Top 10 Favorite Acting Performances with a Short Amount of Actual Screen Time

I'm amazed by and drawn to great and iconic acting performances with little actual screen time. Cameos certainly count, in addition to shorter support roles. Here's some I thought of, please add any that come to mind for you. To require an actual notation of screen time seems a bit restrictive, so feel free to just add an actor and/or the role/film if you'd like.
The Top Ten
1 Jack Nicholson (A Few Good Men)

Colonel Nathan R. Jessup. Probably not a huge surprise, Nicholson was only in 3 scenes in the film, but his dialog and powerful acting will stick with many of us for a lifetime.

2 Alec Baldwin (Glengarry Glen Ross)

Blake. "Oh, have I got your attention now?"
He completely takes over the screen. Not an easy accomplishment when Jack Lemmon, Ed Harris, Alan Arkin and Kevin Spacey are also in the scene. It was probably a good idea to have Al Pacino miss this meeting, as that may have been too much screen presence to overcome.

3 Donald Sutherland (JFK)

X. Gives keen insight into JFK conspiracy theories. Powerful performance, albeit short.

4 Bill Murray (Zombieland)

Plays himself. I didn't see this guy showing up in the film. Such a great comedic actor that a little screen time goes a long way.

5 Matthew McConaughey (The Wolf of Wall Street)

Mark Hanna. An abbreviated and hilarious performance. Gives (bad) life direction for a young Jordan Belfort, which he takes to a whole other level.

McConaughey, in those few short minutes, made DiCaprio a supporting actor in his own film!

6 Jeremy Bulloch (The Empire Strikes Back)

We don't see a lot of Boba Fett, but what we do see sticks. One of my favorite original Star Wars villains.

7 Tom Cruise (Tropic Thunder)

Les Grossman. In a film with many over the top characters, this cat takes the cake. Abrasive, yet hilarious.

8 Christopher Walken (Pulp Fiction)
9 Carter Wong (Big Trouble in Little China)

Thunder. An accomplished martial artist, whom like his friend Bruce Lee, gave Hollywood a try. Great job

10 Terry Richards (Raiders of the Lost Ark)

The Cairo Swordsman. A very short, yet effective role.

The Contenders
11 Anthony Hopkins (The Silence of the Lambs)

His performance, for a Best Actor win, is pretty short, as he's only in the film for 17 minutes. His performances makes these 17 minutes the creepiest in the film however.

12 Gary Oldman (True Romance)
13 Michelle Williams (Manchester by the Sea)
14 Jane Alexander (All the President's Men)
15 Edie McClurg (Ferris Bueller's Day Off)
16 David Bowie (Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me)

Appeared in a creepy and mysterious short scene of the movie as Special Agent Phillip Jeffries.

17 Heath Ledger (The Dark Knight)

The Joker. He is reffered to often while off screen, and Ledger's performance resonated so profoundly that it seems like he was on screen more than the 33 minutes he actually was. For a two and a half hour movie, it works out to roughly 13 minutes per hour, not a lot.

18 Christopher Walken (True Romance)
19 Beatrice Straight (Network)
20 Ned Beatty (Network)
21 Hermione Baddeley (Room at the Top)
22 Charles Durning (The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas)
23 Anne Bancroft (Malice)
24 George C. Scott (Malice)
25 Sylvia Miles (Midnight Cowboy)
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