Best Naomi Watts Movies

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1 Mulholland Drive
2 21 Grams

Does the soul weigh 21 grams? Maybe Naomi Watts can answer us...

3 The Ring
4 King Kong

Peter Jackson's exact remake of the 1933 King Kong movie. The movie was reborn and became even better than the original.

5 For Love Alone
6 Birdman

She said that this movie was one of the most difficult she had done. Amazing performance by her in this movie. And man, she looks hot in her tight jeans. Also, look for the lesbian scene in the film.

7 Persons Unknown

Naomi Watts gives a very convincing performance in this movie. Even in a wheelchair, as she plays a woman who had an accident with a drunken driver, she looks hot.

8 Ned Kelly
9 Undertaking Betty

This British movie is known by the title 'Plots with a View'. A comedy with a very sexy Naomi Watts. Her Gallic accent, which she speaks in real life, no fake, is a delight to hear.

10 Eastern Promises
The Contenders
11 The Impossible
12 Perfect Mothers

One of the greatest movies of the last ten years in movie history. Naomi Watts, as ever, is doing a great acting job.

13 Funny Games

Underrated movie but one of the best Naomi Watts performances.

14 Mother and Child

Fantastic acting by Naomi Watts in this movie. She looks very sensual and hot in her sex scenes. I can't really call it love scenes because of the script of this movie. A must-watch movie for every Naomi Watts fan.

15 Strange Planet
16 While We're Young

The first half of the movie is comedy material while the last half is more dramatic. Nevertheless, despite bad reviews from some critics, this is a must for every Naomi Watts fan. I think the movie is more appealing to viewers of a certain age and that's why there are so different opinions about this film. I really enjoyed it. Every second of it!

Great comedy! Naomi Watts is so good in comedies. I can't understand why she doesn't do more of them. Love her while she's trying to dance hip-hop together with Amanda Seyfried in this movie. Can say only one thing: BUY THE DVD! You won't regret it.

17 The Shaft

This horror movie could have been better. On the other hand, Naomi Watts is doing a superb acting job. She's not playing like in most horror movies, too serious. She gives a light comedy shade in her character that's a delight to watch.

18 We Don't Live Here Anymore

An underrated dramatic movie. Naomi Watts is great, as she is always in dramatic roles.

19 Ellie Parker

This movie is a must for every Naomi Watts fan and every non-fan, who will be a fan after seeing this movie. The film is like a documentary about the main character, Naomi Watts as Ellie Parker. All the other characters have just small roles. It's really like Naomi Watts "IS" the movie.

Reflects a lot of Naomi Watts in her early days when she was a struggling actress desperate to get some roles. It's of course not a film about her, but because of her own experiences in that matter, she is giving a very convincing performance.

20 Sunlight Jr.

Very underrated movie about the poor working-class. Naomi Watts desperate to lose her job she hates, Matt Dillon in a wheelchair. This is not a happy film but a convincing one.

21 St. Vincent

Naomi Watts as a pregnant hooker. Great acting by her as this vulgar woman who is friends with a hilarious Bill Murray.

22 Le Divorce
23 Demolition

I really liked this movie despite what the "professional" critics were saying. Naomi Watts gives, as usual, an outstanding performance (does she ever give bad performances? Never!). If you're a Naomi Watts fan, don't hesitate to watch this. If you don't care about Naomi Watts (how is this possible? But yes, some people don't like her), watch it because it's a movie worth watching.

24 Shut In
25 Penguin Bloom
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