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1 Horse poo

This should be number one because we smell human poo every day.

It just has a very nasty sweet smell and it smells like old peaches

can't stand this poo but I like horses

I can't breathe! - SpencerJC

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2 Pig poo

Depends. I love the smell, but tastes bad

The smell of pig feces on a hot summer day can actually burn the nostrils. It is relentlous!

3 Cow poo

I really like cows. Except what they... Excrete from their behinds. Not right. And my poop doesn't smell... That bad.

Cow poop is terrible! Smells like a skunk sprayed itself, got eaten by a bear, gotten puked out by the bear, then eaten again and finally pooped out!

I live on a cow farm, and there poo just stinks the whole place out. You cannot get away from the smell!

Really cow pie

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4 Human poo

Human poop smells good sort of got used to it. Animal poop may smell different because they have bacteria that can break up foods that we may not.

its bad enough that you have to smell this everyday when you use the bathroom - OzzyVanHalen

Our poo stinks VERY VERY VERY badly!

Human is worst...God the things people eat..uuugh!

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5 Dog poo

Have you ever stepped in this crap? It smells horrible. It is so bad that pigs died because of the smell.

This should be at number one, not human poo. We smell human poo every day to the point that we're used to it. Dog poop is way worse.

It's because they eat meat byproducts and trash. You are what you eat, and you fart what you eat.

Too many of these in the streets

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6 Cat poo

I say cat poop is the worst. I once picked up a cat at church and it diharead all down my leg. It looked like mustard and smelled like shredded chicken.

Cat poo floats so even if you potty train your cat the poo will float even if you flush so the smell stays forever

It's insane how such a small animals fecal can pack such a huge punch

Cat poop is the worst I have smelt Dog poo Human/baby poo and I can say in confidence that cat Poo is the worst

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7 Elephant poo

I go to the elephant house all the time and it is stinky

Imagine getting stuck in the butthole a no way to get out

I was mowing my lawn today and a spot of grass where a pool was was all moist and swampy, and made the most distinct smell ever...yep, elephant crap - Co0lk1d25

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8 Monkey poo

Monkeys are awesome except they are the stinkiest animals in the zoo.

9 Chicken poo

Chickens somehow manage to take a poo bigger than themselves. THEY STINK!

This affensive odor is an entity all it's own. I believe smelling chicken feces could kill cancer cells in the human body better than radiation & chemo therapy combined.

The wost smell around is a large commercial chicken coop you can smell it for miles

Chicken poo - in my opinion - is the WORST poo around!

10 Cockroach Poo

You never see it poop even though I don't think it is constepated

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? Reindeer Poo
? Deer Poo

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11 Crocodile Poop

I am a zoo keeper. The 1 meter young salt water crocodile I cleaned up after today had the most revolting smell in existence. I'm feeling nauseous thinking about it. You know that physical reaction you have to smelling phenomena.. Ok imagine that intensity of a reaction but times it by 3. I gagged twice and honestly thought I was going to make more mess and spray all over the floor in front of the public. I was trying to act normal because people were watching me well from a distance. They had all backed away within seconds to at least 6 meters away from me.. I guess they couldn't stand the smell either! It smelt like human poo/rotting flesh/phenomena. I recommend taking my word for it and not trying to ever experience this smell on purpose. Avoid at all costs!

Lol I meant ammonia not phenomena.

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12 Rhino poo

one time my sister was at the zoo and this rhino just pood right in front of her and the entire house that the rhino was in smelled so bad. now she knows not to go messing around with Rhinos even though she didn't know she was making it mPr

13 Goat poo

When I was hiking a goat was pooing in the way the poop smelled bad so we whet to the longer way

14 Skunk poo

Well, it might not be the poo, but whoever gets close enough for a whiff can't tell the difference!

As if skunks didn't stink enough already, their poop is really nasty.

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15 Duck poo V 2 Comments
16 Lion poo

Stinkyier than any poo in the animal kingdom it's the nastyiest poo in the world because the eat meat

17 Donkey Poo
18 Rabbit poo

Doesn't smell that bad. I have four rabbits and I make it threw without gagging.

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19 Aligator poo
20 Hippopotamus Poo

I bet you never even smelled any.

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