Ralph Breaks the Internet is the Best Disney Movie Ever!

MegaSoulhero Wow! I was not expecting this to happen! In case you didn’t know, the highly anticipated sequel to Wreck-it Ralph recently came out! It’s called Ralph Breaks the Internet. Not Ralph WRECKS the Internet. Breaks. Such a genius and creative choice. With each new trailer, people got more and more excited. And they had every reason to be because this the best Disney movie ever! Oh, and keep in mind that this review will include...


Ralph and Vanellope are the main focus of the movie! By that I mean, the movie spends all of its time developing these two characters to the point of not giving any of the other characters in the movie a moment to shine! Remember Felix and Calhoun? Well too bad because they don’t have anything to do throughout the film other than babysitting the Sugar Rush racers. I mean, sure we could’ve gotten a subplot involving them, but nah. That would take away from the genius friendship between the two leads with the amount of potty humor and annoyance. The friendship between them is so strong that they would even be willing to die for each other. Like when they go into Tron and ride the light cycles. That is a VERY easy way to get themselves killed. But it just shows how strong their friendship is. Even strong enough to the point where Ralph leaves his own game WHILE the arcade is open and makes a new track in Sugar Rush despite them making it very clear in the first movie that leaving your game while the arcade is open is bad. But it doesn’t matter because it’s the power of friendship! And of course that steering wheel that breaks just so happens to be available on Ebay because I’m sure all arcade game parts can be found on Ebay. Especially a steering wheel to a racing game. Props to this movie for being realistic.

You know how in the first movie they set up this whole video game world that they could do a lot more things with in a future sequel? Well forget that because this one is about the internet and doesn’t have anything to do with video games. The thing about making a sequel is that you gotta make it so different to the point where you even gotta make a completely new concept. Which this movie does because it’s barely about video games. But it at least has the same characters so yep! Proper sequel. Actually, there is one video game included. Ralph and Vanellope go to a game called Slaughter Race because the Bill Hader character, whose voice is so recognizable that they didn’t even bother to put his name in the credits, tells they can make money by playing video games, which they do in hopes of making enough money to pay for the Sugar Rush steering wheel on Ebay. And yes. A major plot point is that Ralph and Vanellope have to go to Ebay. They even say the name millions of times. In the Emoji Movie they had to go to Dropbox, but these guys must go to Ebay. Each time it’s brought up, you can just hear the amount of money Disney is making! It is such brilliant writing and doesn’t feel like forced product placement at all! Now back to Slaughter Race, it looks like a very interesting game with some pretty detailed scenery. So obviously it gives them the opportunity to show us more of this area. Which they end up not doing. But it’s okay because it wouldn’t give us the GENIUS scene that comes next!

When Ralph and Vanellope realize they can make money by making viral videos, they go to a website called BuzzTube! This is hands down the BEST scene in movie history! This scene shows that the writers thought to themselves “What are kids into these days?” The answer to that is MEMES! This scene is full of them! We got makeup tutorials, challenges, screaming goat, Bob Ross, all that stuff! It is hilarious and brilliant! Some might say it won’t age well, but the only thing that matters is that it’s being enjoyed at this moment. They even accurately depict the scariest part of the internet. The comments. Ralph is hurt by what people are saying about him online. So clearly this will lead into something, right? Nope! They just move on and forget this part happened! And thank goodness for that because that could’ve taken a bad turn.

And then there’s the scene that I’m sure everyone was waiting for. The Oh My Disney. Such a fun and creative scene with Disney pretty much shoving all of their properties into our faces. Who cares about a scene that serves no purpose when you can just have fun with pointing out a bunch of easter eggs? Like the Stan Lee cameo.... Well, I just shed a tear a little. Of course, the highlight of the scene is the princesses. Because if there’s one thing we want to see in a Disney film, it’s them making fun of Disney films. Like when Rapunzel makes a statement about the princesses having their problems solved on their own without the need of a man. Despite Snow White, Aurora, Ariel, and Jasmine all having their problems solved because of a man. Even Rapunzel wouldn’t have left her tower of Eugene hadn’t shown up. Doesn’t matter though because all kids care about is seeing their favorite princesses on screen. It makes us look past the fact that despite Vanellope being told she has to have a song to be considered a princess, Merida doesn’t have one. But at least it gives them the opportunity to throw in a pointless musical number sung by Sarah Silverman and Gal Gadot. This adds nothing to the film, but it’s just so beautiful!

That whole plot involving them earning money to get the Sugar Rush steering wheel ends up getting resolved with Ralph finally getting what they came to the internet for, but the problem is the movie isn’t long enough for them to end it there. So they move on to a completely different plot involving Vanellope trying to find out what she wants. Does she want to stay in Slaughter Race or does she want to stay with Ralph? Feels like a completely different movie is happening here, but it at least leads to a nice message later on. So since Ralph is a nice guy, he absolutely understands Vanellope’s decision. By that I mean he sends a virus into Slaughter Race which causes it to destroy the game. This is definitely something a true friend would do. Definitely doesn’t feel out of character at all. And it’s not at all creepy that a grown man is attached to a little girl. I bet they’re glad they didn’t go to Rule 34. But once Ralph and Vanellope have to literally battle with Ralph’s insecurities, they give us a very emotional and relatable message about friendship that doesn’t at all feel hammered in. And if you LOVED the princess scene early on, they come back! I don’t know why they just so happened to be in that exact area at the time, but at least we get to see them again. All this leads up to Vanellope making the decision to stay in Slaughter Race instead of going back to Sugar Rush. Because I’m sure no one playing Sugar Rush will wonder what happened to Vanellope. Just like how Litwak doesn’t wonder how that steering wheel got there when he wasn’t the one who paid for it.

If it wasn’t obvious already, Ralph Breaks the Internet is an amazing Disney film and one of the best movies of all time! I absolutely loved EVERYTHING about it! It is almost as great as the masterpiece known as the Emoji Movie! SO AWESOME! Oh, and be sure to stay for the post credits scenes! These are EASILY the best post credits scenes of all time!


I liked the movie. Um, what do you actually think? - visitor

It was okay. Not as good as the first one. It’s a 6/10 from me. - MegaSoulhero

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I really enjoyed and liked it personally. - B1ueNew

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