Top 10 Bad Movies that Should Be Remade

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1 Dune

David Lynch is one of the greatest art movie directors who makes films of Freudian complexity that are a surreal, thrilling audiovisual experience.

Well, except for "Dune". A big budget science fiction movie in which every line of dialog is unintentionally funny on Ed Wood's level. As talented as Lynch is at writing dreamy trips with that touch of social satire, he is completely lost at writing a scifi adventure - if you don't know the books it's virtually impossible to follow it. We have random scenes that aren't explained, some of the worst introductions to characters in history (woman enters a room in which the hero is fighting, hero saves her life, she introduces herself, and vanishes again - what did she want in that room? ), complex problems solved in no time, associations pulled out of nowhere, protagonists that are unlikable and exchangable, villains that are clownish and over-the-top, etc.

Really, I'm shocked that this was made by the same man that brought us films like "Lost Highway" and "Mulholland Drive". Especially since "The Elephant Man" showed he can also make movies that are less surreal and more conventional. And weirdly, Dune's reputation isn't even that bad. While critical reception was mixed to negative, many film fans like it just like other Lynch movies.

2 Drop Dead Fred

This movie has a such a cool concept, this could be really funny and clever, and imaginative yet, I felt it should have been directed by Burton as he was in his golden age before the millennium and that Robin Williams should have been in it. The latter won't happen, but this movie should be awesome but yet sucks more than Showdogs.

3 Pet Sematary

A great King novella that was a piece of crap, that should have never had existed. This had flaw, after flaw. WHAT A DISSAPONTMENT. This was awful, but really should have been the opposite. This had an awesome concept and also that it wasn't even suspenseful! No suspense what so ever! This should be remade and for god's sake do it well. REALLY WELL.

4 Chappie

This really should have been brilliant. This movie made the director a complete and utter laughing stock. It could not decide what it wanted to be. Dark and gritty (like it should be) or a comedy. Should be have been the first but still. that can annoyed me when watching the movie. Pick a lane, get good writing and get a good story, as it was awful while the concept was great!

5 The Last Airbender

The reason why this failed is not M. Night Shyamalan's direction or any of the actors. It's the very premise. The movie is based on the first season of "Avatar: The Last Airbender", which consists of 22 episodes, all lasting 22 minutes, and all full of necessary plot. The movie lasts for about one and a half hour, while the series told the same story in 440 minutes. It's stuffed to the extreme with too many things going on, and doesn't know how to handle that. Take for example the scene with the Earthbender village. This is a segment the series took its time with. They slowly established the idea of Aang being back, and giving the people hope and courage by his presence. In the movie, this scene lasts for about two minutes, Aang frees the Earthbenders and quite literally says "I am the Avatar. I was gone. But now I'm back." Cut to the next scene. The movie has no time to establish the complex world and how the characters, including Aang himself, feel about the return of the Avatar. It's just superficially rushes through the story to have it all done in time before the credits roll in. But such a story needs time and attention.

6 The Golden Compass
7 Jumper

I totally agree. Being able to teleport yourself to literally anywhere you could think of in a blink of an eye, the eternal battle down the ages between the Jumpers and the Paladins, a teen romance between a 'Jumper' boy and his girlfriend. It was not only a great concept for a movie but, if done properly, had the potential to be a great movie franchise too as with a good screenwriter and director on board you could actually take the story in whatever direction you wanted it to go. It even had Samuel L Jackson in it as the 'Chief baddie' for god sake. Where did it all go so wrong?
I'd so love it if a director like Wes Ball (with his background in visual effects and graphic art) got hold of it and remade it the way it should have been done the first time. This has so much potential it is literally crying out to be remade!

8 Daredevil

I am trying to keep a limit to just two superhero movies, otherwise they would dominate the list. But WHY DID THIS MOVIE SUCK? Could have been dark and gritty and with no chemistry between characters, bad acting and also that the villains were atrocious. This movie will also be a piece of crap to me.

9 Alexander

A should be epic, directed by a great director who had skill in the subject, surprisingly sucked. Sucked hard. Worse than Teen Beach Movie hard. This had atrocious acting, awful writing, a historically inaccurate story, and it seemed like the movie JFK, (excellent movie-a should be classic) had about everything better, it seemed like Stone had devolved, I don't think he has, he is a great and underrated director.

10 Super Mario Bros.

BLECH. Look at the character designs. Do it in animated not live action, and I hate that concept, LET THAT CONCEPT DIE PLEASE. Also combined with that, the movie is bad. Bowser is bad, Luigi is bad, Yoshi is bad, Mario is bad, everyone is bad! I want a good tale in animation, not to challenge but to have fun with.

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11 Nine Months
12 Eragon
13 The Incredible Hulk
14 Green Lantern
15 The Haunted Mansion
16 Catwoman

Catwoman is a great character between good and evil, and while many disagree, I also thought Halle Berry embodied her well, because she has this destinctive cat charasteristics, being able to be both very playfully dominant and very innocent depending on the situation. This was a promising potential that she couldn't fully show in the movie. The problem was a script with a completely average and uninteresting plot that's on a way smaller scale than most other superhero movies of its time and bizarre dialogs. She should have at least gotten a sequel by a better writer to establish and develop the character

17 Freddy Got Fingered
18 Toy Story 3

Actually this is not a bad movie I considered Toy Story 4 is worse than any other Toy Story Movies

19 The Emoji Movie
20 Happy Feet
21 The Godfather
22 The Room
23 Garbage Pail Kids Movie (1987)
24 Starman
25 Stormbreaker

I remembered liking this movie as a kid, though compared side by side to the books they could've done a lot better. A more faithful adaptation would have potential, though perhaps it would work better as a Netflix series.

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