Aladdin (2019) Looks Like a Joke

MegaSoulhero Today was supposed to be all about Mary Poppins Returns because it came out. But it got its attention taken away by Tropical Hideaway at Disneyland and Entertainment Weekly releasing images from the 2019 Aladdin movie. Just as I expected, the images look bad.

Most of these pictures make it look like the movie is a fan made film rather than a major studio film. And that’s mainly because of the cast. They showed us a glimpse of Aladdin and Jasmine. We already knew who would be playing these two characters, we even already saw a glimpse of Aladdin in the teaser, but this is our first time seeing Naomi Scott as Jasmine and I think both of them were very miscast. Neither of them have dark enough skin. They’re look doesn’t match the setting. I also find the designs of the costumes to look very cheap. They look like Party City costumes. I’ve seen cosplay that looked better. Also, I don’t know why they decided to have Aladdin wear a shirt and have Jasmine’s costume cover her midriff. They had no problem sexualizing the characters back then, why choose not to do it here? I also really need to talk about Jafar because they completely ruined him. They made him look way too hot. Some people might not see that as a bad thing, but Jafar isn’t supposed to look attractive. He’s supposed to look old and menacing to make us want him to be defeated. Instead, they made look hotter than Aladdin. If I were Jasmine, I’d totally marry Jafar instead of Aladdin. The image they released of Abu actually looks pretty good. The sad face he’s making is just so cute and I just love that he’s actually showing emotion. And now for Will Smith as the Genie. He’s not blue in the images that were released, but it was confirmed by Will Smith that the Genie will be blue in the movie and that he will be CGI. His appearance in these images are of him in his human form. Which looks very similar to how the Genie looks in the Aladdin Broadway musical. I feel like they were too scared to try to match Robin Williams’ performance that they’re gonna try to match the Broadway performance. Which I honestly wouldn’t mind. However, I feel like when I watch the movie, I’ll just be seeing Will Smith as Will Smith and not as a character. Looking at him now, it’s just Will Smith with fake hair that doesn’t even look convincing. I hope that we don’t see him in his human form too much. Also, I hope he doesn’t rap. That would not fit at all.

So far, I’m not impressed with what we’ve seen of the movie so far. Maybe the next trailer will make me interested. I hope so. Right now, I’m not excited for it.


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