Top Ten Mad Max Scenes

The Mad Max franchise has thrilled audiences for decades with its post-apocalyptic landscapes, intense action sequences, and unforgettable characters. From Max Rockatansky's relentless pursuit of justice to Immortan Joe's tyrannical reign, each installment in the series has delivered iconic moments that have burned themselves into the memories of viewers worldwide.

From the heart-pounding chases of The Road Warrior to the explosive battles of Fury Road, these are the scenes that have defined the Mad Max legacy and continue to entertain and inspire.
The Top Ten
1 Opening Chase (Mad Max 1979) In Mad Max, the opening chase features a high-speed pursuit involving the Main Force Patrol (MFP) and a crazed criminal called Nightrider. Nightrider, driving a stolen police vehicle, leads the police on a dangerous chase through the Australian outback. The chase ends in a fiery crash when Nightrider loses control of the vehicle.
2 Tanker Chase (The Road Warrior 1982) In The Road Warrior, the tanker chase is a pivotal scene where Max drives a massive fuel tanker to escape from a marauding gang. The gang, led by the warlord Humungus, relentlessly pursues the tanker with various vehicles. The chase culminates in a spectacular collision, revealing the tanker to be filled with sand, a decoy to allow the community to escape with their fuel.
3 Opening Chase (The Road Warrior 1982) The opening chase of The Road Warrior sets a high-octane tone as Max, in his iconic black Interceptor, is pursued by a gang of marauders. The pursuit demonstrates the desolate, lawless landscape and Max's driving skills as he narrowly escapes capture. This scene introduces the film's theme of survival in a post-apocalyptic world.
4 The Final Chase and the Death of Immortan Joe (Fury Road 2015) In Fury Road, the final chase sees Furiosa and Max attempting to escape Immortan Joe's war party. The climax occurs when Furiosa mortally wounds Immortan Joe by ripping off his mask, causing a fatal crash. The scene is intense and chaotic, marking the end of Joe's tyrannical rule.
5 Opening Chase and the Destruction of Max's Car (Fury Road 2015) The opening chase of Fury Road begins with Max being captured by Immortan Joe's War Boys. Max's iconic Interceptor is destroyed in a violent pursuit through the desert. This sequence sets the stage for Max's captivity and eventual escape.
6 The Storm Chase (Fury Road 2015) In Fury Road, the storm chase is a visually striking scene where Max, Furiosa, and the War Boys drive into a massive sandstorm. The storm engulfs the vehicles, causing chaos and destruction. The scene showcases the film's intense action and dramatic visual effects.
7 The Bullet Farmer, the Mud, and a Sniper (Fury Road 2015) During Fury Road, a tense scene unfolds involving the Bullet Farmer, who relentlessly pursues Max and Furiosa through a muddy terrain. The pursuit is hindered by the mud, leading to a dramatic confrontation where Max uses a sniper rifle to disable the Bullet Farmer. This scene highlights the resourcefulness and desperation of the characters.
8 Final Hacksaw Scene (Mad Max 1979) In Mad Max, the final hacksaw scene is a grim moment where Max exacts revenge on one of the gang members, Johnny the Boy. Max handcuffs Johnny's ankle to a vehicle about to explode and gives him a hacksaw, implying he can either cut through the handcuffs or his own ankle to escape. The scene ends with Max walking away as the vehicle explodes.
9 Destruction of Max's Car (The Road Warrior 1982) In The Road Warrior, Max's iconic black Interceptor is destroyed during a battle with Humungus's gang. The car is heavily damaged in a crash and subsequently blown up, symbolizing a loss of Max's last connection to his past. This destruction marks a turning point for Max's character in the film.
10 Two Men Enter, One Man Leaves the Thunderdome Fight (Beyond Thunderdome 1985) In Beyond Thunderdome, the Thunderdome fight features Max battling Blaster in a brutal arena match. The fight is governed by the rule Two men enter, one man leaves, emphasizing the gladiatorial nature of the encounter. Max ultimately defeats Blaster but refuses to kill him, revealing the humanity within the violent spectacle.
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