Top 10 Movies Directed By David Fincher

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1 Fight Club

Favorite film of all time. Genius satire with great philosophical monologues and unique humor.

Most amazing movie I've ever seen. It had the greatest impact on my life.

Fight Club is an influential cult hit because it's just so brilliant. If you read the book, you'll see how fast paced this movie is and you'll enjoy it. It has a good ending showing you what to do and not do. A superb film.

2 Seven

This is the best David Fincher movie. The ending is perfect. I cannot believe that the production wanted to change it.

This movie is intense and dark, it is raw. Such a unique movie and there is nothing like it. The performances from Morgan Freeman and Brad Pitt are superb and this should get more credit.

Fight Club, Zodiac, and Se7en are easily his best and this should be number one.

Best film by David Fincher clearly. All characters, the screenplay, the direction, and the GREAT end, probably the best end ever made.

3 The Social Network

Fantastic writing, acting, plot, and of course directing. Should've won Best Picture. Se7en only has a good ending. Fight Club is amazing but not as amazing as The Social Network, a close second.

This movie honestly brings a story that is very iconic in our time and depicts the struggle for success we can all relate to.

This movie simply captured an entire generation perfectly. To have this rank below Alien 3 is a shame.

4 Zodiac

Zodiac, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, and Fight Club. The others lacked in any real meaning or artistry after watching David Fincher films a number of times.

Easily his best work, just not as popular as others.

One of the creepiest movies ever. It's very underrated. Should be 2 or 3.

5 Gone Girl

This thriller is awesome! All the movie is stressful with dark humor. The casting is really good and I can't understand why this movie is at the seventh place.

This is an amazing film with actors who portray the characters well. Loved this dark thriller.

Ben Affleck brings out the Nick Dunne character well!

6 The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

Definitely not for everyone. My top three films of his are this, Zodiac, and The Social Network. Great film with an unbelievable performance from Rooney Mara (should have won the Oscar in my opinion).

I think Fincher's darkest movie by far and it's just a mesmerizing film.

7 The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

Great movie which has the best cinematography of any Fincher film!

It's the best Fincher movie after Seven and Fight Club. Such a beautiful movie and story.

8 The Game

One of the finest films made. Great direction and impeccable performances. It's worth watching multiple times even though you know the twist.

Simply voting for this one because it should be much higher. Comparable with Se7en if you ask me.

9 Panic Room
10 Alien 3

Fincher disowns directing this film. Great visuals, atmosphere, and Sigourney Weaver's best acting in the Alien franchise. Fincher learned how to deal with studio interference after this film.

One of the most underrated and overlooked sci-fi films. I really love Alien 3.

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11 Rick Springfield - The Beat of the Live Drum
12 Mank
13 The Killer
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