Top Ten Problems with Sia's Movie Music

Sia Kate Isobelle Furler or Sia is an Australian singer who is known for songs like Chandelier, Snowman and The Greatest. Recently the pop star released a movie by the name of "Music". The movie is about Zu who is newly sober when she receives news that she is to become the sole guardian of her half-sister named Music, (played by Maddie Ziegler) a young girl on the autism spectrum. Sounds like a pretty wholesome movie spreading awareness over autism, but when you actually watch it... oh boy.

Caution: This list contains content that is possibly triggering to people, please proceed with care and say safe.
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1 The movie contains not 1, but 2 restraint scenes

Restraining is when someone is having a meltdown and someone pins them to the floor. Right off the bat you can tell this isn't a good method and ether shouldn't be used at all, or used in last resort situations (and even that it depends on the person). In the movie it's seen to calm Music down, which doesn't make sense at all, imagine someone pinning you down and applying all their pressure on you, and this method can also be lethal. A 16 year old boy Eric Parsa died by the police of last year (No this isn't a ACAB thing) after being held in a prone restraint and sat on. This method shouldn't be encouraged at all, but this movie is showing it as a good thing to do, and their's more victims (Max Benson, Corey Foster, Faith Finley and way more) and since this movie was made to spread awareness over autism, showing a wildly looked down upon and potentially lethal method to handle breakdowns.

2 Maddie Ziegler's involvement

Unlike the submission above, this is different than her playing Music. Sia told Maddie about the project when Maddie was 11 and they started filming when she was 14, she was a minor that entire freaking time and Maddie even broke down because she didn't wanna risk offending anyone. May I remind you she was under a contract and had a bunch of adults telling her this was alright, along with her mother supporting this and Sia's creepy relationship with her. I should mention something else about the breakdown: An actual autistic actor was fired by Sia because "she was too stressed" and yet Maddie had several breakdowns and Sia thought this was alright.

Update: The autistic actor was a lie made up by Sia, in a pretty old (Two or three years ago) interview, Sia said she wrote a script for Maddie to star in and that she can't create art without Maddie.

3 The actor playing Music is neurotypical

If the movie's focus wasn't autism, then this wouldn't have been a problem, but since the whole movie's purpose is about autism, it actually IS a problem. Also, before Sia deleted her twitter, multiple autistic actors have claimed to have reached out to her saying they could act as Music on short notice, only to be told by Sia herself that they were bad actors. But if your gonna make a movie about autism, maybe actually have an autistic person act as the said autistic character? Another thing I noticed was the tics, as someone with tics it seemed more like..mocking tics.

4 The movie contains screaming and bright colors

This might not seem bad to people, but lots of people with autism are sensitive to certain sounds and visuals (at least that's what I know), how can you make a movie for a certain demographic when it contains things they cannot handle?

5 Black stereotypes

The actor Leslie Odom Jr (Famous for playing Aaron Burr in the Musical Hamilton) also sadly played a role in this movie. He played a side character named Ebo Odom that was from a village, there are plenty of major cities in Africa, it's strange that many characters that are African are from a village (unless it's during a certain time periods)

6 The character Music has no personality or emotions

Getting straight to the point, Music has no actual character to her, and her whole character just seemed like a stepping stone for Zu and Ebo's characters. Being honest I'm not even surprised that Sia couldn't write Music. In an interview, she agreed with the interviewer who said nonverbal autistic people might as well be inanimate objects like a wig.

7 Sia's lack of research

If your making a movie about a specific illness, maybe do some actual research? Which Sia obviously did not do, despite her claiming to do three years of research, it seems like this so called research is her googling "Autism" every few months and thinking it's enough for an entire film. Another problem I should mention, before Sia deleted her Twitter, she actually cited Autism Speaks as a source, and anyone with google can tell that Autism Speaks is FAR from being a source for research on Autism, just googling the name should give you recommendations such as "Autism Speaks problematic". Sia even refuses to say the word autism, she calls autistic people "gifted" or "low-functioning", low-functioning was also a term used by Nazis who would killed mentally disabled children, not a very smart move (The term low-functioning came from Hans Asperger)

8 Contains offensive facial expressions and body movements

The facial expressions/body movements seem more and more like a mockery of the community, which leads back to the issue of a neurotypical person playing Music, but it doesn't just stop at ableism. The character Maddie was portraying was a mixed girl, which means Sia had to darken Maddie's skin, along with stereotypical box braid headphones...yikes Sia.

9 The movie isn't about shining a light on autistic people, it's about shining the light on the creators

Not very surprising from Hollywood to only sniff out the cash or the opportunity to make themselves look better, this movie is basically: "Hey look at us! Were being aware of autistic people!" but in reality they aren't. They could care less, they don't actually include people with autism, they want to make it about themselves to look like knights in shining armor. This is like the creators of 13RW making themselves seem good about bringing up depression and su!cide.

10 Sia bullying actual autistic people

From what I've seen, people on Twitter were trying to explain how this movie is harmful to the autistic community (along with dangerous due to the restraint scenes) and Sia proceeded to attack them, along with their professionals. Along with her abelist actions and tirade on Twitter, it gets harder and harder for anyone to root for her, and I highly doubt lots of people will be rooting for her after this.

I don't know if it was in the movie (aka I don't know if it belongs on this list in particular) but yeah this was probably the most mindblowing part of the whole gig
"maybe you're just a bad actor" why the hell does she still have supporters again?

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11 It is offensive to autistic people who have been bullied

For those of you who have or have not heard about Sia's new film Music, I'm going to give a quick explanation. It's about a young girl named Music who has nonverbal autism who does everyday things like most people do. But the condition is stereotyped for many horrible reasons. Sia has a lack of research on autism because she thinks it's a disease that needs to be cured.

Even though, it isn't. No one deserves to be judged or stereotyped for who they are. They are beautiful, unique, special and creative in their own way. We autistic people are the way we are and nothing's gonna stop us from changing ourselves. Chase your dreams and if you fall, keep getting back up and never give up.

This is why I choose Autism Acceptance over Autism Awareness because Autism Speaks is a danger to society and the autistic community. Like all of the Sia fans, I also used to look up to her. Well, not anymore. I deeply sympathize with those who are betrayed by Sia.

12 It is boring
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