a dating site email? It's a scam! It's just perverted, and I don't want this nonsense!

Maybe if we just ignore it, these spammers and scammers will stop and actually do something useful with computers, like researching the cure for cancer or creating software that fights all viruses.

21 Babies crying in public places

If you hate crying babies, you'll despise the Orlando airport in Florida. You can't go two seconds without hearing a screaming baby there. I've been there once, and it was torture.

I couldn't go five nanoseconds without hearing a screaming baby. They were all piercingly loud too! I was miserable the whole time.

I will admit that it's annoying, especially on an airplane. However, what makes me want to scream louder than babies in public places are the abusive comments I've read. You guys really need to chill.

These babies have no vocabulary. Remember, you were babies once, and people were probably just as annoyed with you when you screamed as a toddler.

22 Lying politicians

Donald Trump says he is "smarter than all of you combined," but Patrick Star (from SpongeBob) is smarter than Trump and would make a better president. Trump can't even control his hair, so why has he been given permission to control a whole country?

Hillary Clinton isn't great either, but I'm mainly talking about Trump because he is the president.

Every politician has at least exaggerated a little, but those who outright lie just for support shouldn't even be in our government. That is why I don't trust Democratic politicians.

23 Acne

This is so annoying. It disfigures your face, hurts, and gets infected. It's also really noticeable. It's like, "Congrats, you're going through puberty, but that's not all. We have to give you some swelling red dots that hurt and make you look ugly too! Hooray!"

There is actually no point to acne, though. Other supposedly annoying things like school, rap, ads, periods, and mosquitoes do have some benefits, whereas there is no point to acne.

I would say acne is annoying, but at least you can sometimes get rid of it. Strawberry pores are worse, even if most people probably disagree with that.

24 Attention seekers

I hate these people. There's a girl in my school who just got a cat sticker of a beautiful cat hanging onto a tree and claimed that she drew it. My BFF and I talked about it during snack time, and that girl was still telling people she drew the cat sticker. Everyone admired her art.

While my BFF and I were explaining the truth, she said she literally had that sticker. When I tried to ask her to make another one, she just went on and on about some nonsense, claiming that the cat was real and that creating another would hurt her.

25 Lag

Lag is bad. Imagine you are playing a game with a lot of players. Then you decide to fight another person.

You hit them 15 times, but all your hits somehow miss. Then, you freeze. When you unfreeze, the GAME OVER screen pops up. It's not a fair fight!

I hate lag. I create my own games and other projects on Scratch, and I'm working on a project with a lot of scripts.

My laptop lags terribly when I add a new script or even move an existing one. Lag is pathetic, and I have no idea why it exists.

I used to have a hand-me-down computer from my mom. Whenever I played Minecraft on it, it would cause so much lag.

Luckily, I now have a better computer.

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