Most Smelly Animal Poos


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1 Human poo

Really smelly

I have to use buckets for toilets and yes human poop smells bad and is unsanitary

When I was 2 my aunt told me that my poo smelled horrible

I don't think we are the smelliest

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2 Horse poo

One word: Horrific.

They make mounds of the stuff

This should be number one because we smell human poo every day.

It just has a very nasty sweet smell and it smells like old peaches

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3 Cat poo

Cat poo is toxic and its awful!

I say cat poop is the worst. I once picked up a cat at church and it diharead all down my leg. It looked like mustard and smelled like shredded chicken.

I have a cat in my room at all times, and I must say I used 6 bottles of febreeze in 3 days

Cat poo floats so even if you potty train your cat the poo will float even if you flush so the smell stays forever

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4 Dog poo

I stepped in it before and it's nasty. - andrewteel

Saw a dog pooping on the sidewalk, instant gag cause it smelt so bad

100% this is number 1. Worse than all the above...

Have you ever stepped in this crap? It smells horrible. It is so bad that pigs died because of the smell.

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5 Cow poo

GROSS! - BorisRule

But I like the smell of cows

I really like cows. Except what they... Excrete from their behinds. Not right. And my poop doesn't smell... That bad.

Cow poop is terrible! Smells like a skunk sprayed itself, got eaten by a bear, gotten puked out by the bear, then eaten again and finally pooped out!

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6 Pig poo

Would you care to share where you may have eaten this said Pig Poo delight?

Depends. I love the smell, but tastes bad

The smell of pig feces on a hot summer day can actually burn the nostrils. It is relentlous!

7 Elephant poo


I can imagine it being used for a poo bucket challenge

I go to the elephant house all the time and it is stinky

Imagine getting stuck in the butthole a no way to get out

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8 Skunk poo

Why would somebody create a list like this? It's gross. :( - Gehenna

It's a skunk

Well, it might not be the poo, but whoever gets close enough for a whiff can't tell the difference!

Skunk poop is yuck I saw a skunk that pooped in my garden and it smelt DISGUSTING FOR 7 MONTHS!

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9 Chicken poo

Chickens are "one" with their poo.

This affensive odor is an entity all it's own. I believe smelling chicken feces could kill cancer cells in the human body better than radiation & chemo therapy combined.

Chickens somehow manage to take a poo bigger than themselves. THEY STINK!

The wost smell around is a large commercial chicken coop you can smell it for miles

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10 Rhino poo

This list...

one time my sister was at the zoo and this rhino just pood right in front of her and the entire house that the rhino was in smelled so bad. now she knows not to go messing around with Rhinos even though she didn't know she was making it mPr


Once I was at the zoo and there was this rhino. he had his butt to the gates so I stared at that for a while then that's when he started to make a very slimy poo...ALL OVER ME! It smelled really bad and I looked like a smelly swamp monster! It was so embarrassing and everyone laughed...worse still, one of my freinds at school saw me too and told EVERYONE AT MY SCHOOL I was called poo-poo boy for 3 weeks -_-

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11 Gorilla poo

It is super easy to wash off and it makes you think you have a good idea

12 Monkey poo

Monkeys are awesome except they are the stinkiest animals in the zoo.

13 Lion poo

Smells sexy

Stinkyier than any poo in the animal kingdom it's the nastyiest poo in the world because the eat meat


Even Nala pooped on it and kiara too!

14 Goat poo

Greatest odor of all time

When I was hiking a goat was pooing in the way the poop smelled bad so we whet to the longer way

15 Aligator poo

Lets just say I have a very bad experience with alligator poop.

16 Rabbit poo

Doesn't smell that bad. I have four rabbits and I make it threw without gagging.

Smells horrible

I don't smrll it

Rabbit pee is much much much worse than their poo

17 Crocodile poo

I am a zoo keeper. The 1 meter young salt water crocodile I cleaned up after today had the most revolting smell in existence. I'm feeling nauseous thinking about it. You know that physical reaction you have to smelling phenomena.. Ok imagine that intensity of a reaction but times it by 3. I gagged twice and honestly thought I was going to make more mess and spray all over the floor in front of the public. I was trying to act normal because people were watching me well from a distance. They had all backed away within seconds to at least 6 meters away from me.. I guess they couldn't stand the smell either! It smelt like human poo/rotting flesh/phenomena. I recommend taking my word for it and not trying to ever experience this smell on purpose. Avoid at all costs!

Lol I meant ammonia not phenomena.

haa oh pop

18 Fox poo

This list shouldn't even exist!

The stench lingers in the nostrils for hours

If your dog has ever rolled in this you'll know how bad this smell is, only gotten rid of by adding tomato sauce into the mix. Yuk

Why it's not even on here, let alone the 1st...

19 Guinea pig poo

I used to have one and even after I had cleaned its cage and anything it starts crapping all over and I can smell it all the way from my room!

The smelliest of all time!


These ugly vermin have the stinkiest s! ht in the animal kingdom! My friend has one and it stinks up his whole house in mere seconds! Ugly rat!

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20 Bear poo

A big black bear pooped right on my driveway here in the Southern California mountains near Big Bear, just this morning, horrendous smell... I think he/she had been holding it all winter...

I went camping once and in the middle of the night a bear pooed right next to my tent.💀

21 Mouse poo

Mice poop, it doesn't smell very bad though.

It can smell bad after eating fruits and veg. My pet mouse lets out some great stinkers.

Since when do mice plop - lizard302

22 Turkey poo


Smells like skunk

23 Hippopotamus poo

I bet you never even smelled any.

24 Bat poo

This needs to be higher - NicholasYellow

Oh my GOD it's HORRIBLE.

25 Duck poo

Duck poo smells very bad

If you hear a quack then watch you'r back

26 Donkey poo
27 Sheep poo

This is already on the list

its shep

28 Bird poo

No, it's not that bad. It smells like nothing.

It sure smells bad I had a pet bird and I just can't stand it.

You would know how bad it smells if you had a pet bird/parrot

Bird poo on car - SpencerJC

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29 Flamingo poo

Literally the worst thing I have ever smelled it should definitely be #1

This should be higher... - lizard302

The signature smell of the San Diego Zoo... - NicholasYellow

Its all about the flamingo poo

30 Llama poo

Always every day I visit the barn a llama poops in front of me and it smells like trash

31 Panda poo

Wouldn't that smell bad? 🐼

32 Leopard poo

Acidic retchful muskiness.. A leopard can't change its bouquet

33 Snake poo

Snake poop is steak

34 Reindeer poo
35 Ant poo



36 Yak poo
37 Cockroach poo

Th list just gets funnier. - andrewteel

You never see it poop even though I don't think it is constepated

38 Camel poo

Two hump camels smell twice as bad as one hump camels. Process that knowledge!

Trust me. it stinks

39 Giraffe poo


Giraffe poop smells worse because the food has to go down that long neck and then hit their stomach and turn around and make a nice big pile of steamy wet mess

It's my sisters teddy and it always stink of rotten egg

40 Germ poo

Yeah germ poo is so weird.

Can make you sick duh

its os bad

41 Raccoon poo
42 Centipede poo

I had to spot it with a magnifying glass and shove it up my nose to get the pure sense, so trust me when I say, this is the skankiest. Yes, I mean skankiest.

43 Spider poo
44 Shark poo
45 Dik-dik poo

Its probably 15 th

46 Turtle poo
47 Ferret poo
48 Beetle poo

Its black and stinky

49 Deer poo
50 Whale poop

The ocean is a mysterious place.

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