Movie Review - Logan (Spoilers)

MegaSoulhero Logan is the third and final film of the Wolverine trilogy! And it's the first one to be rated R! A lot of people don't know this but I am a huge Wolverine fan! I've seen each of the three Wolverine films! X-Men Origins sucked, The Wolverine was great, and Logan is... well... AWESOME!!! I can't talk about this film without giving things away, so this is kind of a spoiler review.

The movie is about James Howlett aka Logan aka Weapon X aka Wolverine in the future who finds this little girl named X-23 aka Laura who also happens to be a mutant. It's up to Logan and Professor X to protect Laura from bad guys but she's actually more capable of protecting herself than they think. This movie definitely deserves its R rating! There is a lot of blood and gore! The scenes with Logan and Laura fighting the bad guys are just so exhilarating to watch! There are times when Logan stabs his claws right through people's heads! People even get decapitated! In the beginning scene, we see Logan fighting some thieves after they were stealing from his limo and it is very brutal! There were a lot of people applauding in the theater! The action is very awesome! And the entire movie isn't just action scenes. This is a movie focuses more on the story than the action. And that is very admirable! This is the most human out of the X-Men movies. Which is ironic since they're movies about mutants. It has a very serious tone with occasional humor. We get to see Logan, Xavier, and Laura grow more as characters! They are very well developed in this movie!

Let me talk about Laura aka X-23! She is fantastic! Dafne Keen really puts on quite an adult performance! Probably the best child actress I have seen in a movie! Laura is basically capable of taking care of herself and takes on the bad guys like a boss! She is silent but violent! She and Eleven from Stranger Things would be excellent friends! One of the most memorable scenes in the movie is the farm scene. Logan and the others help out a family and get invited to have dinner at their place. The family is really nice and they are very friendly to Logan and the others. And we see Xavier resting in bed and when Logan walks in, he tells him how much he enjoyed the day. It's a very heartfelt moment, until Logan stabs him in the chest. But it was actually a young clone of Logan named X-24, who is a very powerful threat! And he ends up also killing the family that lives in the farmhouse. Before Xavier dies, old man Logan tells him that it wasn't him who stabbed him. He didn't want him to die thinking he killed him! This is a very emotional moment! I really have to give them credit for how well they handled that! And the ending is also very emotional! When Logan died, that really had me in tears! Not even kidding! We got this very intense fight scene between the bad guys and other mutant children and then Logan gets killed by X-24! And the movie ends with Laura taking the cross of Logan's grave and puts it in its side, forming an "X"! That is very powerful stuff and the perfect send off for Hugh Jackman as Wolverine!

Logan is definitely the best X-Men movie and one the best comic book movies of all time! It is a very dramatic and serious movie with great action and great characters! This is everything that I could ever ask for in a Wolverine film! It is definitely the best movie I've seen this year so far and I highly recommend it!

Score: 10/10