Top 10 Horror Movie Franchises Ruined by Their Sequels

The Top Ten
1 Paranormal Activity

The first one was legendary, then it turned into a jump scare fest. I personally love the series but you can't help but feel like the oversaturation killed it. Especially since it seemed that each film was put out each year and they had to try lame ideas like "The Marked Ones" and "Ghost Dimension" to keep it from being the same film.

2 Jaws

Mainly because of The Revenge. What's wrong with Jaws The Revenge? A shark isn't going to follow someone all the way to the Bahamas and how would a shark even know what revenge is? This is so unrealistic and ridiculous.

The only thing more challenging than watching Jaws 3 and 4 is trying to piece together how one of the best films turned into such garbage.

The first two films were awesome, then the writing got ridiculous and so did the effects.

3 Alien

The first movie was awesome, the second film was pretty good, but then Alien 3 and Resurrection mess things up with characters being killed off and getting replaced by boring and unlikable prisoners in 3, and then flanderizing Ripley and having this awful confusing tone in Resurrection.

Whether you think Alien or Aliens is better, we can all agree Alien 3 and Resurrection suck!

Alien is a great horror movie, Aliens isn't really horror but still amazing, but from the 3rd one the rest sucked.

4 Final Destination
5 Anaconda
6 Friday the 13

Mainly because of Jason X and Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday. Jason X is very cheesy and makes a total joke out of Jason Voorhees and the Friday the 13th franchise. Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday wasn't that great either.

7 Hellraiser

There was no reason to continue the series after the 4th film.

The first 2 are great. After Inferno (5), the series got mediocre and then terrible.

8 Carnosaur
9 Halloween

With 5 timelines and multiple films being terrible, specifically Halloween 5, Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers, and Halloween: Resurrection, the original can be overshadowed.

Halloween: Resurrection is what really killed it.

10 A Nightmare on Elm Street

The first 4 films were great, but then Freddy became more goofy and the plot made less and less sense.

They should have stopped at least after the third.

The Contenders
11 Saw

Saw III was unbalanced, unfair, stupid, and torture overkill, specifically the Rack (that was dumb). Saw IV was overstuffed with characters and plot points and became complicated to follow. The trap plot was poorly designed since Rigg wasn't actually trapped in a secluded place.

Saw V was a little boring with its main plot, and its trap plot barely connected to the actual story, but was actually solid. Saw VI was great in my opinion, but Saw 3D was trash, and Jigsaw was even worse.

To be honest, the Saw sequels focused more on gore than atmosphere.

12 Wishmaster

The first two were great. The third and fourth weren't necessary.

13 Psycho

Why did this have sequels again? What was the point?

14 Child's Play
15 Leprechaun
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