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1 Paris Hilton Paris Whitney Hilton is an American businesswoman, socialite, television personality, model, actress, singer, DJ, and author.

I disagree with calling her a bad (or the worst) actress as a matter of principal. Being a bad actor presupposes that the individual is an actor which in tern presupposes that the individual has a basic human level of emotional and intellectual maturity. Paris Hilton and few other specimens on the list do not even come closer to that. Nobody, except for people who seem to equate a celebrity with an artist, would bother to call her an actress.

So Paris Hilton is hurrendous.
Why on Earth is Johnny Depp on this list. He is a fantastic actor who plays similar roles that are publicised because he's good at them and its what people like. But if you watch some of his earlier stuff, the roles are very different. Ninth Gate, The Secret Window and Nick of Time and more. Not massive blockbuster links but all are fantastic and Depp plays his parts well. Can't believe he is on here.

She's only famous because of her dad! He's an awesome guy and Paris Hilton is his little bratty daughter! BLAH! She's not a good actress at all! If I picked A GRAIN OF SAND of a beach it would be a better actress than her! I mean, what if sand were alive? Like, maybe if they were, the grain of sand COULD be a better actress, like... you know what I mean?

Why is she number one on this list? She isn't famous anymore and she was certainly never a " actress ". Being in some couple of movies with a few lines doesn't mean that you're an actress. Is someone for instance who's doing a commercial for T.V. also called an actor / actress ( they do the same thing, a few lines and a act )?

2 Miley Cyrus Miley Ray Hemsworth (born Destiny Hope Cyrus), known as Miley Cyrus, is an American singer, songwriter, and actress. She was born on November 23, 1992, in Franklin, Tennessee, to Tish Cyrus and Billy Ray Cyrus. Her voice type is Mezzo-Soprano and has 4 octaves. She became a teen idol starring as the character Miley Stewart in the Disney Channel television series Hannah Montana in 2006. After that Miley had numerous worldwide hits, such as ''Party in the USA'', '' We Can’t Stop'', and ''Wrecking Ball''. On December 23, 2018 she got married to Australian actor Liam Hemsworth, but they divorced shortly after.

She should be at the top. She ruined disney since Hannah Montana, now she has been is movies like "laugh out loud". And she isn't any better at singing. I like wrecking ball, but seriously the video? Some kids love that song and maybe want to hear it so they go onto YouTube to see their former idol humping construction equiptment. Her life is going down hill at a pretty rapid speed. It's Lindsay Lohan all over again.

Miley Cyrus should be #1, she's terrible! One day she was the sweet, talented, sqeaky clean, Hannah Montana star, then suddenly she's the koo koo, crazy, insane, terrible role model! Miley, girl, just stop. And seriously, what mother would literally let there eight year old daughter, listen to Miley screeching "I came in like a wrecking ball! " at the top of her lungs? Miley, like I said before, just stop.

Sorry but Miley Cyrus couldn't act her own self. I have tried to figure out what people see in her, but I cannot find anything more than ordinary, egotistical, not very bright; she seems to me to be one of those who just get a great manager and tells the world *I'm great, looky at me*, and so the world does. She couldn't hold a more fake smile either. She totally rides on her looks and name.

Miley should be #1 on this list. She is terrible! Johnny Depp shouldn't be anywhere near this list. He is the my favorite actor. The man can play any role. He is amazing!

3 Kristen Stewart Kristen Jaymes Stewart (born April 9, 1990) is an American actress and filmmaker. The world's highest-paid actress in 2012, she has received various accolades, including a British Academy Film Award and a César Award, in addition to nominations for an Academy Award and a Golden Globe Award. more.

She's got the thought capacity of a guppy. Ask her to show deep emotion at the same time as reciting a line from the script - now watch her start to seize and foam at the mouth as she tries to do so.

Not a fan of Twilight but my wife is a huge fan of it. So we watched the first movie and my wife actually apologized to me for making me sit through that. I told her that there's no apologizing in the world that could erase from my mind the fact that I'd just seen an entire movie with a 2"x4" cast as female lead.

She actually has got LESS acting prowess than Hayden Christensen! I did not think that was possible.

You guys are right. She only uses 1 face during her movies. She also destroyed a Snow White movie by using just one face. She has no personality, so how do my stupid sisters like a Snow White movie with her better than the Disney version. I keep from them that I like the animated one better, it is amazing, and my art class had common sense to like this version. I thought her Snow White movie lasted 1 hour longer than it really was, because it was seriously creepier than a human-like Pokemon and her acting. Gosh, am I disgusting by that personality-less, blank face palette life ruiner.

Kristin Stewart is an emotionless shell of a person. She is a terrible actress and nothing but a pretty face. She ruined the twilight movies. Not like they were good to begin with. You know where Kristin Stewart belongs? In Nickelodeon movies. I've seen child actors in Nickelodeon shows with more charisma and emotion than her.
Why did they even hire her? You know who should have portrayed Bella? Anna Kendrick! She's one of Bella's friends, shes much prettier, she has actual acting experience, and she actually has emotion! Why wasn't Anna Kendrick portrayed as Bella and Kristin Stewart as her stupid friend? The twilight movies would have been much better with Anna Kendrick as Bella Swan.

I loved the twilight books but then the movies came out and I felt like I was gonna be sick. I can't believe she keeps getting roles! That snow white movie would have been great if she wasnt in it. Now I keep hearing rumors that she wants to play the lead in 50 shades of grey. Those are my favorite books! I swear if she gets that part my life is over. Mila Kunis should play that part. She's not interested in it but she would be the best for it I think. Also I have to agree with everyone out about johnny depp being on this list. I have seen so many of his movies and he is not jack sparrow in all of them. Has no one seen the tourist?

4 Adam Sandler Adam Richard Sandler is an American actor, comedian, screenwriter, and film producer. After becoming a Saturday Night Live cast member, Sandler went on to star in many Hollywood feature films that combined have grossed over $2 billion at the box office.

I used to think he was funny, but that was because I was in middle school. Now I think he's nothing more than a complete waste of time and money.

Seriously, how did this guy even get popular? I can understand why but in all reality, he doesn't deserve it. You know why? Because he's just another juvenile delinquent who has a bad habit of think he's funnier than we are. Not only does his films rely on the same damn formula, but they're just painful and unpleasant to watch. Sure he's made a few good movies (Hotel Transylvania and The Wedding Singer) but those are very rare and he usually comes out with a great big pile of crap. Even back in the 90s he still had some horrible movies.

I'm glad to see this guy's popularity is finally declining. I'm glad to see his fans have finally grown up and went on to find more better things than his bad taste excuses for comedies. If you're wack, you're not gonna last forever. And Adam Sandler is wack. He's gonna go in the same direction ...more

Adam Sandler is hated for good reason, he makes terrible jokes that you swore that a money with a typewriter came up with it. Are people even laughing at him? They must be, how else would he be popular? Adam Sandler used to be just hit and miss in the 90's though, even if you didn't get his jokes you still felt like he's trying. Adam Sandler now though, you would believe that he's a humanoid robot trying to be a human but failing horribly. Every movie he's in, it seems like he's the same character, not the character he's supposed to be playing. This makes every movie he's in called a "Sandler film" even though he's not even the director, you have to call that bad acting. The plots on his movies are horrible too, but this is just about Adam Sandler, so I won't get in to that. All in all, Adam Sandler should just stop, he's made enough money for a living and he should know by now that he's not going to get any better.

I used to think he's funny but now... I don't know what the hell I saw on this guy back in my teenage years!

He is extremely juvenile which can be funny at times but that's what most of his movies consist of. Most of his humor relies on farting, pooping, and hitting on girls. There's no subtlety in his humor and he tries way too hard to be funny that it's just painful to watch. It just baffles my mind how he's been able to grab the attention of audiences for so damn long and even have his hand and footprints on the cement walk of the TLC Chinese Theater.

It just pays to be stupid I guess.

Where do I start with this assclown. I watched some of his old movies from the 90's, and to be honest most of them weren't that good at all. I never thought adam sandler was a good actor even from the beginning. His sense of humor always involves poop jokes, pee jokes, hitting on girls, acting like an idiot, And doing dumb voices. Those can be funny at times but that's what all of his comedies consist of. It gets really annoying, really fast. And he never tries anything new. He just uses the same formula over, And over, And over again! Adam sandler is ass, that's all I have to say, he's one of the worst of the worst, run away from his movies if you ever see them.

5 Steven Seagal Steven Frederic Seagal is an American actor, film producer, screenwriter, film director, martial artist, Aikido instructor, musician, reserve deputy sheriff and entrepreneur.

Never seen any of his movies. But he deserves this vote because he's POS. He supports the Russian war, backing Russia. He's pals with Putin.

Action movie stars aren't known for their acting, although There are some action movie stars who can be brilliant at acting. Seagal, on the other is so bad that you can't call him a true action movie star. He doesn't even look intimidating or cool.
If you want to see a true action hero, I would recommend Bruce Willis, Daniel Craig, Jason Statham, Tom Hardy, Harrison Ford, or Bruce Lee. Even the worst action movie stars are better than him

Keanu Reeves might suck as an actor, as he is more cheesy than nacho cheese dip, but I will always hate Steven Seagal, for his pathetic one liners, and repetition. One movie with him in it is enough, but 50? Okay I might be exageratting, but we can all agree that Steven Seagal shows up way to often in movies. When Steven Seagal gets over himself, I will get over this, and maybe vote fore Keanu Reeves.

Steven seagal is lame. He continues to embarrass martial arts and fitness with terrible technique. He's not only a fake professional, he looks like dog the bounty Hunter. I wouldn't piss on a fire to save a soulless douche who panders people by race. South park roasted his ass last week. He is Fat sack No talent wannabe. Get out the airwaves and hibernate.

6 Justin Bieber Justin Drew Bieber (born March 1, 1994) is a Canadian singer, songwriter, and record producer. He currently resides in Ontario, Canada and is Christian. He is the son of author Pattie Mallette. more.

Number one, Justin Bieber is a Canadian SINGER, not actor. Get your facts straight.
Number two, this habit of adding Justin Bieber to every hate list is getting super old. STOP it.
Number three, you have the right to not like Justin Bieber but keep it to yourselves because you're wasting time while other good lists haven't been checked out.
Number four, stop acting like you're perfect than he is. You guys act way more immature than he does.
Number five, I am no JB fan, and even if I was, I can defend him when I want and you don't have the right to shove your lame-ass excuse for why I shouldn't down my throat. Have a nice day.

I don't think Bieber can sing, I don't think he can act. He sucks. I believe he has helped other people, that doesn't mean he's a good person. He has done more bad things than good, the only people that like him are the females because of his looks. Oke, the point of why I voted for Bieber is that he is too overrated, he acts like a girl, his voice isn't that good etc... Hope the Beliebers don't get me wrong, but this is a fact, you can ask everyone and they'll say the same things about him (except for the Beliebers)

He is the worst singer the worst of like everything like people got more talents than him but he got 0 talent he like acting cute but the only people watching his songs are 7 years olds are 8. Like people got so many good talents but he got 0 and gets millions of dollars he just got all that money because kids are liking his videos and seeing his videos. He try to act cute like for WHAT! like there just little kids seeing his music and videos anyway.

He thinks he a gangster when he's not. I believe this kid has the mind of a ultra-retarded fish. What so ever he should be number one on the list. And even he has a mind of a fish "I would ask him what color is the sky is it orange or blue he probably say : it orange". He's a clown, a fool, he's spoiled as crap, bunch money, he not worth singing it stage, he went to jail... Yeah he has the mind of a ultra-retarded fish.

7 Tommy Wiseau Thomas Wiseau is a European-American actor and filmmaker. He wrote, produced, directed, and starred in the 2003 film The Room, which has been described by many critics as one of the worst movies ever made and has gained cult film status.

This guy is so incredibly bad in directing and acting but still thinks he is a genius. He is such a unique phenomenon that Hollywood is actually making a movie about how his infamous masterpiece "The Room" was made. Tommy, you have no talent at all, but I still love you for your awkward acting and your attempts to look like a normal person even though you act more like an alien that doesn't know anything about humans. Tommy Wiseau is terrible, but not painfully terrible like Kristen Stewart. He is so terrible, it's really entertaining to watch him.

He is a terrible actor, but his acting is of the"so bad it's good" variety. However bad our may be, people are entertained by it enough that people are still watching the movie repeatedly and talking about it after all this time. People still watch him act for fun. Nobody gets any enjoyment out of people like Hayden Christensen; there isn't even any novelty value.

Technically, I think The Room's badness comes from all of his other input (Being director, writer, etc.). But his acting really is the worst I've ever seen. People vote for the Twilight crew because it's more culturally relevant, and for others because they're just controversial pop singers (Cyrus? Really? ). Tommy is truly a national treasure. I mean, he is American, right? Whenever anyone asks his country of origin, he just says "I'm American".

Oh Hai top tens. It's good, ha.

Seriously, this guy makes those people from twilight look like Humphrey Bogart. Granted he's only done 1 movie, and it was a self funded project, but come on, surely he must have thought to have taken acting lessons first?

But, as the "great" man would say, Don't worry about it.

8 Keanu Reeves Keanu Charles Reeves (born September 2, 1964) is a Canadian actor, director, producer, and musician. He gained fame for his starring role performances in several blockbuster films, including comedies from the Bill and Ted franchise.

Keanu Reeves is terrible. Plain and simple. Robert Pattinson shouldn't be on the list (and this is coming from a guy) because his performance in The Rover was fantastic and he's obviously got acting chops, he was just in Twilight so he got a bad wrap. I don't quite understand why Brad Pitt is on the list. At all. Has anyone even seen 12 Monkeys, Inglorious Basterds or Snatch? Adam Sandler is a close second but he was good in more than one movie, Keanu Reeves wasn't, and he just had to say things in a mysterious voice and dodge CGI bullets. I guess he was good in Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure, but I'm not sure if he knew people were filming him.

He was great in Bill and Ted's excellent adventure, and he has played every role since then exactly the same. Except in Dracula where for God only knows why, the director let him try it with an accent. If I recall correctly, over half of his lines in The Matrix were questions and not longer than five words each. Until the soliloquy at the end he he never said more than two sentences in a row. That script was built for him.

This guy's so wooden he puts my dining room table to shame, obviously not an intelligent man but he looks pretty so he's a crowd puller for the studios that employ him. He needs a very special award for his role in Dracula. His ability to express fear and despair is masterful and the accent is the best ever! He deserves to be number one on this list but then again he looks like a number two!

Yes, Keanu Reeves. No diversity, same roles... Spewed out over and over. Plays a pretty good stoner/surfer though. But, when you put him in Dracula, with Gary Oldman, and he butchers an English accent that bad... No excuses. I mean, you can't say that he hasn't tried, but a piece of plywood could play Neo. Worst fims,
#1- whoever he was in Dracula #2- My Own Private Idaho*
Watch him butcher Shakespeare, messy Van Sant film. Decent, but mucked

9 Hayden Christensen Hayden Christensen is a Canadian-American actor and producer. He began his career on Canadian television at the age of 13, then diversified into American television in the late 1990s. Hayden was born in Vancouver British Columbia, but was later raised in Thornhill Ontario, where he attended Baythorn Public School and EJ Sands Public School. Hayden got his big break in Hollywood, by playing the young Anakin Skywalker in Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones and Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith. He reprised the role of Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader in Obi-Wan Kenobi.

Indeed. Well some of these other people aren't too bad beyond internet hype, this guy is the real deal. Can't act for toffee in anything and weakens any film he shows up in. I hated something like Jumper for example, but it probably wouldn't have been so bad had someone else been in the lead rather than this hack. His blank stare and extremely monotone voice reduces any sort of range he attempts, and his poor acting otherwise makes him look out of place in anything he's in and takes you right out of the film. Thankfully, he isn't working much anymore, so now we don't have to suffer for it. Thank God.

I love Hayden! He's been one of my favorite actors since I was a little girl. Star Wars is a serious movie and he shows seriousness. The definition of no emotion is talking in monotone and constantly having a "frozen" face. Obviously he's not that terrible because if he was that terrible he wouldn't be selected for movies. I really disagree with this specific comment "Hayden can't play any role but an overly emotional angsty teenager. Get the hell out of my movies" I very much disagree with because they aren't your movies. Hayden is a great actor in my opinion!

I thought the Star Wars prequel trilogy ( unlike most ) was really good. All the actors fit, except for the kid who played boba fett, he had about as much emotion as a rock, then Hayden was just terrible, his little monologue about sand was painful, he was a little better in revenge of the sith, but that's because he has no emotion in his acting, and Anikan was much darker in that film.

He may not be the best actor, but he should be on the top ten! If you don't want to take him off the list, at least move him down a few spots! He's great and some of the things you people are saying are really hurtful! And not just to him! And if he was that bad an actor he wouldn't be in anything so obviously he not that bad! He isn't a waste of money or a waste of time!

10 Pauly Shore

I was going to go with Kristen Stewart but her performance in Personal Shopper was Great. Hayden Christensen's facial expressions are brilliant and emotive, Angelina Jolie was incredible in Maleficent, Tommy Wiseau was so bad it's good, Adam Sandler was good in Punch Drunk Love and Happy Gilmore and Nicolas Cage has been in many great films. This guy, though has never had a good performance- I mean Bio-Dome. Come on! He's so obnoxious and irritating

Pauly Shore is awful and is a terrible comedian. A friend of mine a comedian was doing comedy at a place with Pauly Shore. When both of them were waiting to go up, shore asked to leave the room. My friend got his notebook of jokes and was about to exit the room when shore told him to leave the notebook. Shore wanted to steal his jokes, that ahole.

He was funny in most films like Encino Man, Son in Law, In The Army Now, The Curse Of Inferno, and the two goofy movie. And I hate to admit that they were watchable. That was except for the crap peices of diarrhea he made like Jury duty, Bio-dome, and more recent as for Oppisite Day and Adopded.

If you've seen him once you've seen him one thousand times. He acts the same way in every scene and it gets old very quick. What people find entertaining about him escapes me.

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11 Robert Pattinson Robert Douglas Thomas Pattinson is an English actor, producer, model, and musician. He started his film career by playing Cedric Diggory in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, a 2005 fantasy film.

In total agreement with this one! Personally, I believe he should have just remained as Cedric Diggory (what a shame he was killed... But he was far more attractive). I honestly can't stand the actor nor his character in Twilight. I won't even get started on that trash! I actually liked him when I first saw him in Harry Potter: The Goblet of Fire but when he chose to act in Twilight... Worst mistake ever of his acting career. I swore, by the first line he spoke I fell asleep which is only a good ten or fifteen minutes into the entire movie and by the time I woke up the credits were rolling. True story. I mean, he's just bland, not even attractive and not to mention WAY TOO overrated for that small role he plays in Twilight. Sigh, without fan girls, where would these actors be?

I do not understand why people think he is good these days. He is massively overrated. I have seen the Lighthouse and Good Time and was unimpressed. His accent was so inconsistent, even in the same sentences, and looked out of his depth against a great actor like Willem Dafoe. He was decent in Good Time but his role was not that challenging and he came off as phony. His accents in The Devil All the Time and The King are so embarrassingly bad yet his fans still defend it. He often tries too hard to look natural with his facial expressions and mannerisms but ends up looking like a wannabe DDL or Christian Bale. He also has massive ego as he refuses to have dialect coach, which he sorely needs, and slags of Twilight as if he is so much better than it. Twilight is the only reason he gets roles because indie directors know people will actually watch their films with him in it. He is so overrated and it baffles me as to why people think he is great.

He's actually a good actor. Just because he was Edward Cullen (A role which he HATED) doesn't mean he should be defined solely by that role. Ever since Twilight ended, Pattinson decided to simply stick to indie/lesser known films to work out his acting skills. Fortunately enough, those have paid off, with his roles such as Cosmopolitan and Good Time having great acting from Pattinson himself.

Oh yeah, he's going to be Batman in 2021. Hopefully Matt Reeves can actually have Pattinson pull off a better Bruce Wayne than Ben Affleck.

I can't really remember any of his acting, I just remember he's kind of a dick! I don't even like Twilight but it should be common sense that if people pay you to work on a movie with them, you don't go around giving interviews claiming how you hate the series and it's really crap, just to regain a fraction of your already microscopic popularity. It's plain rude. If you think that, Robert, then why did you take the job? What a sad, strange little man.

12 Angelina Jolie Angelina Jolie is an American actress, filmmaker, and humanitarian. She has received an Academy Award, two Screen Actors Guild Awards, and three Golden Globe Awards. She has also been cited as Hollywood's highest-paid actress. more.

I can't believe that this actress is actually concidered as one of the best and hottest actress of all time. She's the most boring actress I've ever seen when it comes to acting. Very bad acting in showing emotions and expressions and very annoying to hear her voice. On top of that, I think she's one of the ugliest actresses working in Hollywood. She's just Lucky to dating the most popular and overrated Brad Pitt, and that's why she's actually getting all the attention by the media ( If "pretty boy" likes her than she has to be pretty ). That's what the media circus are trying to sell us anyway. As for me, she's just an bad actress that belongs without a doubt on this list.

People only like her for her boobs she has no talent in any movies she is in. Angelina is bad in every movie she is in and constant whines and complains In every movie she is in.

I find her to be aloof and not in contact with the real world. She seems to treat her adopted children better that she does the ones she gave birth to, especially the first child she had with Brad Pitt. She is home wrecker she couldn't keep that stupid relationship with Billy Bob Thornton together. Brad you are great actor and humanitarian what are you thinking?

I find her to be very annoying. If you watch her movies she's always playing roles that are tough or just likes to show off her toothpick figure and so on. I still can't believe she has won an oscar for her terrible performance in girl interrupted.

13 Ashton Kutcher

Need I say More! It seems like everyone has said almost everything that is wrong with this useless excuse for an actor! Oh why am I kidding my self that isn't even the half of it! The guy is just a crappy actor to start with and it feels like every time I See him on T.V. Trying to act serious I just can't take him serious. This guy will always be known as that retarded kid from that 70's show. I honestly don't understand why he is so famous! The guy has not done any thing remotely watchable since that 70's show! It just blows My Mind! Bottom Line A Huge Stinker Douche Bag!

If it wasn't 6ft2 or w/e tall height he is, no1 would ever notice this loser. When I look at him, all I see is his height and retarded face expressions he makes. When I look at I.e. Liam Neeson or Kevin Kline, I don't see their height at all cause they have so many other qualities at their side. There's so many guys like that Kutcher dude, they're just not 6ft2... He should be number 2 on this list if you ask me. Christopher Lambert should be number 1.

Get real! People treat and adore him ( Lucky not everyone ) like he's one of the best actors of all time. He is a mediocre actor and in one or two movies fair but he will never become a great actor and certainly not an icon of the cinema. He doesn't gets better with the years in his acting skills wich proves that he doesn't have it in him to be concidered as great actor. Not very talented and therefore too overrated.

He is terrible. I can't even name a good movie that he was in. Dude where's my car? There is some quality cinema. Now he is taking over for the best television actor of all time? Sure the ratings have been good the first couple of weeks but how long before people get sick of the same story of a 32 year old man who acts like he's twelve? I'm already there.

14 Justin Timberlake Justin Randall Timberlake is an American singer-songwriter, actor, dancer, and record producer. Born and raised in Tennessee, he appeared on the television shows Star Search and The All-New Mickey Mouse Club as a child.

This is wrong. JT is awesome. I'm not a big fan of pop but there are still songs that I like by him. Every movie I've seen him in is so awesome. You guys don't know what you're talking about. Black snake moan, social network, two of my favorite movies. Alpha dog. He's awesome and you guys are just jealous. Burn.

His movie career summed up in one sentence: I'm the good looking cool guy that can't act but will because I'm good looking and cool... He's a real life zoolander, another "hot guy" who in reality has a face people can't resist from punching.

Stop talking about how good his songs are. This list is for worst actors and maybe he is one. Don't go defending him just because you like his songs. It's like putting Leonardo DiCaprio in the list of worst directors but You guys defend him with his acting

I never knew he's an actor when I saw him in this list. I only think about was he is a singer of "I GOT THE FEELING" or "Love Never Felt So Good" by Michael Jackson but he's totally amazing actor in the movie "Trolls".

15 Tom Green Michael Thomas "Tom" Green is a Canadian actor, rapper, writer, comedian, producer, director, talk show host, and media personality.

Just watch Freddy Got Fingered and tell me this douche mongrel can act. This movie is seriously one of the worst movies I have EVER seen, and I watched The Room. I honestly thought this move was far worse than The Room. For him to be the main actor in this movie is just sad. It could be the worst movie of all time. He should be top 5 material on this list, at least. Also, the list of movies that he has been in is hilariously unimpressive.

I do not recall Tom ever stating that he was a great actor. He is what he is and has never tried to be a anything else. You either love him or hate him. I don't think he cares either way.

He is the worst comedic ever. His comedy film 'Freddy got fingered' was one of the worst, other comedic actors such as Charlie Chaplin and Mr. Bean is way way better.

Tom Green should be at number 1 has he ever made anything successful he also made that piece of crap movie Freddy Got Fingered.

16 Taylor Lautner

Was literally the best actor in Twilight out of the main three, unfortunately that means absolutely nothing. He was the only one able to show one genuine emotion and didn't stutter through his lines, but that's because he was Taylor Lautner playing Taylor Lautner and that worked out for the role of Jacob because his personality in real life mostly fits Jacob (Mostly being the operative word because he was not good at portraying anger). But in all his other roles he's not so good. He was good in cuckoo and okay in grown ups, but the reason he works there is that nothing about his performance is supposed to be serious - he was supposed to be over the top cheesy. Right now he's alright on Scream Queens, but that's because he's forgettable - you barely ever know his character's there however it's definitely an improvement from his previous acting because unlike his fellow Twilight actors - he knows he can improve, doesn't think he's the best and stops there. I can weirdly enough actually ...more

How Taylor Lautner is not the run away leader on this list is truly shocking! His acting was so bad in the Twilight movies I could see it in the trailers for the movies without even having to watch them. I watched twenty minutes of one of the movies just to laugh at how bad his acting is. It worked for about ten minutes, but my laughter quickly turned to anger an turned it off after twenty minutes! I could take no more.

Really tried to like him, but in the end, I realized he cannot portray any emotion well when he is acting. His lack of emotions makes me want to bash my head against the ground to demonstrate it for him. Even acting frustrated doesn't even seem easy for him. Abduction made me want to cry, Twilight made me want to laugh, and Run the Tide made me want to scream. For a heartthrob he cannot even get my heart in the right place.

Even his co-stars have admitted he was the weakest link in the Twilight films when it came to acting - which he still isn't unless you're in denial. The last Twilight movie has a scene in which Pattinson laughs behind Taylor's back at his horrid line delivery - and the director didn't even cut it from the film.

17 Shaquille O'Neal Shaquille Rashaun O'Neal, nicknamed Shaq, is a retired American professional basketball player who is currently an analyst on the television program Inside the NBA. He is known for his fun, friendly personality, and is one of the most beloved athletes of all time.

Yeah... Also, Nostalgia critic has only done 2 movies with Shaq, so... I don't see how that's an astonishing amount. But, yeah, Shaq used to act. Never again...

Shaq: One of the greatest basketball players of his generation, and one of the worst actors of all time. Hopefully there is going to be no Kazzam 2.

Is this forreal? Somebody put brad pitt ahead of this awful actor on this list. Whoever did this list is high. Shaq's dumbass should be in the top 5!

He should stop acting and stick to basketball, because his acting sucks.

18 Megan Fox Megan Denise Fox is an American actress and model. She began her acting career in 2001, with several minor television and film roles, and played a regular role on the Hope & Faith television sitcom.

Holy crap, why is she only at #14 yet Kristen Stewart is at #2? I mean Kristen is by no means an Oscar-worthy actress but she definitely has her moments where her acting is good and even when she sucks she at least tries. Megan Fox on the other hand is only where she is at because of her looks. She puts absolutely no effort into her acting.

Why isn't Megan Fox exclusively a porn actress? No matter what she's in, she's always grunting and breathing heavily like she's having sex anyway, and people only watch and hire her because she's hotter than hell (even if she's a putrid actor). So what's the difference between her and a porn star? Nothing.

Why isn't Megan Fox exclusively a porn actress? No matter she's in, she's always grunting and breathing heavily like she's having sex anyway, and people only watch and hire her because she's hotter than hell (even if she's a putrid actor). So what's the difference between her and a porn star? Nothing.

I think Megan Fox would be better at closing her mouth compared towards her future arch-rival from the fictional (but can be real) Mario franchise named King Bowser who should kidnap Amy Rose causing Pac-Man to rescue her with Rush (from Mega Man) as his ally to save Amy Rose from King Bowser Koopa.

Amy Rose will be 5'10", Rush will be 6'8", King Bowser Koopa (her future teammate at The Amazing Race: Canada as Team "Canadian Red") whilst Pac-Man will be 6-2".

19 Ben Affleck Benjamin Geza Affleck-Boldt is an American actor and filmmaker. His accolades include two Academy Awards, three Golden Globe Awards, two BAFTA Awards, and two Screen Actors Guild Awards.

Why isn't he number 1. This idiot ruined every single movie he's been in with his abysmal acting skills and no talent whether as a side or even worse as a main character. Only reason he made it in Hollywood is because of his connections not because of his non exsisting "talent" as an actor and because of his great directing skills (only good thing about him). The Daredevil is the worst acting performance in history and surely nothing will ever top that. How he doesn't have most Golden Raspberries in history is beyond me.

This guy is living poof that you don't need talent to make it big. You just need the right people pushing your way for you. I tell you from the first time I saw this guy in Dazed and Confused and I don't mean the Led Zeppelin song. I knew he was going to someday make it really far in Horriblewood. He didn't even need fellow Bostonian Matt Damon helping him get over on everyone cause the executives in Horriblewood were primed waiting for someone like him without a shred of talent that they could mold into a block buster fool like this guy. Everything he does is suspect cause of his lack of talent it just goes to show that old saying is true," It's not who you know it's who you", well you can figure it out. If you actually think this guy can act then I know which one you have been doing also. Well anyway this guy sucks more than Sean Penn's brother did in all his scenes in Super Troopers.

I think it's exagerated to say that he is one of the worst actors. And to rank him so high on this list is even more exagerated. He's maybe not the best actor of all time but he is definitively not one of the worst.
I agree that he made some crap movies but it's not him who writes the script or produce the film, and I think that even in his worst movies he was doing a good acting job. On the other hand, he did some good movies too where his acting is sometimes outstanding. He will never be the greatest actor of all actors but he certainly can act.

Doesn't deserve all the bad critics. The ones who are giving him critics are always the ones who comes with the same arguments ( Gigli and Batman ). He did some bad movies ( but not bad acting performances ) but he did a lot of good movies with very outstanding performances. Very talented!

20 Zac Efron Zachary David Alexander "Zac" Efron is an American actor. He began acting professionally in the early 2000s, and rose to prominence in the late 2000s for his leading role in the High School Musical franchise. During this time, he also starred in the musical film Hairspray and the comedy film 17 Again. more.

Zac Efron is just a pretty boy who is a pretty bland actor who got his career made by Disney. "What is this 'High School Musical'? "

"Well little Johnny, 'High School Musical' is a musical movie about teenagers in high school, who don't hate being in high school enough to sing about there high school activities."

'17 Again' was about a guy who by somehow turned 17... again and went back to high school then made up with his ex-wife. Just what? One, the writing I feel set Efron back even further than he was already, plus Efron's version of the character was literally his character from 'High School Musical' just without any music. Zac, here's a tip, just no, just no.

Hey! Who dares put Zac Efron on the list? He's been my celebrity crush for ALLthese years, and I even met him after my gymnastics meet, we had a great time! And now you're saying that he's the worst? I can't believe you guys! I like every T.V. show and movie with Zac Efron in my opinion! I know he's just in films to look handsome and all, but some people (like me) adore him.

Amazing Gymnast

Simone Biles

I think people have misunderstood this list. It's not a list of "Actors You Hate" it's the "Worst Actors" Zac Efron sucks a lot more than Johnny Depp who isn't actually that bad. Furthermore, Lindsay Lohan would be completely awful if it weren't 4 her role in Mean Girls

He is so horrible he should be in the top 5. And what the hell is Johnny Depp doing on this list?!? He should be on the most genius actors ever list. This is screwed up.

21 Julia Roberts Julia Fiona Roberts is an American actress and producer. She became a Hollywood star after headlining the romantic comedy Pretty Woman, which grossed US$464 million worldwide.

I don't think she's one of the greatest actresses of all time but I don't think she's one of the worst either.
She has some limits in her acting skills ( every role she plays does has more or less the same style) and I believe that this actress is just too overrated. She's just an ok actress ( maybe a little more better than certain actresses) but nothing special. In the looks department however she's really overrated. They try to tell us that she's some kinda of femme fatale but in reality she's too ugly to be in that category. One of the most overrated actresses, that's for sure but one of the worst actresses, I doubt it. Too many other actresses are way more badly in their acting than she is.

How is Julia Roberts on this list but not Sandra Bullock? At least the immensely likeable Ms Roberts deserved her Academy Award for Erin Brockovich. I'm still trying to figure out why Sandra Bullock won for The Blind Side. Not once during that movie did I feel like I was watching the real Leigh Anne Tuohy. For 129 painful minutes I watched Sandra Bullock portray Leigh Anne Tuohy.

She's is beyond self absorbed and as shallow as they come. Cannot stand watching ever...and I don't.

Doesn't deserve to be on the list. She gave a few solif perfomances esp. In the last years. I didn't like Erin brockovich though... But she is a good actress nowadays

22 Brad Pitt William Bradley "Brad" Pitt (born December 18, 1963) is an American actor and producer. He has received a Golden Globe Award, a Screen Actors Guild Award, and three Academy Award nominations in acting categories and received three further Academy Award nominations, winning one, as producer under his own company Plan B Entertainment. more.

Forget his looks, he brings no depth to any character he plays. He fortunately gets offered good films but runs along the well written story lines like a desperate child searching for his identity. He so badly wants to be good but I feel no empathy in his films... There is nothing behind the eyes. Who forgets it's Brad Pitt during the film.. No one. There is no hate here, just a sadness that better actors rarely get the chance to play a juicy role because of the box office Brad

He is one of those pretty packages with nothing inside. If you want to ruin a film, hire this guy. He has no range insofar as characters are concerned. Benjamin Button could have been an interesting film...except for his wooden performance. The Tree of Life was bogglingly bad. His accent in Inglorious Basterds was atrocious...embarrassing. I can't think of anything he was good in except for his first hit, A River Runs Through It...where he was perfectly cast.

Yes, he can act, but sometimes pushes his luck too much with the type of characters he decides to play. Unfortunately him being handsome works against him sometimes, if he plays a nerdy/serious character. The acting doesn't suck, but him being handsome while the character is not supposed to be so make it a less congruent character sometimes.

Brad Pitt should be much higher than #18. He is simply one of the most wooden, uninspiring, actors in movie history. The man sounds like is reading his lines off a piece of paper. Number 1 and number 2 are not only appropriate positions on the list for Brad Pitt and Keanu Reeves, but are also accurate descriptions of their acting ability.

23 Rose McGowan Rosa Ariana Mcgowan was born September 5, 1973. She is an American film actress known for her roles as Paige Matthews in charmed the TV series, and as Cherry Darling in the 2007 Grind house film Planet Terror. She now in 2018 has her own E tv show Citizen Rose.

Definitely up there with the worst (using the word actor very loosely) actors of all time. How she got past auditions I'll never know. Obviously a case of "who you know not what you know" when it comes to this lack of talent.

Breathy! So breathy! If it weren't for sighing and rolling eyes, what else would she have left to act with?!?!

Come on, she was really good in the " Charmed " episodes. If she was so bad in acting how can you explain the succes of that serie on T.V.?

She is my favorite actress, when I see her on T.V. I can't change the channel.

24 Jessica Alba Jessica Marie Alba is an American actress, model and businesswoman. She has won various awards for her acting, including the Choice Actress Teen Choice Award and Saturn Award for Best Actress on Television, and a Golden Globe nomination for her lead role in the television series Dark Angel.

Jessica Alba is only cast to show herself half naked. She is just as bad as Tara Reid, but has a better body so people put up with her. It's shameful because women make of less than a third of speaking roles in Hollywood, and her horrible acting is taking up too much of that low percentage so that people can oogle her breasts. Did people forget that we have models to oggle at, and they don't have to open their mouths?

Should be #1 on the list. Watching her is like watching an acting student trying too hard. She thinks she's all that and has an ugly personality!

Beautiful, but horrible actress... I have never seen a mediocre performance of jessica alba... Only horrible and a little less horrible.

She could be on the 1 because she cannot act. She cannot became a good actor. She is little bit ugly oh sorry very ugly or not. I want her on 1

25 Bill Cosby William Henry "Bill" Cosby, Jr., is an American stand-up comedian, actor, and author. He is most famous for his contribution to the TV show "The Cosby Show", of which he produced and starred in. His other works include "Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids", "Kids Say the Darndest Things", and "I Spy", among others. He has been accused by over 50 women of sexual assault. These charges include rape/date-rape, sexual battery, child sexual abuse, and sexual misconduct. He has denied all of these claims. Later, he was found guilty of aggravated indecent assault. The conviction was overturned by the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania in 2021.

Mister Family Man and Mister Nice Guy, what a great acting job for a rapist and pervert.

He's a great actor, I can hardly believe a rapist can play a family man for decades and nobody the wiser. /s

Bill played "Himself" in every role. No versatility.

Great actor. Had us believing he was a nice guy for years and years

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